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  1. The owner (chap at the garage ) said he painted it that colour for the customer as it was originally bright yellow, some google searches indicates that the first production car sold was Yellow and delivered to the the new owner in Acton Scott (a village a few miles from this location). http://www.stevensvehicles.co.uk/news.html
  2. The owners first words were "do you want to buy it" alas not for me, too many other bits of shite all jammed up, but enough of my constipation.... details unknown as to price etc, but feel free to pop by said garage.... Marshbrook Shropshire
  3. Had to stop and gasp at this today.... Now I own a cube this my pedigree chums is sex on wheels, even in the right colour... Told its deadly above 30mph... Elon aint got nuffin to worry about
  4. Passat B5 1.9 TDI always in the 50's driven gently 60mpg easy
  5. OHHHHHH just the ticket for me then http://www.thek6project.co.uk
  6. Nice to see a fellow cubist on here, I took the decision form day one to avoid the CVT boxes ones and went for a fully auto 4 speed. As luck would have it came in Autoshite brown. I had heard all sorts of horror stories about the cost of gearboxes (£5k plus new) and or the cost of the super special oil it has to use at about £400 a refill and thought better of it.
  7. HA I found this 12 years ago in a lock up Burton on Trent way, sold it to a lad who sld it on again to a chap in Northern Ireland who "did the conversion" https://www.annteak.com/garages-galore/
  8. Where are you located fella... I like the look of this shite wagon, ideal to move me mopeds... Is it keep fit windows ? what is the interior like as that's where as a owner I would be most of the time (one hopes) and not looking at the geezer touch ups.
  9. why not go practical and funkey, forget euro box and go japanesse box!
  10. Yea noted and saved information last week to one of the sites i manage Mate of Barry, by any chance? https://www.bsaariel3.co.uk/grd-907-n/
  11. I see one everyday>>> and about 3 or 4 others in the shed WP_20180929_13_08_35_Pro by paul.bottomley, on Flickr
  12. Twas eye, had a hand painted automatic I did LEJOG in (5 days of hell!) and a minter I sold that sadly got trashed by having its coils cut within a second of ownership...
  13. All this talk of V8's reminds me of a load of paperwork I found and wrote up to my site, which the man at Vauxpedia screen grabbed and pasted up to his site... Not so much of a "well researched site" as a "cut a paste other peoples work", but as a single point of reference its okay... errors a plenty but then life is borring is we all agreed.
  14. Words are just too much detail https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BSA-500-GOLD-STAR-TONY-HAGON-TWINSHOCK-CCM-CHENEY-BSA-HAGON-YAMAHA/123403259959?hash=item1cbb685037:g:cUkAAOSwLvxbtOnq
  15. Found some-productive time today between breakfast and afternoon kip (I love Saturdays when there is zippo to do) anyway, I had needed to have a look at the trike and fit the new screen. It maybe a bit much Orange I cannot decide? WP_20180929_13_08_35_Pro by paul.bottomley, on Flickr WP_20180929_13_46_28_Pro by paul.bottomley, on Flickr
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