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  1. I see your monowheel and bid... more B&W gems and some chat here - https://www.vintag.es/2015/05/monowheel-failure-of-weirdest-transport.html
  2. martc

    Bus Shite

    Looking south towards Central Station from near the intersection of Hay Street and Pitt Street in Haymarket, Sydney in September 1968. I'm sure m'learned colleagues can shed some light on the bus type. I'm guessing it's home made as it doesn't quite look British.
  3. lots more here - https://howmanymade.co.uk/2017/10/05/forecourt-garages-main-dealers-specialist-dealers-car-auctions-vintage-to-recent/
  4. ^^^^ parp and indeed poot! Anyone else call them Ford Kacs?
  5. 'POS'...big Audi... snarf snarf, splutter. It's not a personalised plate, just a statement of fact.
  6. True, like the Dixi, the Austin 7 doesn't have indicators a feature still seen on todays BMW's in tribute to their first car. https://myautoworld.com/BMW/history/1929/dixi/dixi.html
  7. My bets are it's a FIAT - the number plate starts with FI which shows it was issued in the Provence of Firenze (Florence to us).
  8. Winda, made in China by the Wanda Group. As in wanda'ing all over the road and into ditches.
  9. Hungarian Optical Works 'MOM', Budapest District XII., Hungarian People's Republic, 1973.
  10. Leipzig's Karl-Marx University. @LightBulbFun - is that some sort of invalid carriage in the second row (the orange 'thing')/
  11. Trinity Square Car Park, Gateshead; designed by Owen Luder Partnership with Rodney Gordon as project architect, built 1964-69, demolished 2010.
  12. Monument Junction, King William Street, that there London, 1939.
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