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  1. Great video and great channel - subscribed!
  2. 1. Saabnut 2. davidfowler2000 3. FOAD 4. Ghosty 5. Hooli +1 6. beko1987 7. Flat4 (p) 8. Dollywobbler 9. mat_the_cat 10. M'coli (p) 11. Tam (Sat.) 12. Catsinthewelder 13. Heidel_Kakao and Cedric 14. KruJoe (Pleasure Wagon) 15. captain_70s 16. 254575 (109landys3)
  3. I’m in. Is there a list or something we have to put our names on?
  4. I am the lucky punter who bought this. about 800 miles into ownership already and so far so good! Starter motor has stuck a couple of times in the very cold. But the slightest rocking gets over that. Top seller and top car . will get a proper write up soon
  5. Something with 3 Rows of seats where you can take out the middle row and sit in the back. Many old school MPV do this. Shalhambraxy/Sintra/Espace. Not sure on the newer ones, people carriers seem to be the only class of vehicle that seem to be getting smaller!
  6. replaced the inlet manifold gasket on the Streetwise over the weekend and what a transformation! no more lumpy starts or white smoke trail the red arrows would be proud of. I wonder how many IMG failures have been diagnosed as OMG HGF on the k series? it looks a bit of a daunting job, but with numerous combinations of 3/8" drive bars all the bolts were on and off with no issues
  7. Metal tube chairs and both lots of stickers are mine. I don't need them back. Do what you will with them
  8. Big Thanks to Mr Six for arranging this. I had to bolt early due to a family situation so didn't stay for the second night. was great to meet some old friends and make new ones - hope everyone has a safe journey home
  9. is it auto or manual? i dont think the autobox does the 2.5v6 many favours, its an engine that loves to be revved, but never does attached to an autobox. duff VIS motors will make a miserable drive as well.
  10. thats the auction i won it from!
  11. 254575

    Sat nav.

    I use tomtom uk and Ireland for the iPhone. Had it over 5 years now so it's more than justified the £30 cost, and it receives map upgrades for free when you update the app I see they have replaced it with " Tom Tom go mobile" now. Which has a yearly subscription of £14.99
  12. ugh. steel wheels with tyres are the hardest things to dispose of. not allowed at dump, scrap man wont have them if they have tyres on. I've also had no success with ebay listings for 99p
  13. No. It was a Red DAF 66 Luxe Estate. Will dig out some pics if you are interested ? edit: too late if you werent!
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