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  1. Phun phact - IZH also make the Kalashnikov rifle and motorbikes. I had an IZH (marketed here as a Neval) Planeta and sidecar, which was considerably better than the popular motorbike mags seemed to suggest (quelle surprise). Like this, but maroon and with a sidecar. IZH are based in Izhevsk (see what they did there?), which is well and truly in Russia, near the Ural mountains. IZH are now known as the 'Kalashnikov Group'.
  2. Consett. The 'petrol' sign in the background was the Atkinson & Browell garage - owned by Rowan Atkinson’s family. Sad face.
  3. MacDougal Street between 3rd Street & Minetta Lane, Greenwich Village Manhattan, 1972. I've always thought that US fire engines look a bit old fashioned, this one even has a bell!
  4. Moskvitch's were sold in the UK in the early '70's and did quite well until the Consumer Association laid into them due to 'safety problems'. The same safety problems which every other make of car suffered from at the time (because safety wasn't a thing back then). Anyhow Moskvitch's sales plummeted and they withdrew from the UK. Some conspiracy theorists believed that the Association were steered towards the foul commie car by the press departments of more established manufacturers.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moskvitch_412#:~:text=01 Pickup truck-,Sales in the UK,some 300 cars were sold. The Moskvitch sold here was the 412, I clearly remember them - the van version was used on Hull Docks as utility run arounds. The version I posted above is the facelift of it, a model that had escaped my attention until a few hours ago.
  5. The Moskvitch 1500 SL from 1980. Quite a smart facelift IMHO.
  6. 'Hi-Test' is the name given to 300 volume/100% hydrogen peroxide used as rocket fuel. It is incredibly dangerous. stuff https://www.chemeurope.com/en/encyclopedia/High_test_peroxide.html#:~:text=High test peroxide or HTP,mixture of steam and oxygen.
  7. Any idea what this wagon is? Has the look of an early Iveco model from FIAT or Magirus Deutz, the badge looks like an OM but in all cases the grille is far to narrow. This is the early Iveco design I'm thinking of -
  8. Leningrad, 1960. This German registered Messerschmidt has gathered quite a crowd; some intrepid travelling on show.
  9. This Renault is a NASA experimental electric car. A Renault - an unusual choice for a tub thumping all American enterprise.
  10. A pedestrian attempts to leap across a flooded road near Hyde Park, London, 1939.⁠ Did he make it? Dunno, but I think he's in for wet socks.
  11. Mosley Street, the first street in the world to be lit by electric street lights (absolutely nothing to do with Edison who DID NOT invent the electric light bulb), NuT, September 29th 1970.
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