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  1. I always op for the L-shaped stall layout as well.
  2. Holidays area as opposed to home. Island of Arran. This wasn't here last year but it looks like it has been dragged from somewhere else. The wheel on the roof appears to be to stop rain entering the sunroof which has rotted away.
  3. Despite an ugly journey we made it to the island of Arran. Had to set off at 4.30 am as there were alot of ferries cancelled, unusual for CalMac and the only alternative sailing they had was 7am.
  4. Jings, just clicked your link, that sounds sinister. I hope your wife recovers full muscle function in her face. I agree sometimes that you have to press for action in hospitals/your GP.
  5. Got the baguette express a year ago today, still love it! I marked the occasion by rattlecanning the OSR wheel which was partially rubbed down and had been an anthracite colour. Poundland paint of course, as I'd rather spend money on maintenance.
  6. I'm guilty of just turning the radio up a wee bit where unidentified noises are concerned. Could it br disc/pad related? The Mini I bought recently had a rubbing noise from the NSR and the discs and pads are well past their best and being replaced next week.
  7. Both the Halfords near me are dead now and deservedly so. Tried to sell me a £20 Bosch rear wiper for the Clio, in reality I wanted neither this nor the £19 Halfords branded item. Cleaning materials are expensive, I almost always get mine from ebay or Amazon now.
  8. Indications suggest that in order to get a new job I will need to take a substantial pay cut, this therefore means that I will no longer be able to run 4 cars. The Corsa isn't eating a piece and can stand in the garage forever if necessary, but it would be a shame to see the others lay unused and deteriorating on the driveway. Once I come back from holiday, either the 172 or the Audi will be up for sale, whichever I think will sell the quickest, may Roffle.
  9. After 26 knockbacks out of 26 jobs applied for, the last 2 being today, I have come to the conclusion that I am punching above my weight at my career level. I'm not applying for any more jobs as my mind is fucking ruined with it. Once I know my redundancy date I will apply to the local Traffic Management company as they are hiring together with Stagecoach for a driver job.
  10. What a cracking wee car, I would love a Metro but sadly the ship has sailed price-wise I think!
  11. Yep I know, can't understand why the backlights aren't working, with the exception of 2 buttons in the middle of the dash.
  12. Went to turn on the lights in the 172 this morning and apart from a few buttons in the centre console, none of the the instrument backlights are working. Checked the rheostat and that the lights were on. The car has the auto lights function and I'm sure everything lit up when they came on in the garage the other day. I turned them on manually today, wonder if its something to do with that. It isn't a non driving issue though so shall carry on!
  13. Interesting to see that in 2008 the acceptance of Maestros as shite was still tentative. Even their replacement, the Rover 45 is far past it's induction phase here.
  14. I hear ya chap. Work, sounds as if they are not even worth your head space. Family though, have you told those around you how they are making you feel?
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