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  1. No its not the hatchback it's the booted version in two tone blue and silver
  2. It's a little gem of a shit er that will need saving will get some photos this week I would but I have way too many cars
  3. On my next door neighbour's father has sadly passed away and up for sale shortly will be his two tone silver and blue proton saloon with the full body kit -now I know these cars are high on the shite list this car has only 45.000 miles from new I think it has mot and could be driven away it does have a slight blow on the front flexi pipe and scratches on the corner of the bumpers this car is open to the very best offer -i will get photos a.s.a.p it is located in llanelli south wales. My number is 07826545800 cheers guys and gals.
  4. ok i now have an engine i need a 5 speed box and diff off an 80s 1300 corolla and also need a carb annd manifolds.
  5. toyota corolla 4k engine and 5 speed gearbox wanted, also lots of imp parts for sale and 2 hillman husky's 1 for restoration, and 1 for spares.
  6. aled

    hello im back

    thanks for your replies guys - i will put up threads when i get around to it, i have an imp on the go at the moment that has had very major welding done to it, so when its complete i will be back on my own cars and will start new threads.
  7. aled

    hello im back

    well its nice to be back and with a bit of luck my mojo will be slowly returning also, been away for a while due to personal problems, and hope that it is all behind me now and will be able to get on with my life. anyway my fleet of imps and husky's are going to be reduced, all need major restoration, i am looking to keep hold of my singer chamois and my super imp , also i still have my mk1 mr2 and a 1976 toyota 1000. i am looking for a toyota 4k engine from a corolla for my 1000 to start and then later will be looking for a 4age engine gearbox and rear axle for it. i would also like to thank my friends that have been keeping me motivated - thanks guys
  8. my mk 1 toyota mr 2 is now up for sale as my fleet needs shrinking it has been parked up for approx 1 year and will need re- comissioning. it is a great little car and really good to drive with all the welding done new sills were fitted by the previous owner. so a days fettling should get it ready for mot. dont think it needs any parts at all. i can e- mail photos of the car - some of you may even remember the threads of it on here. looking for £600 or nerest offer thanks -aled i can be contacted on 07826545800
  9. i will be working all along the m 5 from the bridge down to penzance in the next few weeks if that is of any help .
  10. a friend of mine lives in aberystwyth and is coming to llanelli on friday. and llanelli is only about 8 miles from swansea if this helps out in any way ? and i travel to aber every other week ?
  11. heres the same imp at national 4 years ago been in the same family from new and coverd many many miles.
  12. ... but for the sake of the English language, I'm out why does this have to be so far away i deffo would
  13. i wouldn't go around a corner too quick on that, and how do them spoked wheels hold all that up.
  14. the company i work for is looking for a service engineer in the leeds /bradford area the work is not heavy and is to be done indoors and in mostly clean conditions if anyone needs any information telephone me on 07826545800or pm me. cheers -aled
  15. i am looking for a small runaround for mrs a to do the school run, micra, starlet, charade, type of thing as cheap as poss dont mind a bit of work. as close to south wales as poss please. also my mk 1 mr2 is for sale - see pics £700 6 months mot tax till end of month. telephone number 07826545800 cheers -aled
  16. i think bigger bolder letters with pictures of shite.
  17. just had a quick mesure and the offset is about 20-25 so be no good for you. they did look good on my celica tho
  18. how about these with about 6mm of tread even accross the tyre. with centre caps. fitted with 195x14 tyres £80
  19. sky are to show 50%of next years f1 coverage and the other half will be shown on bbc 1, why should the bbc let this happen, petition here if you would like to see it kept on the bbc. http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/keepf1onthebbc
  20. looking for a swap for any small jap hatchback for either car my wife needs a car to do the school run.
  21. the plant in llanelli was called pressed steel fisher in the 70s to 80s and i was a contractor there from a local engineering company working on the presses. you could get mini doors for a £10 they were also making seat frames for all bmc cars, floor pan complete for the acclaim and the metro, clutch pressure plates, and also making the plastic dashboards for the metro. plus loads of wings and other things for loads of different cars. today the plant is still producing things for the car industry for landrover and bently to name just two. it was faced with closure but bently could not get the quality of finish with other suppliers so it was forced to stay open and is now very busy altho is a shaddow of its former size.
  22. i went to have a test drive on a auris and ended up with an 07 lexus 220d se
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