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  1. I do have work in the morning but should be able to get there for about 1 pm.
  2. not sure about that front bumper https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1393877
  3. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1394147
  4. Miserable buggers, thought they'd be happy to sell that eye-sore of a Chevrolet hot rod. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115049192492?hash=item1ac9775c2c:g:sr8AAOSwPxJhatkj
  5. The more I look at that "vinyl " roof the more I'm convinced it's underbody schutz. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284488900196?hash=item423cdc1e64:g:gSoAAOSwItZhaIZu
  6. https://www.hobbsparker.co.uk/car-auctions/auction-dates/catalogue/lot/?departmentId&saleTypeId=49&auctionId=452744&lotId=10053288
  7. https://www.hobbsparker.co.uk/car-auctions/auction-dates/catalogue/lot/?departmentId&saleTypeId=49&auctionId=452744&lotId=10044044
  8. https://www.brightwellslive.com/lot/details/546081
  9. Another Stanza https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124947725309?hash=item1d1776fbfd:g:i74AAOSwjthhTnH2
  10. OooFFF https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174976327377?hash=item28bd66ded1:g:C9cAAOSw4HxhZye1
  11. electric hmmm looks like an original gearbox casing being used to house the motor https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294456556052?hash=item448efa7a14:g:wMQAAOSwBvdhZbac
  12. Yesterday an old lady turns up for her car MoT " I'm a little early " she says ' erm your appointment is 4pm it is 12.30 now' "I'll wait in the car, I'm not going all the way home" we are about 3 miles from her house. Carrying on with the MoT we are already in the middle of I see her go back into the office then back to her car. When we'd finished the customer in the waiting area informs us the lady has gone home. She turns up again at just after 2pm , still way too early "I've got my book, I'll sit in the car and read that" ' yeah, don't leave it there infront of nextdoors entrance' "well where can I park ?" hmm maybe infront of my office where it says mot parking only. Finish the 2 O'clock MoT and the 3 O'clock turns up "ooh do you want to do that retest first " he asks. Nope that's the 4 O'clock .. oh, bit early. So when I get around to doing this ladys car MoT it fails. One headlight bulb not working so obviously headlamp aim not checked. If a car fails on bulbs and we have them we will fit them but if it also fails on something else we don't. Both outer cv boots were loose (metal bands had broken) and there was grease on the hubs and discs. Not the end of the world , advised on rear tyres being cracked and worn on the edges rear indicators discoloured and one exhaust bracket had corroded off. " My car has never failed an MoT . Are you going to fix it ? " Told her we only do MoTs not repairs. She booked it in with the garage nextdoor and left. She turned up today and a member of staff spoke to her. I was polishing some headlights as there wasn't much of a beam pattern. The nasty old bat pointed at me in the workshop " I want to see him" my staff explained that I was in the middle of an MoT "he's avoiding me " she hissed. I was summoned to the office "you are really underhand, you've ripped me off " excuse me , holding the failure sheet she says "you've charged me for something you haven't done. I want my money back" tried to explained that I charged her for an MoT inspection and you have to pay whether it passes or fails. She was having none of it. "I'm going elsewhere and I'm not paying for another MoT " Told her she can go where ever she wants even the ministry if she likes but unless it's fixed it will fail. Again the I'm not paying came back. Told her if she gets the failure items fixed within ten working days it is a free retest here. "I'll be back on Sunday" I'm getting fed up with the old bat now so replied " bring some sandwiches with your book then as we won't be here until Monday, cheerio" The MoT ran out in January and the tax ran out end of June so if she turns up again tomorrow and the work isn't done I'll dob her in to the law.Nasty old bat.
  13. I've grumped about them before so XLN for small business. I urge anyone do not deal with these twats. My contract for phone and broadband had ended so I tried to cancel with this provider in June as the service was rubbish. Finally got email conformation they were no longer my provider in July, the account was settled and to ignore any further bills. Beginning of September I got a bill from XLN. £0.00 phoneline,£0.00 broadband, £0.00 for some guff they made up but £3.50 +vat for paper billing. Well the email said to ignore it so I did. Today I get an urgent reminder to pay this bill. It is now £29.90 , they want £10.00 because I had cancelled the direct debit plus the £3.50 and another £3.50 for this paper bill plus some other made up charges and then vat on top. Complete and utter twats and robbing bastards. Phoned them up to be told it's probably arrears. Told them the only arrears are for a paper bill for a service they don't provide. Looks like I've gotta go all Ofcom on them again.
  14. Looking at the background chod if he's not already on here he should be. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1389353
  15. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1389491
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