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  1. I do have the horn for the Zagato Aston Martin, stunning in the flesh. The last proper Aston for me; none of that Ford engined stuff, and the Virage was such a pig. TFP.
  2. Such a pity more old lorries were not saved. The old Fodens and ERF's really are things of beauty. A mid sixties Foden tipper truck would do me nicely for Sheffield traffic wankers.
  3. They are still sensible money as well - £30'000 for a good one. You'll spend more on a bloody Escort.
  4. Local dealer display - next to it are BL stuff to the left* and BMW to the right - 3.0CSi, two E12 5 Series and an E3 saloon. I used to go to a local event in the seventies as a nipper, the Yeovil Cavalcade of Motoring and there were dealer displays like this. *That Tahiti blue Princess might be an Austin 18/22.
  5. That's when Rolls Royces and Bentleys sold to proper people. Walk into Jack Barclays with a tattoo and sportswear in 1975, and they'd set the dogs on you.
  6. The R8 is second prize. First prize is a dose of Herpes.
  7. Vanos unit is fucked. Good used one £40 and a Man with special tools to fit it.
  8. I feel ok, had 4 pints of 6 months out of date bitter and a pizza, walked 3 miles this morning to collect Rolf.
  9. Did you see Marc Almond though? He looks like a waxworks Action Man.
  10. Buble, a plastic Almond, Ancient Junior and George Ezra who after a promising start is just turning out shit chart music. Dismal.
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