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  1. Hopefully be there on sunday with the consul,its a honey beige mk1.
  2. I'm posting from there right now,it is quite amazing some of the cars that you see around these parts.If you travel away from the busy places you seem to find stuff on most driveways.As it is the start of bike week(s) there are some pretty incredible 2 wheelers to be seen,yesterdays best spot was an un restored Indian Chief,lets hope we see more in the next few days.
  3. I would tend to agree that it could be a low coolant warning,my worry would be where has 2 litres of LHM gone when the system is sealed.If the pump has been run dry it could be a problem.If you have been running the car with insufficient LHM I would make sure the brakes are working correctly,as they are not the primary circuit, the power steering is,so please check them before you take your loved ones for a drive. If you need to bleed the system look at the accumilater sphere,at the side of this is a 12mm bolt head that stands proud loosen this approximately half a turn,(with the engine running) for a few seconds then tighten.Check for a leak,most likely areas are O/S front leg pipe,Anti sink valve (under tank against chassis ) and pump body bolts loose.Hope this helps.
  4. Looking at the under bonnet pictures it hasn't got disc brakes because there's no servo,so drums it is .
  5. One of my all time favorite cars(I've had 4 in the past).When I needed anything I used Newford in Chorley.I will shortly collecting my new purchase,similar but a bit earlier,and only 4 cylinders.
  6. Saw this last week when in Liverpool, at the new shopping area Liverpool 1, tidy thing it is too. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v25/stationmiek/photo/100818_133048.Saw%20this%20last%20weekjpg
  7. hotford00

    1980 called.

    " " My boat is floated Click.
  8. When me and Mrs.HF got married we used the runabout!! a 1968 Ford Thunderbird with a damn thirsty 390 cu in motor.Now I come to think about the car was only13 years old then, shit that makes me feel old.
  9. I suppose if someone had taken half a look and seen System Porsche they might think its a porsche and not a Seat.
  10. I like my LDV Beavertail,Crewcab Pug td,carries up to its legal weight very well and even tows a trailer with a car on as well.Comfy enough for longish trips when racing away(160 ish miles each way). Cheap ,cheerful and does the job.Why pay a premium for a blue oval (sorry Fred) at the end of the day its horses for courses,I'd rather have the extra money in my wallet.
  11. What year did Roadrunners come out?. When the powers that be amalgamated Roadline and National carriers I think it was 1985 I wasnt aware that the Roadrunner was on general release, so in that case a most unusual photo.Anyone????
  12. You know what? I saw that a few weeks ago local to me and wondered whether its was a taxi. It currently resides about a half a mile from me, I'll have to try and have a word with him.
  13. hotford00

    GR8 VIDZ

    I think it was where Hunts Cross shops are ( or were), I used to deliver around there in the late 80's early 90's.If you get to where you turn for the airport and turn right instead of left its up there. If I recall they had a TR7 in a cage in the car park. cant see it being still intact now though
  14. Hello Mr. Wat I'll pm you on the intercooler.
  15. Is that because they've heard of this product??
  16. hotford00


    Eh?, didnt need to duck as that flew over my head!
  17. I think the black one is a Stieb, usually seen stuck to a BMW. Hope this helps..
  18. Count yourself lucky. We have tree 'surgeons' almost queueing down the drive, but the nearest to a tree we have is this modest effort which doesn't even block the view of the wheelarch of a Scania tipper Holy shit thats worrying that 8 legger has only got a mobile number on it, they could lift your pride and joy and you would never see it again..Well officer the number on the truck was...
  19. hotford00


    Having read this I think I'm affected by this problem, today my mate deciced it was time to clear the workshop up a bit. So he duly reversed our trusty Talbot pick up up to the doors and set about clearing under and over the benches,unfortunately I had to go out on a short racovery for about half an hour.As I returned I looked in the back of the pick up and started to see alsorts of bits (you know the ones that might just come in handy).As we work on Citroens there were pumps .turbos , pipes lenses. headlights etc etc.We stopped for lunch and my mate went off to his bowls game. I think I'm in for a bollocking on monday as I went through the truck and saved alot of what he had thrown in. Do I need help???
  20. Holy shit that makes for some scary reading, I'm in the process of making a number of tanks for short circuit racers,I think that I will take note of what I use to clean the tanks as i prep them for welding.
  21. Hello Mr.Wat, which Newcastle up or down from us?
  22. Cheers Billy, hopefully speak to you tomorrow.I'm of to bobies now,long day etc etc
  23. No probs Pog just thought I might be able to assist, but if anyone needs anything moving please feel free to let me know
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