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  1. It was a Honda. Could be a XL175 but me learn'd colleagues will correct me if I'm wrong. They all need to go to Wollarding classes.
  2. martc

    Rozzer Shite

    Interesting treatment on the bonnet - I guess it was designed to make them standard out from the other 3927 Minors parping away on the dark streets of Stockport.
  3. martc

    Rozzer Shite

    Along side the Protons Humberside police also used Subaru's for catching the faster villains, the ones the Protons couldn't, eg someone on a moped. And some big Vauxhalls Spot the Proton sniffing it's bum. I'm pretty certain this one is still in use by the Countryside Crime Unit or whatever they're called; I've seen this, or very similar, in the Driffield area. Finally AT was a Hull prefix/suffix, which could be seen as appropriate on the following... More Humberside Police TAT here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/humbersidepolicepics/8417674724/in/photostream/
  4. martc

    Rozzer Shite

    Illegal shite, and surely some sort of hint of future conduct... https://metro.co.uk/2018/11/19/useless-boris-johnson-water-cannons-sold-for-scrap-with-300000-loss-8155192/
  5. A Moskvitch 408, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 1969.
  6. Dawlish, September 1984. Just imagine the glorious noise as a pair of 37's rumble past.
  7. Hotel 'Avar', Mátrafüred, Hungarian People's Republic, 1977.
  8. ^^^^ My first thought was 'local beer for local people', so it could be Bolton, or somewhere very near. Looking at the car's reg numbers doesn't help, the A30 or 35 (UXA26) is from that there London and the Angle box behind - 185 (then either O or D or C)ED is Liverpool (Warrington) - not a million miles away. Can't make any more out, Bolton would be BN. I had a look for Magee's Bridge in Bolton, which I guess is a railway bridge - nuffink. And looking at the course of the railway lines in Bolton they all appear to go under bridges, not over... But I did find some interesting B&W shots of Bolton... 'Room on the back for one more' 'Cheeky sod it's only a year old' 'Sorry, come back next year' 1972 Trinity St Railway Station. These three are 'Views from the top of the Bolton Institute of Technology, 1976'.
  9. No things haven't changed - the Construction and Use regs refers to Community Directive 78/549, which says... https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/part/II/chapter/K/made https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/ALL/?uri=CELEX%3A31978L0549 But of course we have taken back control so these regs could be repealed at anytime. Possibly to ensure that all wheels are fitted with flaying blades in the style of that friend of the continent Boadicea.
  10. Just around the corner... Quick children, the lions have escaped. Again.
  11. Good point about type approval - I guess that could put the kibosh on messing about too much with the layout of civilian vehicles. I think military vehicles are exempt from a lot of the type approval and construction and use regs though.
  12. Interesting that Morris were prepared to fundamentally alter a lorry for one customer, they can't have made much money out of it. Are there any manufacturers now-a-days who are prepared to move an engine, alter the chassis and bodywork (floor, scuttle, dash etc), use different length cables, wiring loom and linkages and install different seats to win one order? I know there are myriads of options and, living in East Yorkshire, I see plenty of bare chassis going off to various body builders (motor homes, ambulances, delivery vans, buses etc) but to actually move an engine to get one more body in the cab; is there anyone prepared to do this?
  13. 'I think I may have water in the fuel' (in French).
  14. martc

    Bus Shite

    Tamworth Road, West Croydon, 1972, and... 2022.
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