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  1. Yikes - but cool looking. (£? = £6199) Here's another - the Benelli Leoncino Trail £? (the road orientated version is £5199)
  2. Fantic Cabellero - £? SWM 6 days - £4999
  3. https://localmotors.com/meet-olli/
  4. Just come back from Italy and I can confirm that Apes are still being used for proper work! It is THE LAW to recycle and at least two of the local hotels use pick up versions to run down to the recycling centre with flat cardboard boxes etc in the back of them. The smell of two stroke fumes in the mountain air was special. You know those Chinese versions of the Daihatsu/Piaggio Hijets, the ones with the BMW grills? Well they're taking over, badged as 'Victorias' often in 4x4 flavour, with Italian built tipping tippers (although Piaggio also make a 4x4 pick up, the Porter, as well). Victoria Piaggio
  5. No pasaran. El fascismo quiero conquistar Madrid. Madrid sera la tumba del fascism. = something like - They will not pass. Fascism wants to conquer Madrid. Madrid will be the tomb of fascism. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  6. It goes both ways I believe. Hyosung are a major sub-contractor for Suzuki and consequently the 650's use a variation of the previous generation of SV650 engines. But the current SV engines contain castings made by Hyosung...
  7. The 'certain' is a good point - it's to do with the width between the paired wheels, under a certain width (<460mm?) a tricycle is still classified as a bicycle, so you may need to cancel your Niken order (410mm between wheels).
  8. I think this bit is for the genuine hedge finds - 'be able to move under it's own power'. Perhaps if you dragged it out of the hedge and placed it at the top of a hill the rusty old heaps potential energy combined with the forces of gravity would ensure it moved under it's own power to the bottom of the hill. Try explaining that to the mandarins at Swansea.
  9. ^^^^ Where are those side windows in the boudoir from? First thoughts was a Reliant Regal mk111 but it doesn't look quite right... I've definitely seen something like them somewhere and it's bugging me. The hair mattress certainly sounds inviting though.
  10. Should be able to out run this lot...
  11. Just returned from Italy where I saw one of these - an Iveco Massif; although 'mine' was red and belonged to the local fire brigade. A very purposeful looking vehicle, desperately trying not to look like a Land Rover and failing. Built by Santana in Spain until 2011. There were plans to sell them in the UK but these came to naught.
  12. martc

    Bus Shite

    Surely it's a 'period' livery? (Ducks, avoids thrown crockery)
  13. Judging by the state of it, I'd start looking at the bottom of the canal.
  14. And to continue the cliché the thing is moored up in Barnsley, miles away from the sea. For the full 180 it should be located on the drive of a council house.
  15. Tubauto are still going strong in that there France, manufacturing garage doors since 1933, although they now occupy a big grey box in the greenbelt. The picture of the factory on their website is both in colour and sans chod so doesn't merit a post here. I do like to look up the details that can be seen in the background of these pics, I normally draw a bank... https://www.tubauto.fr/
  16. Your welcome, 'tis a wonderful thing that there t'internet.
  17. martc

    Garden Shed

    My Imp had that as well. I seem to remember that the same light was shared with the oil pressure sensor (mine was a standard Mk2 model) - so when it came on you didn't know if the engine was about to seize or boil over (or both). Imagine the meeting - OK folks we've got a rear mounted engine with marginal cooling which, being aluminium, will be severely damaged by overheating.So do we need a temperature gauge or just a warning light? Who thinks just a light is a good idea? Accountants? yes it'll save money. Designer? yes it looks cool and uncluttered. Engineer? Nooooooooo. OK that's carried, no temp gauge. Next item on the agenda - how much rust proofing do we really need? Those in favour of the bare minimum...
  18. I understand that technically the USA dosen't have any bases of it's own in the UK anymore - they're all became RAF properties but almost exclusively used by the USA. RAF Lakenheath is the only one from which the USAF still flies, but, for example, the massive spying operation at Menwith Hill (RAF Menwith Hill) is still going strong. There is no attempt at keeping the secret...
  19. ^^^ Toed Inn - please tell me the owner knows that it should be spelt Toad and that a concrete amphibian was cheaper than a concrete foot?
  20. Man with cart 'Rag bone, rag bone' Pickfords driver to drivers mate 'When I say now blow the horns, that'll shift him'
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