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  1. Lovely, lovely old thing. Well bought.
  2. A friend had a Spree as his first car, he was the first of us all to get one, memories of us all sitting in it in his driveway before he passed his test. Love seeing these cause it reminds me of how excited I was to pass my own test! As for what you do with it, I'm in the boring 'MOT and enjoy it' camp!
  3. Another thing with screenwash... it's really annoying where cars/vans have the 'extra sweep' feature to get rid of excess water... so after the initial three sweeps, there's another one a few seconds later, smearing salt/muck all over the screen again. Shit idea.
  4. Kitten spotted on a wet and windy M62 this morning.
  5. Who wants a FREE* Nova? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1021601628925279/?ref=product_details&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  6. That Astro van really is a thing of beauty. All the best to you Grizz!
  7. I would echo @EyesWeldedShut 's sentiments about early BINI interiors, my wife's Cooper has the fancy retro dash and while it looks nice it's certainly not the most user-friendly especially in the dark. The cup holders are in a bit of a crap position too, just underneath the central dash controls, so you're fine with a can of coke but buggered if you have a flask of coffee or awt like that. Oh and cleaning it is a real pain in the arse as well!
  8. I think it's one of the older Santa Fes you're talking about, and yes, it looks silly. Edit: yes
  9. Just to add to this, the handbrake lever is inexplicably situated on the right hand side of the driver's seat, so if one slides off the seat when getting out as a multi-drop driver is wont to do, it goes straight up your arse.
  10. Also I think part of the design brief for the current incarnation of the Relay/Ducato/everything else they badge them as these days was to make the heater controls as confusing as possible. Think they've just facelifted the dash and made it a bit simpler now though.
  11. One thing that did get on my tits about my otherwise faultless Mazda 2 when I first got it is that the radio comes on every time you switch the ignition on, regardless of whether you turn it off before you get out or not. This was particularly irksome if I'd been in a particularly good mood on the way home from work on a Friday and I'd been blasting some Van Halen out or something, and then get David Lee Roth screaming at me on the Saturday morning. It was a bit like 'No, Mazda, I'm not the same person I was last night!'
  12. I'd somehow forgotten about your Cavs, so naturally I had to read both threads all the way through again! Lovely to see them both still looking great and being cherished. Hats off to you sir, they're a credit to you the pair of them.
  13. That seems preposterously cheap for one of these in this day and age, absolutely top bombing and many congrats. They're great at leaking, our old 1.6 auto (RIP) used to love pissing water in through the interior light. Great little cars though, we loved ours. Never driven a 1.9 but if our old 205 is owt to go by, I bet they're a blast.
  14. I wouldn't! I knew there were WB bodies on Trafics/Ducatos etc, but this one I thought looked especially American and might have been an import, especially with it being LHD etc. I've certainly never seen one before anyway.
  15. Seen yesterday. I wondered how a Silver Shadow had ended up in a decrepit shed at a garden centre with a load of pallets chucked on it, in a lamentable fall from grace. Then I realised it was a Volvo 164. I was massively hungover to be fair. Interior on the Wannabango looked in decent enough order. I don't think I've ever seen one like that before. Guessing based on summat Yank?
  16. Seen at Tesco's this morning. The interior was an absolute shit tip, it was brilliant.
  17. ^ Isn't that the one that was parked on a drive for years, papped by a few people on here?
  18. Outstanding. Best colour for them as well, and yes, those XJ220ish wheels suit it magnificently. I mustard mitt I've been half tempted to bag one of these since they're so bleddy cheap at the moment but I thought I'd be better off preserving what little sanity I have left.
  19. Well I'm excited. My guess is it's summat German going solely off your username. Thanks for giving me summat to look forward to during what is looking like will be a shite morning at work!
  20. HubNut is Dollywobbler of this parish.
  21. Once you get it back and it's (hopefully) right I'm sure you'll fall in love with it again. They're a nice thing these...
  22. I won't hear a bad word said against Xsara Picassos, my mum had three of them and they were GR9.
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