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    Who the F%#x

    Hmmm, I got one of these "new" style packaged GTX oil containers from Asda, on offer, but its FOUR (4) ! litres... it is somewhat confusing, as it says on the back it's for VW, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes, Fiat, and Hyundai.... so won't it work in other vehicles, for god's sake, like Vauxhall, GM, etc .... it's OIL, surely, it must do, but why say it only suits certain vehicles??? I am confused. I intend in using it in an old 1990 vehicle. BANG
  2. A bit late in the day, but only just heard about this thread, met up with Nigel on various occasions, en-route to and from Gatwick... a great place to stop off (...if you can find it!!!....) and a fellow Renault 12 enthusiast - I have had 15 Estates, more than him I think? but his collection, and his enthusiasm, is awsome. Best wishes to Nigel, from "mad as a box of frogs" Lovejoy
  3. one size fits all https://www.aldi.co.uk/auto-xs-steering-wheel-cover/p/094566112095100
  4. It is ??? can you provide a link, I object to paying HALFRAUDS 12.99
  5. Hi Nigel, there are more enjoyable ways of going blind !
  6. battery acid ? or failing that, get the wife's electric toothbrush on it with a tube of Colgate bonnet cream
  7. The Guv'nor General in ANTIGUA has a GOLD crown on his plate, and his wife a silver crown (he used to be a dentist}
  8. Gelato !! so THAT's what you did with the red Charade.... I wondered....
  9. oh-dear---struggli^g--with-photofukit---!!!
  10. yes i do----just--passed--its--16th--wot----(faulty--key*oard!!!)------sorry--- http://s665.photobucket.com/user/lovejoyantiques/library/
  11. how-aout-my-fiat-pa*dora--?
  12. well--i-should-haue-kept-the-twi*go--i--sold--last--year----- (faulty--key8oard-----)-----
  13. Interesting thread - I have an extra Honda NF75 that's complete, circa 1979, but came with no number plate, from a Poole motorcycle dealer for spares, originally. It's too good to break! The dealer could not assist, but it wasn't a Honda dealer mind...
  14. Motu - take a trip to Spain, or Romania ! plenty dead ones there (not too sure on your flag, maybe you're already there....)
  15. Hmm, going to REDRUTH ??? be careful what you wish for .... !! (sorry Phil )
  16. Nay. Give it some cough mixture and a bag of Hay, that'll sort the MOT
  17. Alo, just caught up with this saga - you really need to come and get all the G11 bits I have in storage at my garage in Dorset.... no bumper, i'm afraid ! but good door trim panels, engine block with all internals, loads of other stuff.... I have had half-a-dozen of these cracking little cars, and NEVER, ever had a problem with any of them, even on runs from Dorset to Cornwall and back, with bikes on the roof !!! That red auto was noticeably less lively that all the 5-speed manuals I had, after much investigating, I concluded some carburettor linkages were no longer present, as there seemed no way the secondaries could open, although there was the parts attatched to that which should have linked up to the main throttle body. I first got acquainted with G10's and G11's in the Caribbean, as my future wife had a G11, it impressed me so much, I bought one each time I was in the UK as a cheap runaround; the chinese-eye runout version was superb, I may still have a grille and slanty headlites for that too. Stick with it, they are cracking little cars, a pity junkman doesn't agree )
  18. Post removed, thought twas the merc van... Must visit speck savers..... sorry david...
  19. Allo, as it appens, I still have lots of spare engine parts for this as I collected them over the time I owned the chariotade, but never needed any! They are all in dorset though...
  20. C'mon, Wuvvum - how about an "Open Day".......
  21. hmm, perhaps he drove over from Romania like that
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