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  1. I'm fairly sure the Cruella DeVille DeVille was on display at Walt Disney World when I was there a few years ago, along with the villains Transit pickup. I remember being all excited that there was a knackered Mk2 Transit in America, and the family thinking I was a crackpot.
  2. Looks really smart on the steelies with the centre caps. I've a bit of a thing for black centre caps on silver steelies. When the ones on our old work's Crafter started to fade and develop unsightly white patches I took it upon myself to buy a black rattle can and sort them out. Couldn't do with it. Good luck with the van, this thread has been an enjoyable read so far. I admire your attitude towards life.
  3. Looking forward to the Solo instalment. Oddly proportioned yet captivating styling, if memory serves they only made about 15 of them. I'm fascinated by Panther, they were fucking bonkers. I love how they basically look like crummy kit cars (Kalista/Lima esp) but were comically expensive, owing I'm sure in no small part to the build quality. I think the name Panther is a cheeky swipe at Jag whose parts bin they seem to have raided habitually. Great thread!
  4. Looks decidedly less axe murdery during the day. I bet most of those are well beyond redemption now, especially that R18. I'm sure there must be a good reason why people amass old chod like this and leave them to rot. I'm reminded of that fascinating 'Field of Dreams' place up in Scotland. Ta for going back, great spot!
  5. Grateful for your efforts of photographing that magnificent selection of shite, despite the apparent risk of getting axe murdered.
  6. Retired LT horsebox. Used to see it on the road occasionally and it looked shonky then. I've driven past this spot loads and assumed they were using it as a shed of some kind, but on closer inspection it seems to have just been put out to pasture.
  7. I've always liked the Centos really, pity that they're probably £silly now that they've all but disappeared, and yes, probably wholly unsuitable for a lanky, heavy so-and-so like me. That being said, my FIL recently bought an Austin Mini and, with a bit of careful leg placement, I can fit into that quite comfortably. I concur with Mrcentos comments about the Sei being a superior steer to a Mini, although its probably not a fair comparison being that it's from 1981 and a codgermatic.
  8. I used to absolutely love my sister's Seicento Sporting. No doubting it was a bit gutless (although, in fairness, I'm a six and a half footer weighing nearly 19st) but it had that lovely, tight 'wheel at each corner' handling and it was bloody addictive. I ran out of reasons to borrow it eventually...
  9. I think this is pink, but I'm colourblind as well so it might not be.
  10. Here are Some Trucks, spotted at a show a couple of months or so back. I'd have got more pics but I met up with an old colleague of mine so I was preoccupied with gassing like a blue rinser.
  11. Love the split plate on that mini van. Very enjoyable spots, the accompanying information makes it very interesting.
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread but that is absolutely phenomenal Dan!
  13. Haha, seen that one before. Love the heckling after the cock-ups.
  14. Welcome along, that's absolutely brilliant. I would dearly love one of these silly full-size Yank barges one day, a Ford Country Squire or an old Caprice maybe...
  15. On topic, I've seen one or two ads for so-called barn find cars that've said something to the effect of 'ran fine when parked up 15 years ago'...
  16. Not quite as awkward looking, but yes, I see what you're getting at!
  17. Driving non-stop? How's he going to hand it over if it sells? Fling the passenger door open and have the buyer dive in, take the payment, then tuck and roll out of the door while the new owner frantically climbs over to the driver's side?
  18. 165-170, apparently... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buick_Reatta
  19. Buick Reatta, introduced 1988. 3.8 V6, front drive. Great looking thing I think, sort of like a bloated X1/9. Featuring a (by all accounts, very responsive) touch screen integrated into the dashboard, got to be among the first cars to have one?
  20. Hang on a minute, W202 on a H plate? Great spots!
  21. Yes, the RAF had a few of them. Yorkshire Air Museum have one, latterly owned by a cricket team who supposedly hated it because they were late to all the matches...
  22. The sheer breadth of knowledge across that site was incredible, I spent hours reading it, it was absolutely fascinating. A real shame.
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