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  1. I'm considering one of these.
  2. I have bought ex cabs in the past, mainly because I had access to plenty of them. Some have been great, others dismal.
  3. My one has had pretty much all the gaskets replaced. I noticed last night they've not replaced the PCV valve, which is probably what popped all the old gaskets. PCV on order.
  4. Yeah. They're better than ones I'd have taken, wot wiv bein' an ebay fotographist an all.
  5. There was a lot of that about. I've had a few "real" minis and other than the hilarious handling there's not much about them that appeals to me. The BMW minis also corner hilariously well, but they're comfy to drive and lots more refined, as you'd expect from a 40 year newer design. I never understood the huge dislike of these from old car folk. Ok, the BMW mini isn't as tiny as the original but people are a fair bit larger than they were in the 1950s. 😀
  6. I'll probably do the cabrio braces first. My Golf has adjustable anti-roll bars and they work very well indeed. I need to drive the Mini more before deciding on any possible chassis mods. Mine is polybushed with new OEM springs, shocks, links, arms and top mounts etc. It's also had the R56 trailing arm upgrade. Cast alloy rear trailing arms save 5kg of unsprung weight from the rear end and the pivot point changes slightly which improves feel and sharpness whilst also improving ride quality. Win win. All genuine BMW bits as well. Does involve changing a lot of parts though. That's the kind of mod I like. Ride and handling improved but everything looks totally factory and the bits all have factory part numbers. It's effectively a factory upgrade. It's a safety feature! Same with the cabrio under bonnet chassis braces. Obviously the cabrio shell flexes more due to being decapitated, but the little chassis braces are again genuine Mini parts and if they stiffen the shell slightly the suspension can work more precisely. I believe the cabrio braces don't affect handling much at all but they do reduce dash rattles and creaks.
  7. The heated washer jets were an option. £40. My Cooper S also has the two spoke wheel, with more buttons as mine has cruise and the S249 Multifunction F Steering Wheel stereo controls (which are on the back of the wheel). I quite like the black dash mod. There were a few different dash / trim mods available on the early R53s. Mine has the S463 Interior Surface Alloy Patina option which kinda freaks me out a bit as I can't work out which bits of it are worn. I'll have to investigate how they looked new. I believe a worthwhile tweak is to fit the front chassis braces from the R52. Unfortunately, the R53 chassis wasn't drilled for them until 2004, but it's meant to be a couple of hours work to fit them, they're genuine parts so they fit (the holes for them are pre-drilled on facelift R53s) they fit properly and stiffen the shell just enough to stop the dash from creaking.. I'll be fitting those. They are funky little things
  8. This week I finally decided to buy myself an R53 Cooper S. Spent quite some time looking for one with the spec I wanted, and finally found one with all the bits I was looking for - leather, climate, nav, cruise, xenon, chili pack, sport suspension, pre-facelift, Cooper S only colour (Electric Blue). It is bloody good fun. The R53 Cooper S is 20 years old next year. Don't see many like this anymore. Only modifications to it are R56 rear trailing arms (stronger), non-runflat Bridgestones and polybushes.
  9. I had a 2.5 20v Safrane for a couple of months about 15 yrs ago. Green one. R747TLX. My only real memories of it are the little computer voice saying "fuel level low" very regularly and it consuming drive shafts.
  10. I replaced mine with an S203 C32 AMG. Next year is bodywork year.
  11. I ran a 99 S210 320 CDi for about 2.5 years. Brilliant car, only let down by rust Far, far better to drive than a W124. I had a 260E for a few months about 15 years ago which also suffered quite badly from rust. Thing is, the W124 also suffered from fairly crap electrical components, the 210 didn't seem to be anywhere nearly as badly affected in that area. All mid 90s Mercedes will rust if they're used during the winter, the steel used wasn't good and the rust proofing wasn't up to scratch. Things were improved around 99 with the facelifted ones, but as my 320 was a facelifted one and still rusted I don't believe the problems were anywhere near well sorted enough. The water base paint is regularly blamed for the rust issues but I don't know how true that is. The 210 rusted, but so did the 123 and 124. It was just that the 210 had that moisture trap on the front wings that made the rot noticeable early. Facelifted 210s really are great cars. A pal in Germany has an S210 240 avant-garde with zero rust and over 1m km on the clock. He puts the lack of rust down to regularly steam cleaning the underside and wheel arches in winter "it is the salt that kills these, keep the salt off, get it inspected by MB once a year for rust and they're fine". As I've seen a lot of rust free 210s in Germany it appears Germans must be better at preserving their 210s than UK buyers. Post 98 210s had a 20 or 30yr anti corrosion warranty, but they absolutely had to be inspected by MB every year or the warranty is voided.
  12. Currently working doing courier jobs in a Sprinter XLWB 116. Four years old, 190k miles. It actually drives well. It has a sleeper bunk and it's pretty quiet. Drove it up from Surrey this afternoon. Quite surprised that it did 34 mpg. That's pretty impressive for something the size of a planet.
  13. I remember doing pretty much everything you've listed regarding the dash and service on my E28 528iSE back in 1993.. A998WKW. That was my favourite BMW saloon I've owned. Manual with LSD and aircon.
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