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  1. Well I found it by chance (I was not lost...) and bought a diposable camera from a garage!Ta for the daihatsu thing, I should of looked Esp as my midas bit is on there...
  2. andrew e

    Ebay tat

    V6 in a GL is fairly unusual.
  3. Love the press steel plates on the 3 door ghia.
  4. Do tell? Leyand daihatsu
  5. Bertone started with this Volvo Tundra prototype, did the Anadol / Reliant thing and then the BX - also did the Favorit too. who did this though?
  6. I think its a subaru on the Vangaurd. Is the pick up a Izuzu?
  7. The Cipher story here, lots of good stuff on that site including the bastard love child of a Rapport and a Polenez!
  8. Hello there Got tipped off about this site by a nice man in south London thursday and have had hours of fun since. Gent's you truely are connosieurs of shite... Since I have been purving over your spots I will trawl my own shite archives and stick some up - starting with cyprus from a few years (2005) ago. Cheers Andrew Sorry about the quality - all done on disposable camera
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