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    3 x 75 = ? (let's hope this works )
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    Brilliant ! thanks Richard, will give it a try...
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    sorry bout that Andrew e ! twas me, STILL attempting to post my FIRST pic on Autoshite of 3 x Honda NF 75's !!!Have opened a "photobucket account", can put pics there, but can't figure out how to download them to this site yet. Am I dumb ?(thanks for earlier advice from AXrescuer too, but didn't get far there either) doh.HELP !!!
  4. Aha !! I did notice Wuvvum that you mentioned one in your list after re-reading your post; what happened to it ? What colour was it ? ( 37mph sound about right, but gets off the line well).I have a red one, but it's really a washed out yellow on which I put red panels from another one, plus a blue one, which only idles, won't rev.It stays locked up for 9 months thru the winter, and always starts after a few kicks, very reliable and ideal for pottering about in the congested summer traffic.I understand they were available in orange and green, and someone said they were used in Pontin's holiday camps. Pretty hard to find parts for though, I will look into the Honda Lead situation later on, cheers.(ps. IF i could figure out how to post a pic, I would, but am working on that too ! Is "photobucket" the easiest way ?)
  5. First Class D.C. made me feel quite homesick with all those Bournemouth regd oldies ( JT. FX, LJ, RU etc) parked in obcure areas of Boscombe and suchlike !!My 900e hopefully is surviving all the snowy grot, but look out for it when the sun is above the horizon for what is known as "summer" over there.It's posts like yours that make A/sh such a superb site. MOST enjoyable.
  6. anyone know anything about HondaVmatic NF 75's ?I guess it was their first "twist'n'go" scooter - pretty obscure but I have one running, and one not !
  7. sorry, chaps, but didn't recognise any of those old motors !!Has Autoshite been derailed tonight ?
  8. Mornin' AXrescuer; I know that because my mate Nigel (who knows everyting /Everyone) tells me you're a great bunch of young lads !!! (p.s. how can I post my FIRST pic up on here ?) tanks in advance !!
  9. Eggcellent !! Most enjoyable ! I particularly enjoyed the pics of your Blue fastback Alpine (Series 6 ) and the superb series V regd "555 E"Have had a few fastback Alpine / Rapiers in the past , along with a brace of Alpines, and even a couple of Tigers. ( i am a bit longer in de tooth than sum of u !!!)
  10. Moerer, Meneer Volksy !! I had the same experience insuring a Mk2 Golf GTi with "Budget", who were anything but.....Got a good description of the view of Table Mountain out their office window ! Lekker !!!tot siens from Lovejoy
  11. Nice one !!! I also did a similar stunt with a single council garage, stored a Fiat 500 above an early Daihatsu Charade (I know, I need to get out more....) by driving the 500 backwards up ramps at the far end of said garage, then lifting the front up high enough by passing a rope over a scaffold pole suspended from a roof angle iron, and attatching it to of of my 14 Renault 12 Estates front bumper, and reversing it away from the entrance.Voila ! the small Charade snuck its bonnet under the 500's wheels, job done.(do I now qualify as a full-blown autoshitter ? (no comments please Nigel...)
  12. Saw one of these at Swanage Carnival a couple of years back, selling big cornish pasties! The reg no (faked) was "P4STY" and was sign-written "The real cornish Pastie Co."I asked a few questions about it and discovered a handful were built by one of the F1 racing teams, can't quite remember right now, but they had yellow livery, one of you guys will jog my memory i am sure aha! it all comes back - built by Jordan. ( had a senoir moment there.......)Lovejoyantiques
  13. Here's the answer Nigel, just "bosh" in that spare Fiat 903 cc engine you have lying about ( same as my Pandora !!!) - no cambelt issues to worry about then ....... might keep SWIMBO below legal limits too !!ps. have to figure out how to post pics of "local talent" , so don't hold yr breath...... LovejoyAntiques
  14. BONJOUR Mr Bickle - just LOVE your French mate's DS rig ! superb ...ps, its 30 degrees here, shall I send you some..... ?
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