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  1. The manufacturer will have to pay VAT on the development costs if they don't scrap them. So if they've spent £50m and these things are all that's left to show for it they have few choices: A: sell prototypes and pay £10m VAT B: scrap prototypes and reclaim a few million quid. 😄 start production of RDX.
  2. There's normally a switch to make them quiet. A pal of mine has a C63 AMG cabrio which is quieter than his regular E320 when driven normally. In 'Sport+' mode the thing makes more noise than Thor playing drums.
  3. No. That post was from 2011. My old 604 was for sale again not long ago.
  4. Pete-M

    La Mierda de Cuba

    Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld, it was. Decent series.
  5. I'm an unlikely now as the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans starts on the 10th June and I'd have to drive from Liverpool -> Shitefest 19 -> rural Norfolk -> LM all in a couple of days. 959 miles. If we can keep Shitefest 2020 away from Le Mans week, that'd be handy
  6. Three years before the soft dash was released. Impressive!
  7. I lent my Audi A6 2.8 quattro avant to an ex-employer for a trip to Heathrow, he lent me his Bentley Turbo R in exchange. Funnily enough, he was fuming when he realised that the Audi got through very nearly as much fuel as the Bentley. He'd saved about £15 over the 450 or so miles.
  8. Mr. D. Wobbler owns an 820 which would make an excellent donor vehicle
  9. Something I consider incredibly BL is they made the ADO16 which people generally loved and barely rust protected it, then replaced it with the Allegro which people generally despised and went mental trying to stop it rusting. So for years there were bugger all ADO16s and loads of Allegros.
  10. Quite probably not. It was parked on a beach once. The photo above caused mayhem in the family as my dad - who was a motor trader and large garage owner - saw the pic and went utterly postal at my mum "WTF are you doing driving onto a beach? Beaches destroy cars!" The 1100 was already crusty beforehand.
  11. Back in the depths of time (1972), my mum had an 1100. My abiding memory of the thing was that the nearside rear inner door skin had rotted away all along the top edge. A rusty chasm right along the inner door skin I'd guess at 6"x2". By '73 the front wings had dissolved and the sills were on the way out. I don't think it made it to 74. I've got a soft spot for the old 1100 because of that old one.
  12. That white one looks like it may be ex-BMW fleet. I'm pretty sure they had xAN registrations around that time.
  13. Avis didn't keep these things for 18 months. IIRC they stayed on fleet for 11000 miles / 6 months.
  14. Until 1938. Now it's an absolute swine to register RHD stuff there.
  15. I use cruise pretty much constantly on the motorway. Trick is to set it at a speed which doesn't take the piss and leave it. It's quite surprising how much higher the average speed can be when using cruise than when not. The other week I went up to the lakes to meet DollyWobbler and a few others, set the cruise to a sensible motorway speed for the run up the M6 and barely had to touch it again for something like 60 miles. My average speed was remarkably decent over that stretch of motorway. Mainly because the car will happily do 70 without breaking sweat or slowing going up hills. It's a very relaxing way to travel. I use cruise all the time in my van, on a long stretch downhill it somehow keeps the speed to whatever the cruise is set at, I'm not sure if it does that via clever engine braking or using the brakes.
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