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  1. Very nice Jagwar. Funnily enough just yesterday I watched Tedward of The You Tube driving a lovely black XJR 100. A wonderful thing, but all the plasticky Ford switchgear in the centre console is a bit of an odd contrast with the rest of the interior. I forget how well these did Stateside. Good luck with the engine. Will be following with interest.
  2. Not the best picture, but here's my Grandad in his MK1 Passat. Despite him being well into his 50s, this was his first car after having saved for years for it. Terminal rot saw it's demise after a few years, and to replace it he went to his local AR dealership and bought himself a brand new A-plated Metro, which he absolutely hated. Had to be returned to the dealers on a few occasions for warranty repairs. I don't half miss him...
  3. Congratulations, that looks absolutely fantastic. Brilliant, brilliant work.
  4. That's clearly told a few fibs! Absolutely fascinating. Steering must have been diabolically heavy with that ridiculous overhang.
  5. Some low quality Fuengirola spots. I was quite drunk when I took these which might be readily apparent. What's the Bini ripoff thing?
  6. All the very best for the op. Looks a decent amount of rammle floating around Turkey... I'm off to Kefalonia in June so hope to do a good amount of spotting there... although the moderns are slowly making inroads now.
  7. Still such a good looking car in ZT form, these. A 260 is very much on my 'want' list...
  8. Christ that ADO16 has been about a bit! 714k! That can't be right Shirley?
  9. Still love P38s, I'm neither brave nor financially able to take one on but my hat is well and truly off to you sir. Re the police questions, would plod not have opted for the 4.0 engine anyway?
  10. I've heard of working Volvos but fitting a crane to the roof is just ridiculous.
  11. Typically rockabillied up Consul and a wonderful early DS. There are few cars more beautiful.
  12. Absolutely fantastic!! Lots of UK regs there, including some of the Yank stuff... would love to know the stories behind then all. If I ever find myself in Orlando again I'll be making a beeline for that place... Both Mr Bean Minis have the wipers parked across the screen..hmm..
  13. Oh my good God this thread is amazing. What a find that cabby is, I've never seen those wheels on them before, they look fantastic IMHO, really suit it. Should be nice to smoke around in when the weather gets a bit nicer, let's hope this summer isn't as wank as last year...
  14. One for the 'still in service' thread but I daren't resurrect it! Spotted this Lite Ace in Manchester. Driven exuberantly (!) by an older bearded chap.
  15. Spotted in Manchester. Not sure if it's a proper County.
  16. Here's an AC/DC song relating to Belgium. One of the weaker numbers on this album, but not bad all the same.
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