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  1. Looks like a fairly decent bit of bodging does that. Good man. When I saw it at Lakeland the rust at the back was triggering a Chief Inspector Dreyfuss reflex in me.
  2. Few more old vehicular family snaps. P4, Winter 1964 I think Dad's garage, July 1968 Dad's runabout Austin A40 pickup, photo from circa 1960 One from Dad's RAF service days. VSWB Landy 80. Dad and his Royal Enfield. He bought this new in 56. Dad when working for Ford in the mid 50s. Dad again. Car from Scotland, Dad was stationed near Fort William, so this will be somewhere around 1953 I would guess. Dad's brother. He died in the mid 1930s, there are a few pics of this bike. It looks pre-1920.
  3. Pete-M

    Mk1 mx-5

    I think it was the Lotus Elan it was meant to sound like. Sounded bloody great. Unfortunately, I think it was Mazda UK who asked them to quieten it down.
  4. Pete-M

    Mk1 mx-5

    I used to drive one of the oldest Eunos in the UK. One of the first batch made with the original spec rorty exhaust from new. I think it was one of the first 500 made. I'm over 6 ft and never had any issues fitting in it.
  5. True, that. I looked at a couple of C32 AMGs before I bought mine. The two I looked at had done under 100k miles and were OK, but they were rather expensive. When I rang the vendor of mine he said "I've had loads of phone calls, everyone shits themselves when they hear it has done 194k. I'm an AMG specialist, I've kept this as my own car for seven years and I maintained it for four years before that, I've driven loads of C32s and this one makes some of the low mileage ones feel properly slow. Also, the engine has never been opened up. Never needed it." I drove to Bristol to collect it a week later. 2.5 years in, I still love the thing.
  6. In the early 90s a pal of mine bought an E reg 1.8 Sierra Sapphire to use as a cab. He bought it for about 4k off a friend who'd used it as a company car from new. 100k on the clock, about four years old. My pal then put 650000 miles on that Sapphire over the next eight or nine years. Only when it finally got to the point where it couldn't be bodged through a taxi inspection did it finally get weighed in. My pal was chuffed it had done 750k miles. Even happier when his pal who had sold it to him finally admitted he had clocked it twice a year when it was his company car. It was probably closer to 800k miles. It was rough as fuck.
  7. Highest mileage car I've driven was an Octavia 2.0 TDi L&K. A cab in Shropshire from new it had 740k at 10 years old on the original engine and box. It had the cams replaced at 400k miles. Turned out the driver used to shuttle airline pilots around the UK, normally doing Telford, Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Birmingham, Manchester, Telford most days of the week. It drove really well, was clean and tidy other than a massive stonechip collection and the coating on the window and light switches having worn off. It had the big elbow blister all taxi Octavias get on the driver's door trim, but the leather seats weren't even that saggy in it. Genuinely drove like a sub 80k mile car. The owner was fanatical about servicing it, every two months it had a full service and anything that needed doing was done. I've driven 30k mile ones that felt worse. The owner lived in a huge house, but doubt he spent much time there.
  8. They were cabs, yup. All on original engines I believe.
  9. I had an E320 CDi S210 for a few years. They drive really well. My brother had two W210s new, an S reg 240 with the V6 and an X reg face-lift 220 CDi. The V8 jobs are great cars provided they've been kept fairly well. They're not expensive to keep good as long as you keep on top of them. Fix things as soon as they go slightly wonky and they stay good. Leave them wonky and they get to the point where everything needs replacing and then they get very expensive. The 195k mile S210 for 2.5 years was enough to make me risk buying a 195k mile S203 C32 AMG. The S210 needed more spending on welding than anything else during my ownership.
  10. This week I've been shuffling cars around for a local garage. Mainly 12 year old Mondeos. They don't drive as badly as you'd imagine.
  11. Pete-M

    Sierra V8

    Frogeye was four stud. XR4x4 also had a rear LSD, probably cheaper than the Cosworth one and should take the power.
  12. Pete-M

    Sierra V8

    Cosworth used Mk3 Granada brake calipers. I fitted Scorpio Ultima rear discs to my Cosworth as they're vented, Std Cosworth ones aren't. With a V8 I'd recommend fitting a Cosworth LSD but with the crown wheel and pinion from a 2.3 diesel. Nice long gearing. I did that to my Cosworth, it did 155 in 4th, but with 528 bhp the standard gearing was too short to be usable.
  13. Too many to list. The ones which jump to mind are my 3.0S Capri, Integrale (G641THM), 911, Cosworth and my Mk1 Mexico with the Guy Croft Fiat TC (LLG350L)
  14. Minor Golf fettling. One of the reasons I've not bothered with it much was the alternator was howling very noisily indeed and anyone who's worked on a V6 Golf Mk4 knows just how much of a PITA it is to change the alternator on one. Basically, it involves putting the front end into "service position", which means the entire front panel, bumper, lights, radiators need shifting just to get to the alternator - which is a service item on the V6 as it gets some serious heat being crammed between the block, inner wing and radiators. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I checked output voltage etc and the alternator is charging perfectly, which means the squeal is either the belt (which is new) or the alternator clutch. Did the old cheat of putting some chalk on the belt to see if the squeak stopped and that didn't cure it, so thought "bollocks to it, it's broken anyway" and squirted some lithium grease between the clutch pulley and alternator, being careful not to get any into the alternator or onto the belt. Left it standing for a couple of weeks, went out to it today, fired it up, no alternator squeal. Charging perfectly even at full load with ac on full, heated seats etc on full roast, lights on etc. Hopefully that's a bullet dodged for a while. The alternator is only about five years old, but the car hasn't been used regularly for over two years. Next job, replace the rear calipers...
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