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  1. Currently working doing courier jobs in a Sprinter XLWB 116. Four years old, 190k miles. It actually drives well. It has a sleeper bunk and it's pretty quiet. Drove it up from Surrey this afternoon. Quite surprised that it did 34 mpg. That's pretty impressive for something the size of a planet.
  2. I remember doing pretty much everything you've listed regarding the dash and service on my E28 528iSE back in 1993.. A998WKW. That was my favourite BMW saloon I've owned. Manual with LSD and aircon.
  3. I don't know about the fire. That's a shame, I got rear 1/4 trim cards, rear lights and front struts for my 1300 Sport from Graham. Decent enough prices as well.
  4. I had a 528 bhp RWD Sapphire Cosworth. They are a bit of a handful in the wet...
  5. He retired and sold his stock to Graham in Widnes who comically trades under "GS Escorts". I imagine that has caused a few raised eyebrows with wives who've seen credit card statements.
  6. A pal of mine had a Sapphire 2000E for years. Nice thing, full leather and aircon.
  7. A pal of mine had a 205 GTi 1.9 which he said was a very limited edition thing. It was a dark metallic green one with full black leather interior, aircon, PAS and every toy you could get on a 205. I remember bits like the interior door handles were leather trimmed and the carpet and seat belts were dark green in it rather than the usual red most 205 GTis had . My pal bought it new, it wasn't the same interior as a Roland Garros job. He said he'd had a choice of the dark metallic green (possibly the same colour as a 309 Goodwood) or Miami blue. He said there had been a Miami blue one in th
  8. I drove it at Ian Harwood's in Ellesmere Port around 1991 I think. With it being on the Welsh side of the Mersey it probably is the one you're thinking of.
  9. Ok, here are a few. 1st was my concours winning Mk2 RS2000 Custom, MTU11T. I had that in 92. It then went to Ireland, then returned to the UK and last I heard of it it was being restored somewhere near Wakefield about a decade ago. The yellow Mk1 I had in 1988. That had a 1600 GT engine. I paid £60 for it, don't know what happened to that. The Q plate one I bought in 1989 for £800. It had been used in a bank job in Preston and then hidden away somewhere. By the time Dibble found it the insurance had paid out so for some mad reason it ended up on a Q. I bought it from a notorio
  10. Why on earth would someone fit a 2.3 Cologne to an Escort? I can sort of understand fitting a 3.0 Essex or 2.8 Cologne, but a 2.3??? It would have been quicker and better handling with a very mild 1.6 xflow ffs!
  11. Lovely, that. I don't think I'd pay that for it. I think I'd probably buy one of the new Mk2s instead.
  12. Very nice job indeed. Makes me feel guilty for not hanging on to the 3.0 Ghia coupé I had in the 80s.
  13. It should have an aux in socket in the glove box. If it hasn't, there's normally a feed for Aux In tucked under the passenger sill plate and the lead to feed it to the glove box is only a few quid from MB. If you look in the settings menu on the radio it should have an aux option. My S203 has it.
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