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  1. I had these 2, 1983 Mazda 323 purchased from Spottedlaurel to replace my first car a 1989 K10 Micra. Mazda Sold in 2009? And my 1972 Toledo I still have. Owned for 15 years now.
  2. That looks excellent, I remember reading about the acclaim turbo in the early days of retro-rides. It would be great to see it fully functional
  3. As I have no access to any of my interesting cars due to the lock down I've been tackling jobs on the boring moderns. Finally, got round to doing the cam belt and water pump on my wifes Peugeot 308. Car has done 76k and coming up to 11 years old, Peugeot say 96k for a belt change or 10 years. The belt was just starting to crack and the water pump was showing signs of a slight weep. Also gave it an oil and filter change. Cam belt isnt to bad to do there is enough room to access things once I'd removed a large pile of plastic from the car
  4. Keith has already started poking the rust holes. We are looking for a scuttle panel, before we make Keith make it up. Other than that its pretty solid for a 70's van.
  5. Well that's great! I don't think the coupe owner has had it long. I think he is planning on competing in it.
  6. Today's big update. Woke the van up from it's winter slumber, checked bulbs brakes etc And drove to the bodyshop where my mate Keith of KW restorations operates from. (Also where my Saab lives) it's the first journey it's done over about 2 miles in 18years! It drove quite well really and turned a few confused heads! Its not the only Marina shaped thing being worked on at the minute either Hopefully we will have some photos of the strip down soon. Re the number plate it was already on the van when my boss purchased it! One of the reasons the van survived so long it's because of the plate.
  7. I generally don't bother with euros, I get trade prices through Essex motor factors and get a much better service. But todays euros bargain 20litres of gulf 10w40 for 22.99 plus vat was a no brainer
  8. Very lazy spot, A70 Hereford belongs to my work colleague currently is his daily! Both polo and A70 have weak batteries so are both pluged in to the mains, real plug in hybrids!?
  9. The van has escaped the work shop for now. I've driven it up the road a few times and it drives pretty well. After all the horror stories about the marinas handling I was pleasantly surprised. It does feel like a large Morris minor. Brakes are good and it pulls well up to 60. We certainly need to fit at least 1 wing mirror because reversing with a full load blocking the rear window involves lots of guess work!
  10. Yes exactly that mobile tower thing, originally purchased to change the bulbs in the barn!!!
  11. I think the Bentley V8 is a tad larger than the rover V8 in the rally car! Might require some sort of space frame . My boss has this commer karier tucked away in a barn I've alway thought a 6.75 V8 would go well in it!....
  12. Steering rack feels ok, small amount of play In the steering column though which I think I should investigate. Using RR parts on old British Leyland shite isn't so daft, especially nuts and bolts which are cadmium plated and very good quality so usually don't rust! I've replaced and fitted a few to my triumph over the years salvaged from a dead Shadow we have kicking around. Also the silver Shadow is really a big over complicated BL car really! A Turbo R donor is sitting in the front yard just waiting to transplant its heart to something! I'm not sure the marinas suspension set up would cope though
  13. Got some poly bushes like a real race car. To replace the front tie bar bushes which look like this: I fitted the o/s no problems, but when it came to the n/s I realized the the cups in the chassis legs that hold the bushes had disintegrated. I welded two RR Silver Shadow shock bush washers in place of the missing ones Seems to work ok!
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