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  1. 30 miles in the Shropshire countryside, in the sun only one breadown, crap in the carburattor which thanks to my mate was duly cleaned out. Happy as can be. Bike running okay hit max speed at one point an earth shattering 31mph (which on this bike is no mean feat and feels more like 131 mph). Nicks bike (the blue one) runs faster still, time for polishing the ports I think...... The orange beast is mine, both cooling down after a dual carriageway session
  2. Bike otherwise known as a "Rough Unsuperior" passed its annual chuckle at by the MOT man
  3. E.G. where the pictures?
  4. I modern shitter 1 Old shitter 4 BSA trikes 1 Honda moped feel like a light weight these days
  5. AHH i wondered where they had gone....
  6. Hey i was in no way having a go at the Panda.!!!! maybe the YOLO before you its just a bit of frustration on such a clean car meeting another car and wondering what if i had not sold it,
  7. I wish i had never sold this last year, went from a clean shiny minter to a end of life sticker Pineapple mobile IMG_3664 by paul.bottomley, on Flickr
  8. Bugger, I have almost run out of garage space for mopeds, this would of filled the last few square feet, BUT already found relevant shaped item (aka another bike) to fit hole. GLWS IMG_3828 by paul.bottomley, on Flickr
  9. Way Way too new for me, but 50cc is the new black as far as I am concerned... Buzzing along dodging the potholes kicking taxi's as they pass to close, whats not to like.
  10. Loverly work on such an underrated car by the unwashed masses, had two loved them both.....
  11. Own vehicle you say!! May I present Mr Rusty.... air3 by paul.bottomley, on Flickr
  12. be amazed at the raw power, as we roll along in my case throttle wide open.... Note the cyclist who nearly crashed as she avoids eye contact, and note the arty low shots
  13. spitting image of mine, just got back form a ride on mine... great fun if only at 15 - 20mph
  14. Thats not a BSA this is a BSA... all else is Fail!
  15. fug me down for a couple of lucky dips squire I need an estate in my life at the minute..... mind you not sure i need a state of an estate!
  16. Bullshit that set was not £250 and reduced by £150 just for today, i have that very set i bought last year for £125 which at the time was advertised as reduced form £175.. as always Black Friday is a Steeple day where shite on shelves is sold to moron with wide eyes and deep pockets
  17. we could invite raymanboy to play some music on the stand and entertain
  18. I was just speaking to a mate earlier about asking for a BSA Ariel 3 display stand in a corner owing to the fact when i asked on the BSA owners club stand where where all the Ariel 3's i was told they were not real BSA's Maybe if there we a wee space i could slip one in on "the stand of the year" Autoshite? I can even provide a barn found rusty as fuck one if required.. The green one air3 by paul.bottomley, on Flickr
  19. In same town as me, no doubt a wind up..... bet the phone goes to someone in town here who is sick of people phoning him offering to collect with trailer tonight
  20. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-Seat-Marbella-Jean-Edition-39-Services-stamps-same-as-Fiat-panda-/191728984760?hash=item2ca3f022b8:g:XhkAAOSwFnFV9bhp £175 BIN with MOT till next year ????? WCPGW
  21. I am sat here drinking coffee sulking! In previous years I have displayed at the show so got a freebee ticket and or knew a few folks and obtained a free pass... having been a grumpy fucker for so long now I don't tend to speak to those folks who might have freebees. No matter I thought I will just pay on the day! £23 fucking quid, Plus Parking £12 and £5 for a piss tasting coffee, so thats £40 to walk in the hall and have some piss thrown at me.... Jesus I could get several Roffle tickets for that and years of fun!
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