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    andrew e reacted to PhilA in Shite in Miniature II   
    1:18 scale '32 Ford from a garage sale. Missing a few bits so I decided to see if it makes a good hotrod:

    I think I'll hop it up! 
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    andrew e reacted to Spottedlaurel in Shite in Miniature II   
    Crikey! This one was certainly less than that.....
    It desperately needs some way of pushing the wheels further out into the arches.
    All the older Dinky stuff had gone, so if there are other enthusiasts around I know what they're focusing on and they're welcome to them. When I selected the Jaguar plus a Majorette at the counter they brought out a 3 for £1 box. Nothing too exciting in there, the MF tractor was my main choice and the incomplete but tidy trucks to make up the amount.

    Anyone know who made the tractor? There are no markings that I can see.
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    andrew e reacted to Justwatching in Shite in Miniature II   
    1970 Dodge Challenger in 1:64 scale by Auto World. 

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    andrew e reacted to Spottedlaurel in Shite in Miniature II   
    Last weekend I got the ex-Woolworth shelves assembled, which meant I could finally do this:


    Since taking these photos the bottom three shelves are now rammed with brochures and magazines (which I don't collect either).
    After a bit of drought during the house move, I managed to complete one in the week:

    Mutant Leopard/Skyline mash-up, for a "racecars in disguise" community build on another forum.



    They fitted together remarkably well.
    In other news, I'm heading back to the charity shop this morning and will see what's left from last week.
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    andrew e reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    Took a bit of a mosey into the market, on this dark morning...
    The diecast drought continues, somewhat. This was all there was  of interest on the main stall today:

    Matchbox 5-pack seemed to be some sort of Hallowe'en-themed set; not one I'd seen before on these shores.

    And this was the only other motoring-related highlight to be found;

    So, not really a lot to get in a flap about. He seems to be mainly stocking books and diddly-dee Irish souvenirs these days, more's the pity.
    But, other than my desire to procure a bag of cherry scones, I was there to see if a certain might-be Minichamps Toyota MR2 was still knocking around over on the Charity Stall, a few aisles away... and there followed an amusing pantomime where I could see the damn thing, upside down at the back of the stall with other rubbish stacked on it, but I couldn't get near it as the whole frontage was crowded with assorted giffers (maskless) buying bags of past-date dog food and dusty glass vases...

    Like flies round shite.
    I know, I'm no better. 
    Eventually some of them had the decency to bugger off, and I was able to swoop in...

    It then took me a while to attract the stallholder's attention to get a price for the thing.
    I raised it up towards him... he took it from me, turned it over, squinted at it, frowned, furrowed - like he was assaying a piece of fine gold - before pronouncing his valuation.
    Well, alright then. I'd been concerned he was going to be looking more than a fiver for it, so I handed him some shrapnel from my back pocket, and toddled off towards the bakery stall, quite happily.
    £1.50 an ok price for you, @TheOtherStu?
    If you want to PM me your address, I'll get that wrapped and on its way to you!
    As you can see, it's very dusty and the door mirrors are AWOL - but despite being roughly loaded in and out of assorted tat boxes for the best part of a month and a half, it doesn't seem to have sustained any serious paintwork or glazing damage.

    I also suspect this would have been fitted with a raised hood, originally?
    Minichamps have had a very reasonable stab at the interior detailing - sure, there's better out there these days, but given the age of this model it's not bad at all.


    Phew. Excitement, hey?

    I'm off for a scone.
    Happy Friday, kids - and a special shout-out to @flat4alfa; hope to see you back on the thread before long, fella.
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    andrew e reacted to Split_Pin in Shite in Miniature II   
    100% definitely W123 Coupes.
    Here is mine, pics quickly ripped frpm my Instagram

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    andrew e reacted to RoadworkUK in Shite in Miniature II   
    I don't collect car brochures or books.

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    andrew e reacted to barrett in Shite in Miniature II   
    okay, they are literally covering every inch of flat surface now. They're overflowing, in fact - here's my current view sitting at my desk

    I'm still not ready to admit anything though!
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    andrew e reacted to junkyarddog in Shite in Miniature II   
    I found this today.
    Strange looking Land Rover.

    That's a Dodge Charger on the wrong card.
    Premium model too,never seen an error on the more expensive versions before.
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    andrew e reacted to barrett in Shite in Miniature II   
    Well, after looking for a Mercury Lancia Flavia for ages...

    Le sigh
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    andrew e reacted to RoadworkUK in Shite in Miniature II   
    FYI, barrett doesn't collect toy cars.
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    andrew e reacted to Split_Pin in Shite in Miniature II   
    The Husky with the Juniors sticker is really interesting.
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    andrew e reacted to bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    So, the carry cases. The one that really caught my eye was this early Hot Wheels Custom Volkswagen. Sadly the headlights are missing along with the sunroof

    Other bits of note are a tidy Matchbox dustcart

    Big Bull is one I've not found before

    Early Lesney Routemaster 

    Just how many colours does the Buick Regal come in?

    Same could be asked of the MK3 Escort

    Somehow this is the biggest standout of the lot - very purple Dyane

    A weirdo - small scale plastic jobbie from a maker I don't recognise 

    This is kinda interesting, Husky Ford F350 with Corgi Juniors sticker

    Absolutely no idea what these are or who made them

    Norev Maserati Boomerang is sadly squished

    And Bagheera is battered

    I've bid on a Corgi SD1 for @eddyramrodso of course there was one here too

    Jeep is pretty nice

    One I didn't know about - Corgi Goodyear Blimp!

    Another bus of miniature lost souls as @RoadworkUKnamed it

    Anyone got any info on this Transit Wrecker @Datsuncog

    There were probably 50 cars but those are the only ones worth posting really
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    andrew e reacted to bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    First up though, postie man had some bits for me. Boxed Zylmex 57 Nomad

    And this - very hard to find Zylmex Delorean 

    Other arrivals include a late K-7 with the extra pillars
    Hot Wheels Dodge Charger

    Laser Wheels Camaro

    And finally another Graffic Traffic bus - did they come with stickers as well as marker pens?

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    andrew e reacted to bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    I took a chance on a collection only job lot, mainly for these carry cases. The pics were fairly crap, not sure if my gamble was worth it. They were full of cars but most are in a bad way. Seller was more into plastic models now and had some nice stuff on display and a few 1:1 scale BL cars - I've recommended he joins us!

    Some of the contents to follow
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    andrew e reacted to 155V6 in Shite in Miniature II   
    I've got this one,it's loose but very good condition
    Yours for the cost of postage
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    andrew e reacted to RoadworkUK in Shite in Miniature II   
    This is unbelievably excellent.

    OH MY GOD can you even imagine the state of my trousers if I received this for Christmas as a lad?
    (or an adult).
    Fortunately, it being on an auction site outside eBay (link) means I'm not going to bid on it.
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    andrew e reacted to bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    A while back, @Datsuncogsent me a crusty Tonka buggy that needed restoring. 
    It was really badly pitted so when I found another at the toy fair I grabbed that too

    In the end I used the "green" (actually purple) body and base, with the interior and axles from the pink one. Could do with some sunshine to show it off but that ain't happening. Colour is Rover Amethyst with a splosh of pink pearl over the top, as one was pink and the other purple this seemed fitting. Interior got a lick of beige as the rust stains wouldn't come off. I left the base in bare metal as it came up well
    As an aside, the pink one is stamped Made in USA, thought they were all Japanese? 
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    andrew e reacted to alcyonecorporation in Shite in Miniature II   
    Here's some of my garbage. I've no idea why the pics look I've taken them on a PS2 with its grubby pixels - ffs man, I can only apologise. 

    Here we have the losers' F1 grid; I like how the Footwork looks like 1:43 scale Inoue's already beached it in the gravel. 

    Verem Maserati Indy. This is one of those models that isn't very accurate, but manages to capture the essence of the real thing to a tee. 
    As purchased, I had to reassemble bits of it - the tailgate had fallen off and the NSF wheel had wandered off inside the box. 

    Diapet Isuzu MX1600. Diapet like 1:42 scale models for some baffling reason. I have a few Piazzas of theirs, because of course I would, obviously. Jesus. 

    I got this longboi at a market in Ely; if you'd like to restore it, it's missing a back door and is available for £several. 

    1:42 Celeste, bought when I had my 1:1 GSR (as Dugong). Model mint, cellophane tatty like last night's bag of chips. 

    RAF is dumpy and sad. 
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    andrew e reacted to Spottedlaurel in Shite in Miniature II   
    Manged to fit in my first visit to the local independent charity shop for a few weeks, was interested to see what new stock they had. Postcards have gone up from 10p to 40p each!
    The £1 each, three for £2 shelf was pretty barren, but these were in the cabinet. Any of interest here?




    The Siku Range Rover and odd Corgi Cubs thing found their way home with me. I'll endeavour to go back next weekend if any of the others are 'needed' here.
    P.S. Those price tags do come off....
    Haven't gone through them all yet, but unpacked more of my boxes the other night:

    Had to cobble together some extra shelving, even then the 'display' is a little cramped. Going to have to edit it a little.
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    andrew e reacted to barrett in Shite in Miniature II   
    In the 1960s, I don't think there was any diecast toy that came anywhere near a Politoys or the best of the Mebetoys range. Honestly, they still stand up today against expensive scale models in terms of proportions and quality. There is a lovely deep lustre to the metallic paint that none of the UK makers could really match which is just the icing on the cake. I really do love them, and that's why it's the only thing I collect - not only are they just really nice objects, but the subject matter is really unusual. I know Corgi did the odd coachbuilt prototype or whatever, but I love the range of one-offs, low-volume production cars or concept cars that the Italians were making, and all modelled so accurately.

    You're right, though, they did all go downhill as the '70s went on. When Politoys became Polistil the focus moved towards much more toy-like 1:43s and 1:66s with no opening features, plastic bases, generic wheels etc. They also did a great range of 1:24 cars which I suppose could be sold at a much higher price than a 1:43. They're really nice things, but still quite plasticy and toy-like compared to the 1960s heyday, and they've definitely dated quite badly.
    Mebetoys were usually one notch below Politoys - arguably the Corgi to Politoys' Dinky, or vice versa depending on where you allegiances lie. In the early '70s Mebetoys was bought out by Mattel in the US, and whilst the detailed, quality products continued for a while, they soon gave way to much simpler toys with plastic bases etc, like your Volvo 343. These were sold in the US (and possibly elsewhere) as Hot Wheels, so your BMW will be a Mebetoys product too. Again, there is some nice stuff from this era, but it's definitely not a patch on the early stuff.
    I suppose, as did Dinky and Corgi in the UK, that all the Italian firms suffered from unprofitablity. The Politoys M Series was of such high quality it almost bankrupted the company - hence why the following models were so much simpler. I suspect this is why there were so many Soviet-built copies, as selling off some obsolete tooling to the Ukrainians or whatever no doubt gave a welcome injection of capital when the Italians were struggling to stay above water. I'd guess the slightly outré choice of subject matter would have limited sales outside Italy, too, which was hardly a wealthy country with lots of disposable income at the time.
    The outlier was Mercury, which was always a little bit cruder than the other two, a little more toy-like (although the best Mercurys, like my recently-acquired Flavia coupé, are up there with the best), but seemingly they carried on well into the late 70s, maybe beyond, without a noticable drop in quality and still staunchly modelling Italian cars only. By the time they were building Fiat 128s and 125s, they were actually better, more accurate models than what Polistil and Mebetoys were churning out.
    I'd recommend anyone who likes old diecast to try and pick up at least one '60s Politoys if you don't have one, they're such lovely things and they genuinely bring me a lot of joy. And I don't even collect toy cars!
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    andrew e reacted to Jon in Shite in Miniature II   
    That new Rivolta of yours @barrett has just led me to stop drinking my morning coffee and delve through the brunt of my 1/43s, which are currently homeless but carefully stored under my wardrobe:

    Despite them looking like they're liable to be chipped or damaged, I can reassure you all they're safe and sound.
    Anyway, this is a bit down and dirty as I've taken a few quick pics whilst the missus has gone down the hairdressers. Here's my Joal version, as seen here before:


    Evidently, it's not as nice as your Politoys version (especially the wheels, which are now quite jarring) but it's perhaps a nice, affordable alternative - somewhere between your Politoys and Pilen version. The number plate and lack of tow bar help sweeten up the back end, for instance.
    But your Politoy's wheels still win hands down, so here's my adorable Solido Ferrari GTC, to make up for it:

    I'm not a Ferrari bloke but this is the one big exception; again, I've waffled on here about it but the one I saw parked up in a side street in York c.2006 was just achingly gorgeous and I'd have one if ever I could afford it. Even some bastardised US one with a small block Chevy in it, I don't care.
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    andrew e reacted to barrett in Shite in Miniature II   
    Post day!

    That's right, it's Politoys M number 515, the Iso Rivolta! In the unlikely event anyone pays attention to my posts here, you may remember I picked up the later Pilen version of this casting a while ago, but it's just not the same as the real thing so I couldn't resist this.
    As expected for a late 60s Politoy, it's an absolutely lovely little thing. Highly detailed, beautifully finished and a joy to hold and look at. A quick comparison demonstrates just how much nicer it is than the Pilen, although perhaps it doesn't come through in the photos

    The doors do seem reluctant to stay fully closed, but apart from that it's a real winner. It helps that it's in really nice condition, but then I rarely see Politoys that have suffered serious playwear. They must have seemed pretty special when they were new, and were looked after accordingly by their first owners. I'd really like to know how they were priced in comparison to a contemporary Dinky or whatnot.

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    andrew e reacted to Amishtat in Shite in Miniature II   
    I can confirm this. One of my absolute favourite Corgis for what that's worth. It's such a nice casting, the wheels suit it in my opinion. I'd love a real one. 

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    andrew e reacted to bicycle repairman in Shite in Miniature II   
    something for the weekend sir,yes a nice cabin crusier and a yank tank 

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