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  1. If I was still doing 50k miles a year I'd probably buy something better on fuel to do the big miles in, but I'd keep the C32 for personal use. Many years ago I was a Nissan salesman. Unfortunately my company car was an Almera 1.4 and my own car was a 24v Carlton auto. My commute was 20 miles each way. The Carlton was better on fuel on the 20 mile each way run (32 mpg), but the Almera was more economical on short city scuttling runs. I had to use the Almera for going to work as they didn't like me using the Carlton. They understood why I preferred using it, but it doesn't look good when y
  2. There's a magic button that turns off the traction and ESP (AMG ones do switch them off). It is very difficult to get bored with the ESP off as it becomes very amusing with (easily controllable) oversteer available on tap. It is massively inside its comfort zone cruising on the motorway etc. That's why I like it. It can do comfy and quiet, boring and sensible, or hooligan silly and it does them all very well indeed.
  3. C32 AMG. Super unleaded. 11 mpg in heavy traffic, 18 mpg in regular city traffic, 30 mpg on a run driven sensibly, 26 mpg on the Autobahn. Golf V6 4 motion (mildly tweaked) Super unleaded. 15 mpg in heavy traffic, 19 in regular city traffic, 30 mpg on a run driven sensibly, 28 mpg on a normal long run. Which is why I use the C32. Fuel economy is a good thing, but if getting decent MPG means driving something diesel or slow I'd rather save money by buying something old and fairly juicy than buying something newish and boring.
  4. Mercedes are like that. If you've only driven a good one for say 20 miles they don't feel anything special, if anything they're a bit dull. They take a fair while to get used to. I did 700 miles in one hit in the C32 the other day, other than stopping for fuel we didn't get out of it. Thing is, at the end of the run neither of us had any aches or pain and we walked about 6 miles around Bonn after arriving in Germany. That, to me, is the sign of a very comfortable car. I used to regularly do 300 mile days in new Škoda Superbs and while they were comfy I'd often get out with a dead leg an
  5. I suspect the tales of doom mainly eminate from people who buy old cars for a few grand from auctions etc and imagine that an S500 won't be much more expensive to maintain than their previous "big car" which has probably been something like a Mondeo. Shortly after, they discover an oil change using the correct oil is £100 in materials alone, that the V8 is twin spark and needs 16 spark plugs (and more often than not a new set of leads), that the exhaust system is expensive and cracked (because they didn't change all 16 plugs and ran it with a misfire for two months) and that the reason it
  6. I know the AMG 722.6 in the C32 is the same as the one in the SLR, so 354 bhp is unlikely to ever trouble it. A pal has a 2007 911 auto. That uses the "cooking" version of the 722.6 rather than the AMG one, so it doesn't have Speedshift or the AMG spec torque converter.
  7. First time I saw one of those 4x4 Mini things I was in my XJR. The mini pulled up next to me and I remember looking up at it.
  8. I think a lot of the reasons we don't see many older cars in the UK are as follows 1. UK has the cheapest used cars in Europe. Why would Mr + Mrs Bloggs spend £400 replacing the clutch on their Mk1 Focus when they can buy a Mk2 Focus for £750? 2. The UK went diesel mad in the 90s and lots were scrapped after DMF/DPF failure 3. The UK climate combined with the salted roads is not conducive to cars lasting long. I was in Germany recently and it was surprising to see plenty of totally rust free W210 Mercedes in daily use. 4. Age identifying registration plates. The UK is one
  9. Have you reset the throttle and transmission adaptations on it yet? Takes 5 minutes and no tools and is worth doing every now and then. Get in, close door, ignition on (engine off), foot fully down on throttle so kickdown engages for 20 seconds, keep foot on throttle and switch off ignition (keep key in, don't touch anything or open doors etc), take foot off throttle, wait for approx 2 minutes during which you'll hear (very quiet) clicks and clunks from the gearbox solenoids as the transmission resets. It'll go like the clappers next time you drive it as it'll have to relearn
  10. Strange that the supercharger would only kick in at 2000 rpm. Kinda defies the reason for having a supercharger. The 'charger on my C32 also has a clutch but that's mainly to disengage it for light throttle motorway running. It is definitely active well below 2000 rpm, it's active just above idle. If you were going to have a supercharger that only worked above 2000 rpm there's no reason not to use a turbo instead as the entire reason for using a supercharger is low end grunt.
  11. Good man. It is good to know that I'm not the only person on the planet who likes early 2000s Mercedes. Then again, I was telling folk W210s are brilliant long before they became trendy. Ignore the naysayers. The S class was built to run on the Autobahn all day, it'll be decent on fuel if you're just doing 70-80 mph. When I bought my C32 people were saying "that'll be a money pit, it's high mileage, it'll be unreliable, you're mad" yet 2.5 years in I've just returned from a 1850 mile round trip around Europe in it.
  12. Returned from a 1850 mile round trip of Germany in the C32. Things learned: AMG Mercedes are far better on the Autobahn than XJR Jags. Where the Jag would tramline at higher than UK speeds the C32 doesn't. The C32 is very stable indeed. The 155 mph limiter is definitely fictional. 26 mpg average so the same MPG as the new VW Transporter DSG I took around Germany last year. 102 octane super unleaded is easy to find in Germany. I didn't expect that. The villages around the Nürburgring are stunningly pretty. If you're in that area, visit Altenahr. In one of the lo
  13. Looks like a fairly decent bit of bodging does that. Good man. When I saw it at Lakeland the rust at the back was triggering a Chief Inspector Dreyfuss reflex in me.
  14. Few more old vehicular family snaps. P4, Winter 1964 I think Dad's garage, July 1968 Dad's runabout Austin A40 pickup, photo from circa 1960 One from Dad's RAF service days. VSWB Landy 80. Dad and his Royal Enfield. He bought this new in 56. Dad when working for Ford in the mid 50s. Dad again. Car from Scotland, Dad was stationed near Fort William, so this will be somewhere around 1953 I would guess. Dad's brother. He died in the mid 1930s, there are a few pics of this bike. It
  15. Pete-M

    Mk1 mx-5

    I think it was the Lotus Elan it was meant to sound like. Sounded bloody great. Unfortunately, I think it was Mazda UK who asked them to quieten it down.
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