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  1. The MOT fail sheet is a social occasion with yer friends to work through.
  2. Brilliant brown wedgyness. More photos please !
  3. Thats the one !! Last spotted with a Sprinter on its back. Their premises scores shite points too - there's a Lada Service Agent sign on the wall at the gate !! The Scammel must have done service with the Army, they had them with the Rolls 265. Pretty sure Forsyth of Denny had one as well.
  4. Saw this on Saturday in their yard, they also have a shitetastic 80's Dodge with a beavertail body on it... Alexander Latto's came to my rescue when the pile of wank Iveco Eurocargo we had on hire shat its power steering (hose runs under the sump) in the middle of a three point turn in the Navy base at Faslane. Drove it back to Edinburgh as I figured it'd be quicker just to drive the bloody thing back than wait inside an MOD base in the middle of nowhere on a Friday night waiting on a fitter to show up. Bloke turned up at our yard to fix it in a quality LDV 400 built from about 3 different vans ( Royal Mail, DF Wishart 'replacement' doors slapped on)
  5. Helen Street..? Inside a big shed, think its mostly Oriental stuff they break now.
  6. Have you just found Allparts then...? In other scrappy based news, I got a bumper for the Vectra for a pleasing £12 from U-Pull-It on Saturday
  7. I couldn't shift my 2.9 for a measly £60. Or the MT75 4x4 'box I have. Scrap is beconing for both along with a hoard of other Ford parts.
  8. Nothing! Went with a mate who was looking at a Jag & I bought a V6 Vectra from the same place....
  9. gearoil


    Scooters, your in Edinburgh...? Try: UNION RADIATORS UNIT 5, LADYSMILL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE FK1 1RR FALKIRK , STIRLINGSHIRE Phone: 01324 628196 ( got my XR4x4 rad repaired here) or if you want a jaunt along the M8... http://www.star-radiators.co.uk/about%20us.html
  10. Yep, some garish vinyls - POG & VAN FOR HIRE and hang around the loading area of Ikea on a Sunday...
  11. Suggestions: VAG 1.8T, Toyota MR2, Honda something or other... what else do Elise owners stick in the gap after the K-series goes in the bin...??? But as this is Autoshite:
  12. Myself and 3 mates skived off college one dull afternoon in 1993 (16 or 17 at the time ) and bought one of these from a scrapyard with the sole intention of thrashing the bejesus out the little bugger at a nearby derelict brickworks. It was in the yard minus battery, bootlid and rear wheels. We got a pair of wheels from a dead Panda which gave it an amusing rake and the first battery that would fit and then kicked its arse until the already slipping clutch gave out. Its the first car I ever got airbourne, first car I nose dived into the ground and first and only car I nearly crashed onto a working railway line.... Look forward to some progress pics cms206
  13. Sorry, its juvenille I know, I know.... but I couldn't resist, and if I didn't do it someone else would have and now its done and out the way we can all get on with it...
  14. Photos asap please, thanks. Cheers for posting this lot up Pog I've never seen a sherpa tipper before. There was a roofer with one of those pick up jobbies near me when I was a lad with a big fuck off ladder half in the back.
  15. By the title of the thread I hoped it had been some sort of Autoshite hit & run....
  16. It does look alright from that one pic, doesn't it. Hmm....
  17. Just got rid of my complete but rotten XR4x4, if you need anything I broke a rotter of a 2.9 a while ago, still have about 99.9% of it in boxes.
  18. Excellent. What flavour...?
  19. What have you / autofive bought / sold then....?
  20. Parking at the NEC. That shit they call food at the NEC.
  21. Brisca F1 stock cars & Class 3 & 7 autograss cars at the live action arena at the NEC today.
  22. Its what you do Bol. Coming to the rescue of varied crocks and posting the results for our pleasure. In other news, the Sierra is finally gone. Started no probs having stood outside for 3 months in all the crap weather and gurgled contently onto the lads transporter. Its going to be broken up for spares, he has a twin turbo 2.9 XR & his friend has a 4x4 GLS they need parts for.
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