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  1. Looking good, probably needs lowering? I think I replaced all the wishbone bushes. Certainly it's had 4x front springs and 4 X shocks. Front springs were replaced at different times though! (Always replace in pairs etc) Door locks are definitely crap, I think the driver's had been replaced. I also replaced most of the of the CV joints and the rear engine mount. Boot handle is the same as the MK3 golf hatch! Seats also swap from MK3 golf. You will probably find random bits of foam, card and rubber stuck in and under the dash and an attempt to reduce the rattles. My mates MK2 caddy it the same!
  2. Nice to meet you, I hope the polo has exceeded your expectations in performance and refinement!
  3. I have done, I emailed him the link to this thread. This was the response: Thanks Matthew, what a great find and cooperative people along the way helped save the car. At least the old owner had carefully stored it.I bought the green one off EBay, when it came up. I was told by the vendor the only other interested party had only wanted it to rob the rear axle off it for an Atlantic !As soon as I made contact with the seller to arrange collection he announced he had another one, the white one ( slightly more complete) so I did a deal for the second one too !I thought there might be more chance of success getting one or other of them going. As it is they are both much the same and pretty well complete.The green one was missing its radiator fan and I tracked one of those down. Blooming expensive but given the story, they are in demand by the Austin Healey brigade ! They also buy up the A70 engine blocks as they can be bored out to the larger size for the Healeys. Reputedly ! The classic car racing scene means there is a demand for them, apparently.Back a few years, even rusty old Atlantics might be at risk, as the Healey boys were just after the engines !Hence the rarity.I wouldn't agree they are lumbering old things. They are reasonable performers, gas guzzlers yes, but that's only by unfair comparison to modern engines.Their presence on the road is amazing as they are as big as SUVs so you aren't intimidated by meeting stuff coming the other way ! Who wants to be hit by such an old tank !Ha ha !
  4. 2 Hampshires and a Hereford that he some times turns up at work in! Interesting thread and great save. I knew nothing about these cars until very recently..
  5. Polo has done well this week in the Suffolk snow. Blocking up the upper and lower radiator grill is necessary because SDI won't warm up otherwise! Winter tyres cheap eBay purchase a few years ago. It does seem to collect alot of snow under the wheel arches. So much so I had to stop and remove some of it as it was effecting the steering! I can confirm Bentleys are rubbish in the snow
  6. Keith has been busy adding new metal to the van. Outer sills, floor plans, inner sills. Inner wheel arch remade.
  7. It's not that bad really, Most of what Keith has removed are previous patch repairs from when the van was tarted up 20 years ago. This time we are wanting to get rid of the patch repairs and do a decent factory looking repair. He is reusing the arch arch repair panels fitted all those years ago. Just fitting them better with a proper inner arch this time. We ordered new sills as they are relatively inexpensive and will make a nice job of it. I realize I forgot to update this thread about our Commer lorry/lift I will get some more photos of it and add them.
  8. Covid, birth of my first child and various other things and this project has ground to a halt. But Keith is back in the case with the rebuild. We have alot been on the hunt for Nos bits including the rear quarter bumpers. https://www.facebook.com/259202380902017/posts/1793974174091489/ Hopefully the face book linkworks
  9. Nice Renault 12 spotted whilst driving around the suffolk countryside
  10. I had these 2, 1983 Mazda 323 purchased from Spottedlaurel to replace my first car a 1989 K10 Micra. Mazda Sold in 2009? And my 1972 Toledo I still have. Owned for 15 years now.
  11. That looks excellent, I remember reading about the acclaim turbo in the early days of retro-rides. It would be great to see it fully functional
  12. As I have no access to any of my interesting cars due to the lock down I've been tackling jobs on the boring moderns. Finally, got round to doing the cam belt and water pump on my wifes Peugeot 308. Car has done 76k and coming up to 11 years old, Peugeot say 96k for a belt change or 10 years. The belt was just starting to crack and the water pump was showing signs of a slight weep. Also gave it an oil and filter change. Cam belt isnt to bad to do there is enough room to access things once I'd removed a large pile of plastic from the car
  13. Keith has already started poking the rust holes. We are looking for a scuttle panel, before we make Keith make it up. Other than that its pretty solid for a 70's van.
  14. Well that's great! I don't think the coupe owner has had it long. I think he is planning on competing in it.
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