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  1. As is now tradition (well, I've done it three times), I've taken along the current (to the car) issue of Car to read on the journey I'm too tired to contemplate making the picture the right way up.
  2. **REPURPOSED COLLECTION THREAD - SKIP TO PAGE 3 FOR SALE POST** I haven't bought a car for a while... probably should fix that. There are probably better ways to do this though, than being up stupidly early after virtually no sleep, feeling a bit ill and having to do this journey: The car's not even that interesting - the effort to reward ratio is probably not worth it but at least it's probably slightly better than going to work today. EURGH
  3. Been a while... The first few pages of this thread are looking rather bare (because fuck Photobucket), and these new offerings are firmly in the "must try harder" section, but I may as well post whatever crap has appeared in my camera roll since I last updated this. This isn't even a car, I only took the picture as it's in the same reg series as my Simca Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr Next few from RRG last year (yeah,it's been THAT long) Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr EDF Commerciale type version. Awesome. Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr Surprisingly unruined Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr This is local and I've probably posted it before but I can't be arsed to check Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr September '17 Wales trip: Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr Back in Brighton Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr I was very drunk when I took this, the elderly owner wandered up shortly after and I probably said how amazing it is, or something Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr I've walked past this many times since I took this picture but never got round to taking a better one Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr And this 11yr old van is what reminded me that this thread was a thing... obviously a 56-plate anything is modern and dull but what's remarkable is not only that a Maxus still exists after 11 years, or that it's still on the road, but that it's still being used in this utterly fucked state by Royal Mail! It seems to be the only one they still have, among all the newer shiny stuff.. it's still used regularly too - maybe it's just kept as some sort of punishment... Untitled by GaryCox, on Flickr
  4. Many thanks to Datsuncog for selling me issue 4! RECOMMENDED TAT VENDOR 146/10 A++++ I now have 29 of the holy grail full set of 31 issues. If anyone has issues 18 or 31 that they'd be willing to part with (or issue 1 as mine's missing its cover) I would be eternally grateful.
  5. I'm also looking to find a VIN from a (VW) reg, and disappointed that the BMW site is no longer working... if anyone can help, please let me know!
  6. The show would've been in place of the Tatra museum and Auschwitz. In hindsight, we didn't really miss the show. (it has now been, and I've not yet bothered to find out what was there)
  7. I think that's exactly what it is, but I'm not sure whether it's an official Lancia product or not. It was UK registered on a 17-plate, but I didn't catch the reg to check.
  8. All of my holiday snaps are here: http://autoshite.com/topic/28769-european-road-trip-many-many-pictures/ But I'll continue this thread with my first post-trip spot: Crusty CSK in Hove; this has been here for ages but I don't think I've managed to photograph it before.
  9. Pretty Parting shot After the DAF museum, all that was left was the last refuelling stop And the train home That was great.
  10. The coupes look so well-proportioned
  11. There were loads of the little saloons obviously Don't think I've seen a pick-up before though
  12. This American-looking truck was nice
  13. Day 10: As we'd stayed in Eindhoven on our final night, it's probably fairly obvious what our last stop would be We had breakfast here
  14. Where's the Skoda museum?! Next time!
  15. we'll end the VW museum tour with a Skoda bicycle. Post-Wolfsburg we travelled via Hannover again (to drop someone at the airport who had to be back a day earlier) to Eindhoven for our final night, which included the best burger I've had in a long time. Another late evening was had, but we'd be home tomorrow.
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