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  1. Millionth Mini (why is it here though?)
  2. Day 9: From Hannover it was about an hour's drive to Wolfsburg and the VW museum. More cars in boxes This place looks like it's split into loads of big buildings, but only one (called the Autohaus or similar) contains anything that isn't brand new You'd expect it to be almost exclusively VAG stuff in there, but about half of it seemed to be selected at random and had no obvious connection. Which was good.
  3. After Classic Remise we headed to Hannover for the night, where we spent ages failing to find a cash machine and this was the most interesting thing we saw
  4. This was inside when Danterzza visited in 2015 Another I've not seen before Quattroporte II!!
  5. Something American? NAG is another I was not familiar with To the outside area...
  6. BORING Don't think I've heard of a 560 SL before What's this?
  7. Even Barrett could not identify this car:
  8. Electric truck from 1943 No idea what sort of lorry this was Lots of DSs, including 3 décapotables
  9. A lot of the cars were in glass boxes, making them very difficult to photograph. The ones in here all seemed very dusty, as if they'd been there a while.
  10. Not sure what this military thing was; any ideas? Oh look, another one of those VWs...
  11. ...and then we went inside. This place is incredible! It seems to be the premises for a load of high-end specialists and contains shitloads of exotica you can just walk around for free! There were a lot of Mercedes, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches etc, but here are some highlights of the more interesting stuff:
  12. Sightseeing Shiteseeing Shiteseeing Sightseeing One of our group casually mentioned that we were really close to Classic Remise. None of us had been before, so we decided to pop in on the way out of Berlin. The cars on the surrounding streets were a good sign These valuable Mercedes seemed to have been dumped here for a while 604 had no interior or engine
  13. Driver training thing and finally from the Trabant museum, a model of a car i'd never heard of
  14. After Trabi World we clearly had not seen enough Trabants, and the Trabi Museum was close by. The little coupe was quite cute
  15. Day 8: We left ourselves plenty of time so we didn't have to rush out of Berlin; the next drive (to Hannover) was fairly short and we didn't need to do anything there except eat and sleep. We had a wander to Trabi World, where they hire out Trabants for tours etc. They also seem to have a sideline in American cars for some reason.
  16. There are loads of Twingos out there still so I'm not entirely sure why I photographed this one on the way back from the museum We then went to the hotel bar, and some of us went to another bar afterwards, and then somehow it was 4:30am.
  17. Day 7: Next stop, Berlin. We left Katowice early so we could get as much time there as possible (and because it was a really long way) As we had some time to kill in the evening, we had a look for something interesting and found the DDR museum. Not much vehicular content, but it was interesting and bizarre in equal measures.
  18. Day 6: This was a non-car day. Woke up in Kelč, played with this dog for a bit Drove to Auschwitz where we met the others and went on a tour And then went to Katowice where we were staying, to have some delicious food and cheer ourselves up. Fairly early night as tomorrow we'd start the long drive back home.
  19. After the Tatra museum we headed to Kelč for the evening. We stayed here, and were provided with as much home-made slivovice and excellent steak as we could handle. Lovely.
  20. Best 613 This Calibra-esque coupe was neat, but was parked the wrong way round to disguise taped-over accident damage
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