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  1. I hadn't heard of Charbonneaux before my visit, there was very little info about him in the museum. It was only afterwards I started doing a bit of my own research. I didn't realize that some of the vehicles in the museum were in fact his own design including the l'union van. The museum did look a bit down trodden around the edges. I wondered if slowly the more expensive bits had been sold off to keep the place open. Interesting to here about the Renault 16 too a few articles I read said he was behind it!
  2. and of course some ubiquitous shots at the Reims GP circuit photos are of course slightly deceiving our noble steed for the trip was not the 2018 Renault Alpine sat in the pits (first one i'd seen I rather like for a modern, although I'd rather the original in the musee) But my other halfs 1.6HDI Peugeot plodder which dispatched 1200 miles in slightly dull comfort and 62mpgs!
  3. Me and my other half spent a week in the Champagne region of France at the beginning of the month. Of course we had to do the normal petrol head visit to the Reims GP circuit. But also stopped for a few hours at the Musee Automobile Reims. Well worth a visit even more so as the rest of France seemed to be ferme! http://www.musee-automobile-reims-champagne.com/en Originally opened to house the car collection of French industrial designer Philippe Charbonneaux designer of the Renault 8 and 16 amongst other things. Although it seems after his death in 1998 much of the more pricey stuff from the collection was sold and the spaces were filled with prime auto shite. Even better the place was completely empty Here are a few highlights Out side the museum is this Simca sitting with a motley collection c'est magnifique!
  4. Finally managed to get some progress on this. Rear brakes finished and adjusted. New flexis fitted, Brakes bled. Fitted a temporary fuel supply (5litre petrol can) and the van moved from its parking space for the fist time since 2003! A short trip down the track and the van is now. Safe and sound in the back of the workshop Next job get the van to run from its own petrol supply and replace the fuel lines. Up on axle stands and out with the tank which looks pretty sound. The exhaust at this moment decided to completely disintegrate. Thankfully they are some exhaust bits in the van. I think the larger bore pipe must be for the 1.8?
  5. Pile of Evo magazines, from 2001-2005 ish Well writen and with excellent photography but definitely autoshite material Collection only from near Colchester essex
  6. No size in cms, that I can see. I'm not sure where you would measure it from! I should be around Sunday for collection
  7. It's definitely going in a paint shop! Probably not Pebble beach some of those cars don't even run, I need to put this van to work! There are lots of upgrades that could be done but for now we are going for the full shite 70s van experience and keeping the drums all round!
  8. I've had this on eBay for an age with no interest. So am offering it on here for free!: 'This listing is for a OGK EX-V Open Face Motor Bike/ Scooter Helmet.This was purchased to learn to ride a moped. It was used a handful of times before the moped got sold!.In very good used condition, with a few light marks. Please check the photos for condition.Made by OGK (made in Japan) a good quality helmet.Size SmallComes with a pair of gloves again lightly used and a storage bag.Can be collected from Nr Colchester Essex
  9. So far, brake master cylinder, clutch master and clutch slave all resealed. I've found 3 brake servos in the back of the van so cleaned up the most serviceable one and gave it a lick of paint. I guess it's an advantage the van was in good shape when it was laid up, all the cylinder bores were perfect even the old brake fluid was nice and clean. So I won't be sending anything off to past parts this time! Wheel cylinders all readily available from Essex motorfactors after a bit of head scratching with part numbers. Brake adjusters were all seized so I found it easier to remove the front back plates and sort them in the work shop. Plus give them a clean up and some paint. I ordered the seal kits from Rimmer bros who seemed as cheap as any where else. Plus I had to get these:
  10. From the last few weeks Very tidy 1300 turned up at my work after the owner spotted my Toledo and came for a closer look 'JDM' Nissan Urvan camper clean if badly parked MK3 fiesta L. My mate had a popular plus in this colour when I was at college 
  11. Mat.T

    Mats Fleet review

    A few more small repairs to do and scrape of the rest of the underseal. But with the n/s mostly done I decided to have a look at what the o/s rear arch had to hide: A previous repair by me probably 10 years ago! I'm not sure why I didn't cut a bit more arch out at the time. I remember the inner arch being a bit patchy years ago! So I've been cutting it all out (Déjà vu!!) which brings this up to date! I'm really looking forward to getting this old bus back on the road I miss driving it.
  12. Mat.T

    Mats Fleet review

    thanks I'm please with how it turned out, helped alot that some of that panels are availible Continued: Rear shock mount was made up of patches, so I chopped it out added some metal chopped up and welding in a Saabits repair panel front of the inner wheel arch was a bit ropey too chopped out and new bits welded in. Note previous repair at the bottom of the photo! and it continues! More rust to cut out More repairs, I used a section from the arch repair panel closing panel
  13. Mat.T

    Mats Fleet review

    more progress, making up the inner arch which ive used with the Saab bits inner arch repair panel this seems like a huge step forward I haven't managed to get to the work shop for a good few weeks but managed to make some good progress today. I've got a wheel arch back again! i've used some 'cold front' glop to reduce panel warpage helped by this ancient spot welder I've borrowed from work, which made the arch lip neater
  14. Mat.T

    Mats Fleet review

    Though I should update this thread a bit as work has been progressing on the Saab, slowly! I put the engine and gearbox back in the Saab Jan 19. Drove it around the farm a couple of times then drove back in the work shop and pulled it apart again. Interior came out, fuel tank drained and removed. First the rear o/s arch area, some bubbles had appeared from behind the mudflap. Mud flap removed and a quick wire brush revealed this: This area had been patched before a few times before my ownership, sadly it looks like it was done straight over corrosion. started chopping out the grot I Started putting some metal back in, the boot floor lip. I;ve got a srinker and stretcher which ive never played with much, so its a nice learning curve. Making up these bits. I've used the Saabits supplied, drag link repair panel. Its nice and thick metal, after alot of chopping and measuring to check the bolt hole for the suspension arm was still in the right place! I've got to this stage: I've started filling in the gaps, Its a really tricky area of the car I'd like it to look as original as possible. In good company more tidying and adding metal inside of the boot corner looks like this, a considerable improvement to earlier up the page! next job a random rust hole near the seat belt mounting
  15. I'm on the Essex/Suffolk border
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