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  1. Mat.T

    '93 Mondy thread

    Possibly of interest, registered Feb 1994. Belongs to a friend. 2.0ghia with 185k miles on the clock. Currently out side my mates workshop waiting for a new subframe and various welding body repairs Inc rear arches!
  2. Certainly am, many thanks! That should say 16months not 18! It's been a hectic couple of years! I should remember how old he is though! Did recently finally finish this 1:16 Heller Citroen DS which has been waiting for the final fiddly bits for months. Not my best build. A very tricky kit to build with opening doors. Panel gaps are large but it looks good on the shelf.
  3. My son has just turned 18months and has taken to pushing cars across the floor at high speed. I've dug out some old my old cars from my parents loft. Some corgis, Saab, Porsche, manta, transit and a nice superkings DAF!
  4. I've only owned 3 estates. Firstly my BMW 328i touring auto. Purchased for £300 did loads of work sorting various issues. Great car and nice colour. Drove for a year then sold to a friend. Next estate Vw polo 1.9SDi did about 40k in this. Sold the polo on AS and got this Golf TDi to replace it. My current daily
  5. Both my golf daily and my other halfs pug 308 are rolling on a set of General ultimax. Which I'm really impressed with for the price. My local mot/tyre place have started dealing in General Tires (not tyres!) After dropping the kuhmo tyre franchise. I'm in the trade so they did them at trade price £36 each fitted for 195 65 15. Dunno what they are retail. But for that price they are grippy in the wet and after 8000miles on the golf are wearing well. the generals also have an excellent warranty on them which they seem to honour readily. https://www.generaltire.co.uk/car/service/accidental-warranty. I have also found kumhos to be good tyres although rather fast wearing but good in the wet. Same goes for nankangs! Down right terrible cheap tyres, green max, triangles and events!
  6. Yes no problem, I'm actually working with him today so I shall pass your details on.
  7. Credit to Keith: (KW restorations) for the fabrication those A pillars and scuttle got rather more involved than we were expecting! He has just finished rebuilding the doors with NOS door skins. Lots more photos on his face book page https://www.facebook.com/KWRestorations/
  8. Out: 1999 Polo estate SDI (sold on AS) In: Polo's replacement. 2003 Golf estate TDI with cruise and a/c! Non mover: 1979 Hiace camper got one trip out this year. Mostly is used by my wife as an office this year. Out: 1980 Hiace camper finally got weighed in Non mover: 1972 Triumph Toledo used a few times this year. Non mover: 1986 Saab 900. Not moved in 2 years, loads of welding completed in 2020 just waiting finishing
  9. Of course now all this scuttle panel work has been done a NOS scuttle panel will turn up! Still its nice and solid now Chassis leg repair
  10. Driver side done Passenger side much the same!
  11. Welding and fabrication still happening on this old van. Both A pillars now done and the scuttle panel. Chassis legs welded up.
  12. I have a few copies of Original tin, I seem to remember there were only about 4 issues? Lots of AS contributors.
  13. Looking good, probably needs lowering? I think I replaced all the wishbone bushes. Certainly it's had 4x front springs and 4 X shocks. Front springs were replaced at different times though! (Always replace in pairs etc) Door locks are definitely crap, I think the driver's had been replaced. I also replaced most of the of the CV joints and the rear engine mount. Boot handle is the same as the MK3 golf hatch! Seats also swap from MK3 golf. You will probably find random bits of foam, card and rubber stuck in and under the dash and an attempt to reduce the rattles. My mates MK2 caddy it the same!
  14. Nice to meet you, I hope the polo has exceeded your expectations in performance and refinement!
  15. I have done, I emailed him the link to this thread. This was the response: Thanks Matthew, what a great find and cooperative people along the way helped save the car. At least the old owner had carefully stored it.I bought the green one off EBay, when it came up. I was told by the vendor the only other interested party had only wanted it to rob the rear axle off it for an Atlantic !As soon as I made contact with the seller to arrange collection he announced he had another one, the white one ( slightly more complete) so I did a deal for the second one too !I thought there might be more chance of success getting one or other of them going. As it is they are both much the same and pretty well complete.The green one was missing its radiator fan and I tracked one of those down. Blooming expensive but given the story, they are in demand by the Austin Healey brigade ! They also buy up the A70 engine blocks as they can be bored out to the larger size for the Healeys. Reputedly ! The classic car racing scene means there is a demand for them, apparently.Back a few years, even rusty old Atlantics might be at risk, as the Healey boys were just after the engines !Hence the rarity.I wouldn't agree they are lumbering old things. They are reasonable performers, gas guzzlers yes, but that's only by unfair comparison to modern engines.Their presence on the road is amazing as they are as big as SUVs so you aren't intimidated by meeting stuff coming the other way ! Who wants to be hit by such an old tank !Ha ha !
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