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  1. I always blank out house/street names in my pics to protect the innocent.
  2. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarkinell, it's been a while! Well, I've returned from the ether, and I bring more classics/shonky stuff. P6, one owner from new, variously faded panels: Extremely dead MGB: Capri on slotmags: Minor - OK so it's a "popular classic", but it's faded all over and has moss on it. Whilst still in daily use. That warrants a place here, methinks! Two-Cee-Vee. Again, bordering on popular, but what the hey: Super clean Scimmy: Beford CF pikeywagon: And a classy old Beemer to finish.
  3. Oh, not enough for y'all? Fine, here's some more. Primer splattered Rocco (can't see it well from this angle, but there was a massive primer blob on the door): VW Camper, with questionable colour coding application: Old Starlet - not a fan of Japanese stuff, but I know some of you are: MGB, with amusing sticker: And now time for my special move..... TOTALLY MINT OLD-PERSON OWNED 2-TONE TALBOT SOLARA WITH UGLY WHEELS, PARKED OUTSIDE THE LINES!
  4. Just a minor update: Mk2 Tranny, full of wag: Sleeeeeeka wedge: Robin "21st" Edition: Kia Pride - ain't seen one of these little boxes for ages!: This Mini was shonkier than it looks here - the paint was crackled and chipped all over!
  5. After a couple of months of Uni work, I'm free to spot once more! Mwuahaha! So, here goes... Cav and Mini NIVA! Singer Vogue, repleat with red oxide primer patches SHABBIEST VW LT EVAR Rotten Riley Elf And lastly, this Wolseley 16/60, which has been on here before, and even featured in Rust In Peace. However, I just thought I'd post it again, to show it's still there. Rotting away. 20 years and counting...
  6. Some various spots from this week. Some are shite, some are borderline classics... (The one that nearly got away...)
  7. I'VE FINALLY DONE IT! I, at very long last, got into that commercial dump - I'll let the pics do the talking. Hang onto your hats, retro commercial shite fans! Amongst it all, a stack of Leyland Landtrains, more Scammel Routemans, and a whole load of other stuff I don't recognise! If anyone can help, please do! Also, there were more trucks I couldn't photograph at the time. I may return there at some point to try and get more snaps!
  8. Why, that handsome little chap is a Daihatsu F50.I can't believe I beat Hirst to that!Ah, so it is. Not really up to speed on my obscure J-tin. They very common these days?
  9. Ye gods, it's another update! I accidentally stumbled across this pair on the outskirts of what I later discovered was a small travellers' site - the nature of these travellers is as yet unknown, whether they're friendly gypsies or fearsome pikies. A Kitten, and an unknown small 4x4: The 4x4 was a weird shape, kinda sloped up at the base of the windscreen, and had corrugated sides. Damaged Ford Transit Mk2 out the back of a Ford dealership: A london transport Routemaster.....in a coach depot in Loughborough: 2CV Bamboo - that an official special edition? : And finally, I did attempt to access that commercial scrapyard to no avail as yet - however, I did get a good pic of ANOTHER Scammell on site: Apologies for the quality of some of the pics, the camera phone's zoom isn't that good. I may go back and re-photo some of them with my good camera.
  10. Nope, it's on farmland in a small place called Atherstone.
  11. A quick update - various shite as seen in Nuneaton and Loughborough. Triumph 2000, very very clean.....it's not really shite as such, but I wanted to include it anyway. So I will. : Polonez! Now this IS shite : And a Hillman Superminx. Again, pushing the definition of shite, but too cool not to include: And these are spy/preview shots of a wreck-hunting trip I should hopefully be undertaking soon. It's a quarry/commercial equipment dump. Commercial Tat Potential = immense! Watch this space, Commercial Shite fans!
  12. Just a small update from the last few days' spotting: A nice early 80s Saab, a crusty Merc wagon and a shabby non-turbo Fuego (are non-turbos rarer than turbos nowadays?):
  13. Haven't got much info, other than it's just outside the town of Nuneaton, and is not for sale. No idea how long it (or any of the other cars) in this hoarder's barn have been there.
  14. You might want to check the "Summer" gallery again, just added some photos I forgot to upload the first time!
  15. Thanks for the welcome peeps :DRE: the K70 - haven't restored it yet, am in the process of doing so. I know it kinda goes against the ethos of autoshite, but it does have some quite dangerous rot that needs immediate attention.RE: Buried car - yep, it's a P6.RE: American car - a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Looks like THIS if you don't leave it in a forest for 11 years.
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