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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    Right. So. The experiement on the single wheel bolt with the wire wheel was continued on the rest of them. Results seemed positive.

    However there was a spot of rain one night and it caused a few spots of flash rusting...
    I ordered up a tin of spray lacquer to attend to them but they were going to need stripped back again so I thought instead of grazing knuckles on the wire wheel on the grinder, I'd try the citric acid approach. It did work, even on the one bolt I never managed to get done because the battery on the grinder went flat. They still needed a very light rub down with said wire wheeel again once the acid got them back to bare metal...
    Some other odd jobs -
    Vactan the spare wheel cradle and cut off the old hanger bolt to replace with the new one. Find the wiring for the spot lights as I've got a new pair to go on and the wiring to the old ones has been cut for some reason.
    So wheel bolts done and everything secure, time to take it it's first run out for fun...
    Just south of Girvan...
    Mull of Galloway, southern most point in Scotland. Approx the same longitude as Hartlepool. Isle of Mann on the horizon in the first two shots, Workington and Whitehaven on the horizon in the third shot
    Clatteringshaws Reservoir...

    Somewhere in the Galloway Forest Park...

    Wanlockhead, highest village in Scotland...
    Also some bonus chod spot in Wanlockhead...

    So... observations...
    Nothing seems wrong.
    Fast as fuck on twisty roads.
    Need to be above an indicated 2250rpm to get decent boost.
    While I suspect noticably faster on the twisties than a NASP one, I reckon the turbo is most useful in 5th above 55mph - motorway acceleration.
    Sore shoulder from pedalling manual steering while changing gear all day.

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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    Finally got time to fit the wheels back on today after getting them back from the powder coaters. I went for the sparkle silver as the car's own metallic paint has a lot of metal fleck in it...
    However the super shininess of the wheels brought out how shite the wheel bolts were. Oh aye and I also highlighted the hub caps with a bit of silver paint. Will need to do a better job later...

    Options for wheel bolts are:
    1 - New chrome ones
    2 - New black ones
    3 - New bare metal ones
    4 - Wire wheel the old ones.
    Experimentation on a single wheel bolt with a wire wheel in the battery angle grinder...
    I'll do more on the wire wheel and see how they turn out. I also picked up some new door plungers to control the interior light. Driver's side was completely fucked and they came as a pair so I just did both. Yes I know I need a new roll pin for the door stay.

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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    The Rest of Day 5 and Day 6
    Last thing on day 5 it went for a MoT. Failed on loose headlight lens so that had to be glued / sealed back together

    We did start to make plans for a very last minute retest that evening but we thought it would be a bit close and it would probably be wiser to let the sealant cure overnight. Next day (today) Craig picked me up from the house and took me down to Maybole. We snipped the cable ties off and shoved it next door. Then waited 2 hours for it to be seen. A fail wasn't issued the previous day - it had been declared a pass barring the lens - so all it was was a smoke test and quick check of the headlight. Half an hour logged on the computer and a pass was issued.

    A few last checks before heading up the road. Coolant top up, leak check, wheel torque. The STOP light on the dash was also showing with the red light at the top of the temperature dial. Engine not hot and the actual overheat light not lit. We found there's two senders on the thermostat housing - one feeds the dial, one feeds the red light and stop light. Unplugged that wire and the red light and STOP went out so probably a sticky switch inside as the engine hasn't been to temperature for years.
    The drive home was just that - a drive home. The tyres are AS ROUGH AS ARSES having had flat spots for 15 years so the maximum speed had to be capped at 50mph to stop the vibrations. Nipped in to the Shell station at Kilmarnock and put 31L of V-Power in to it then headed out to the country roads homes to avoid the motorway.

    Home achieved. Still jobs to do to make it nicer:
    Tyres. Already booked in tomorrow morning.
    A good clean inside and out.
    Wiper arms painted and maybe new wipers.
    Powder coat the wheels.
    New thermostat and whatever is putting that red light on.
    Fix the lighter socket. It wasn't broken. Just the particular construction of it made my phone charger bottom out before making contact. MODIFIED!

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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    Days 3 and 4 and maybe some of 5
    Greetings peeps. I've not been doing updates 'cos I've been on the backshift and suffering 4 days of vicous migraines but we're over that so let's continue.
    Day 3 is getting stuck in to the back brakes. All of them - shoes, drums, cylinders and pipes. I had already done the drum, shoes and springs on the driver side so the pax side was the first target. Oh dear.
    I had also made mention that the handbrake was being an cunt when I was reassembling things so that was investigated. A burst handbrake cable was at fault.

    As expected the hard line from the rear flexis to the cylinders definitely needed done but what was more worrying was the flexi to master sections needed doing too.
    They were really crusty and the went around various things. Apparently there wasn't even a hex on the flexi union left they were so corroded. To get to them, the fuel tank had to be removed...

    ...and to get to the fuel tank the exhaust had to come off.

    Once that was done it was pretty much plain sailing.

    Day 4 was mainly for buttoning up the rear brakes / fuel tank / exhaust etc and the timing belt and water pump. Seems the crank seal may be on it's way out but it doesn't seem too bad just now. Photos getting thinner 'cos there's not really much to document.
    Finally, day 5 is set aside for final buttoning up of everything and sling it in for a test. Gearbox oil topped up too.

    That'll do for now.
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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    Dates: Various
    Some time off work and some decent-ish weather after the MoT allowed for some investigation of parts to see what the setup of the various bits on the 205 were...
    As with most cars, it's basically just trying to find out what the brake setup is. Seeing as my main personal experience doing brakes on older cars is Volvos usually with Girling fronts, TRW rears and ATE hydraulics, it's nice to have a car that's all the one system - Bendix.
    autodoc.co.uk would be the main target for finding parts. Euro Car Parts could get... some bits. GSF could get other some bits however the Glasgow branch of GSF closed recently so if I'm going to have to do it mail order, might as well get it all from one place. Also between ECP and GSF, I couldn't get everything I wanted.
    One week after ordering, two large boxes turned up...

    Contained in the autodoc order:
    Front Calipers x 2
    Front Discs x 2
    Front Pads
    Front Accessory Kit
    Front Bearings x 2
    Rear Drums x 2
    Rear Shoes
    Rear Fitting Kit
    Rear Shoes Adjuster Set
    Rear Wheel Cylinders x 2
    Rear Bearings x 2
    Master Cylinder
    Timing Belt / Water Pump Kit
    Brake Cleaner Tin x 3
    1L Brake Fluid
    Air Filter
    Oil Filter
    Circlip Pliers
    Also from another source, -
    Driveshafts x 2

    In Other News...
    Drum brakes can get fucked! I mean having to assemble bits of them OFF THE CAR FFS!

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    M'coli reacted to 320touring in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    An XUD will run on Lard
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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    Wednesday 04/03/2020
    Other than a new battery, somewhere to live and the moving thereof, nothing has been spent on the 205. This was, of course, the intention until a Viability Study™ could be carried out. Namely finding a MoT tester mental enough to put a car through a test that has sat in a lockup for 15 years. Mr 320touring of this parish suggested his tester in Cumbernauld is a safe bet so a test was booked for this afternoon and the trailer was once again booked for hire.
    First order of business was to collect the trailer, collect Mr 320touring and have lunch somewhere. Once this was accomplished, the car was liberated from it's hidey-hole and loaded on to the trailer. But not without having a quick blast to blow the cobwebs out...
    The noise off the CV joints was horrendous. Even managed to get a wee bit of turbo spool and blast all the smoke out. A gallon of fresh diesel the last time I saw the car probably helped a lot there.

    Then off to the test station up in Wardpark. Only 10 mins drive or so away, we get there, drop it off then head for tea...

    Tea was had and we came back. Test were running a bit behind but it eventually went in and shuftys were had

    Having two of the doors tied together inside the car to keep them shut didn't bode well. Presenting a car for test by driving it there on a trailer didn't garner much enthusiasm either. The tester was not impressed.

    Once under the car, comments were made alongs the lines of "solid" and "those brake lines are brand new". After the test was concluded it got a general "It's not that bad. It really just needs what you said it would need".
    So how not bad was it. Well then...

    To summarise, in order to pass a test it needs -
    Door catches all round
    Brakes all round
    Wheel bearings all round
    An ARB drop link
    Battery clamp installed in correct position not simply sitting on top so I know where it is
    A couple of electrical bits
    Show the tester how to work the screenwash. Maybe fix the leak in the pipe on the rear wash.
    In addition -
    Timing belt and water pump
    General service
    Check rear suspension to see why it's a bit low on one side
    4 x tyres
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    M'coli reacted to Six-cylinder in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    I absolutely love that, it fits in so well with my love for small Citroens.
    According to Glass’s guide Turbo D cost £10,346 in 1992 and Jul 92 they were then discontinued in favour of GRTD that cost £10,185 and in Aug 1993 Sceptre Turbo D was introduced that only cost £9370.
    Some years ago I did own a 205 GRD, I was at an auction standing by it and the price stalled so I put my hand up and it was mine. Turned out to be a good car in spite of never really looking at it.

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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. "SPOT" THE DIFFERENCE!   
    Edit: This is longer than initially anticipated.
    As some will have noticed, Mr cms206 of this parish reckons the death knell for the SVM is close with his recent purchase of a Saab. Going with the fact I still have a 100% Volvo fleet, as does Mr rml2345 of this parish I would personally say it's just diversification. Especially considering the amount of non Volvos cms206 has had these days.
    This aforementioned diversification continues a pace. Although the paperwork still needs to be done, I have some non Volvo incoming.

    My aunt got the above pictured 205 back in about 2002 and ran it for about 3 years. By her accounts she put it in the lockup, got a Nissan Almera for whatever reason and basically put the 205 in to the long term deal with pile. It was initially SORN on the blue log book. Back when there was a theft of blue V5s at Swansea and everyone in the country got sent one of the new red ones, one never arrived for the 205 and after that it was properly forgetten about. Well she did. I've been keeping it in my mind every day since then. During a discussion over my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, she mentioned that she was going to pay the gardener she gets in to trim the trees to break in to the lockup because the padlock had rusted solid and she was desperate to use the space in the lockup. I said I'd do it free if I could assess the car. If it was completely fucked, it would have to get dragged out and put on a truck to go to the scrap heap. If I could get it moving, I would make it a project.
    Next day - 18th January:

    Time to break open the padlock then. Big screwdriver through the hasp and burst it within 3 seconds. Now to have a look at the car. It's dirty, 3 tyres are flat, one of them creased and the 4th is still at about 10psi. After FIFTEEN YEARS! A gentle rock confirms suspicions that all the wheels are locked so time to get all the wheels off and set about the brakes with a big swing press.
    The back wheels moved eventually. Judicious use the big hammer, two wheel bolts reinserted and a breaker bar as a lever got the back wheels turning. While the wheels were off I thought I'd see if they held air.
    All 4 tyres held 35psi. None of them appear to be cracked and the rubber is still "soft" to the scrape of a finger nail. Lack of sunlight attacking them I suppose but it'll get 4 new ones if it becomes roadworthy.
    After doing the back wheels, the front wheels quickly proved they could be a major problem. I took the calipers, pads and discs completely off the car and even with 2 wheel studs inserted and using the 3/4 drive breaker bar with an extra foot of length over the 1/2 bar, neither wheel / shaft would turn. So either the bearings had seized, the CV joints in the driveshafts had seized or something very sinister was happening inside the gearbox. By this time it was getting dark and cold so time to put it all away for another day.
    Another day - 24th January:
    Various discussions were had on the Scotoshite WhatsApp chat and the end result being Mr 320Touring of this parish agreed to come round for a shufty. He was wanting to check up on another car in a lockup only a mile or so away so it was a no brainer.
    As before, front wheels off, bar on the wheel bolts... nothing. What to do next? We need to use the car's own power to try to free off whatever is seized on the front wheels but the car is nose in to the lockup so we can't get jump leads to it. We need to drag it out but we don't have a tow rope however we manage to find what appears to be a self tightening dog collar / leash in the car and decide to cue MAXIMUM SKETCHINESS!!!

    A gentle tug from the ML of doom proved the NSF wheel is tight but not seized however the OSF is not moving. Fuck it... drag it while pushing from the front. If we need to shove it back in there's an old tyre in a pile of rubbish waiting to get uplifted by the council that can act as a cushion and the ML will do the job no bother. We also took the front brake discs off to minimise any drag from those.

    We decided to drag it out just enough to get my jump leads on to the battery. We had already taken the battery out to try it on the leads outside the car. Surprise surprise* it was so dead it had gone open circuit so there was absolutely no magic pixies flowing in to it. Luckily I had an old battery from the 740 that was the same size so that was obtained, inserted and then put to work. Time to leave it to charge for a wee bit.

    Now that we've got some electricity going from the ML in to the 205 it's time to see what will happen. Thanks to Mr Touring for providing the videos...
    At one point we were vexed by the daft French screw on battery terminals
    We were getting a bit desperate by this point. We used quite a lot of "easy start" and the amount of electricity was causing problems.
    We took a break at this point for 10 mins or so. Mainly to make sure we didn't get too frustrated but also to make sure the maximum possible amount of electricity was in the actual battery so that the leads were just there as a boost. This was clearly a good idea...
    Learning from all the antics of the last 15 mins or so we left it for another 5 mins. Using a clamp meter we let it get to the point that almost no electricity was flowing in the leads and therefore an almost complete charge and spraying the "easy start" ahead of time, results were finally had...
    YAY! MUCH ELATION! Oh and that old diesel stinks. Time to get the leads off, move the ML and let the 205 tick over for a few minutes to let the engine settle. Next we found out why the front wheels were not for turning...
    So yeah. All the CV Joints were completely solid. But anyways it was mission accomplished for the day. We got it moving and a general once over suggests that it should be easily salvageable therefore if auntie wants the space in the lockup, it's going to have to go somewhere. Time to put it back in and wrap up for the day.

    Thanks to 320 Touring in assistance. The list of work is substantial but not insurmountable. It needs - a battery, front discs, front pads, front calipers, front lower arms, front driveshafts, possibly bearings, rear drums, rear shoes, rear fitting kit, probably handbrake cables, flexi hoses all round, 4 new tyres, 3 of the 4 doors don't work properly, a water leak at the water pump but that can get done with a new cam belt, probably a thermostat, engine oil, filters all round, fresh fuel, a good clean, handbrake light, oil pressure light and a rear screenwash leak inside the tailgate.
    Oh and a sidelight bulb...

    Interim time:
    Lockup secured in Cumbernauld.
    Car transporter trailer booked for Wed 12th Feb to move it. The V70 will do the honours.
    Another bit of tinkering - 4th February
    So it has been agreed the V5 will be transferred in to my name. With an impending trailer move, I thought I'd go back and have another look at things and reassemble the front brakes. I've already installed a new battery so it can be started without the need for leads and it does so quite happily even though the fuel coming from the tank smells like paint. I drove it about in circles for 5 - 10 mins to free up the CV joints and scrape the rust off the brake discs. I also did some straight line tests pulling away in 2nd which seemed to free up the turbo actuator.
    I also found the radio code so I got that working but you'll have to take my word on it 'cos YouTube will just give me a copyright flag.
    I shall leave this one here just now. Not much will happen for a while. There will of course be the drama of the trailer move but once it's in the lockup a plan of action will need to be drawn up. A sensible first course will be, I think, to find someone who will give it a once over for MoT viability before any new parts are obtained. All the obvious stuff should be easily DIYable but I don't know what lurks underneath. Some things like the timing belt and water pump will be paid for but the rest will just get picked away at in due course.
    I also found some period souvenir parking tickets...


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    M'coli reacted to MikeR in The grumpy thread   
    damm .
    another toilet roll supply issue   , panic buying again !!!!
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    M'coli reacted to 320touring in 320Touring - Back in the game with a Berlingo..   
    Sitting downstairs, and a thought flashed across my brain...

    Yep I did have 2 fuel filters sitting in the job lot of shite I had bought ages ago. 
    I forsee Veg in its future:)
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    M'coli reacted to 320touring in 320Touring - Back in the game with a Berlingo..   
    The 23rd of October. That was the last time I bought a car for myself.
    And some would say "why would you buy more cars? You have an elephants sufficiency already".
    They would be right.
    9 long months I studiously avoided vehicular transactions, Concentration was focused on the current fleet, and progress made.
    Then, @Lacquer Peel casually mentioned a desire to get rid of his Berlingo, and that was me off the wagon again.
    1. Who doesn't Ike a new car?
    2. Have you met me before?
    3. It's MOT'D til March 21
    4. It had a new rear axle in March this year
    5. 4 new tyres
    6. I need an estate/van for lugging some shit about
    Anyway, enough natter. 
    2005 2.0HDI. 207K
    It's the Desire* spec 
    Remote central locking which works
    Electric front windays
    Opening rear side Windows
    Rear wash wipe
    It's also the #multispace so has hunnerts of cubbyholes
    Fuck knows what I'mma do with it..
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    M'coli reacted to Hertz in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    M'coli reacted to GingerNuttz in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Mild Faffery - 24/09/20   
    I'm not one for posting pictures of things half done but the fuzzy pictures are doing my head in ? 
    It's still a work in progress and I've only got 4 hours on it since the weekend and I'm working from pictures to make these panels so quite slow progress I'm afraid. It's all just tacked atm so i can make sure all the body lines meet and lights fit etc 


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    M'coli reacted to plasticvandan in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Mild Faffery - 24/09/20   
    Applejack, surely? 
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    M'coli reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Mild Faffery - 24/09/20   
    Door fixed itself overnight. Woo!

    Today was move day. Mr @davidfowler2000 arrived at my flat at the exact same time I arrived home from work at around 14:40ish, his steed of choice was his Volvo V70 T6 AWD and a massive trailer was attached to the rear end - An ideal towing rig.
    Within 30mins the space on my street previously occupied by a Dolomite didn't.

    Now, loading a non-running car with an engine in the boot onto a tilt bed trailer on a fairly narrow one-way street could have been an utter fuck about. Inexplicably it was easy...

    By parking the trailer facing downhill at the bottom of the road it was at a much gentler angle once lowered and with a couple of feet to get rolling before hitting the skids the Dolly simply rolled on via gravity. 

    The resulting combination was both aesthetically pleasing and very long...
    The drive to the workshop was uneventful, the Volvo would still out-drag the Acclaim despite towing a car containing two cast iron engines...

    Once at the workshop minor poking was done and the quality* of prior repairs was admired.

    @GingerNuttz's assessment of the bodywork was something along the lines of "pretty good overall" The real work begins on Saturday....
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    M'coli reacted to jakebullet in Operation mingebag is a go.   
    I has purchased this smoll car.

    It may be called startled Gerald.
    The original aim was to use man maths and I can run it to Leeds and back every weekend for similar money to the train cost. People told me it's a hateful thing and a stupid idea and there's better smoll cars.
    Having just taken it for a blat down the m1 they're both right and wrong. It's noisy but a different noisy to my disco. Sound of road whoosing past rather than angry diesel and at's thrumming. Round town I need to have an eye welded to the Speedo as there's way too little engine noise to judge speed by.
    Think I'm going to have to get used to it being boingy on country roads.
    Man maths has taken a hit already as the nice insurance company put another £40 on the premium for the audacity of wanting to insure it today. I haven't got somewhere to stash it for 3 weeks to get the cheaper price.
    £10.50 spent at Halfords for new window smearing device.
    There's a speed related wheel noise. Drivers rear drum gets slightly warm and passenger one is cool so I'm guessing that's what it is.
    Radio has had a pioneer shoved in instead. No cd player. Lots of flashy lights and the ability to lose settings when ignition is off. Not sure if I should get an original off eBay or blow the budget further on a new radio that will play Wurlitzer cd's.
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    M'coli reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Stuff has been happening - front brake lines were finished. 

    Rear brake stuff assembled ready for fitting. 

    Powder coating now back with me. 

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    M'coli reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Still very short on time for this at present, but the demands on my free time should be dropping in the next week or so.
    Track adjusters were cleaned up and wound back in. 

    Cleaned up some more pieces before a painting session was due. 

    Painting session yielded some fresh looking parts for reassembly. 

    Steering rack put back together ready for refitting at a later date. 

    Stub axles, hubs and drums separated, bearings removed then cleaned up. 

    My rear beam should be powder coated in the next week or so - once its been put back together, there's just the drive shafts and brake servo to sort, and all the gubbins are done. (deep joy of getting the bodywork ready for paint imminent!) 
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    M'coli reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Stone chip paint finally arrived today. 

    This is all thats required to finish off the underside of the shell, I'll hopefully get that applied in the not too distant future.     More bits and pieces have arrived recently, including these nice shiny gubbins for the rear brakes.

    More pieces have been cleaned up ready for painting, including the rear anti roll bar brackets. 

    Some items have been painted ready to reassemble, including the steering arms. 

    Slowly, but surely, its getting there still! 
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    M'coli reacted to davidfowler2000 in Scotoshite MEGABARGE Refurb / Restoration Diary   
    Quick update since the above video.

    The mad revving was caused by a broken injector clamp so that got replaced and it got another new injector.
    It shat it's exhaust manifold gaskets which necessitated an 18 month layoff waiting for parts.

    Finally an MoT was put on it on 20th December 2019

    Then this (for those who don't already know) on the 29th of December

    Arsonist bastards!

    Insurance paid out a decent amount so that's something. More for the 205 fund.
    This is the last I will talk of this matter.
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    M'coli reacted to flat4alfa in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Two-door Ford Consul Classic/315

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    M'coli got a reaction from flat4alfa in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Can anyone identify the car in this photo, please?

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    M'coli got a reaction from Aston Martin in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This is a bonny wee thing (background vehicles are interesting too}.

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    M'coli reacted to alcyonecorporation in 1996 Peugeot 806 SRDT (Eurovan)   
    Hallo, I have come back for a short while. 

    It was purchased as a parts hauler and extreme budget camper a week before lockdown kicked in; I've found uses for it in the meantime. It will get tidied up and cleaned again thoroughly; so far the surfaces are probably cleaner than when they left Sevel Nord in 1996. 

    Have some copy lightly reworked from TDW. 

    228k on a 1.9TD (XUD9), recent cambelt, foul coolant and terrible dashcam. The glovebox fell out and the switch on the dash runs the blower. 

    It was an 8 seater; I'm not going to use the back bench so I sold it to another Eurovan licker. I got it there just before travel restrictions hit. 

    It's as rough as houses to look at but drives fine and does about 40mpg round the doors.  Colleagues nicknamed it 'the Bilk Float' as it looks at home flytipping and stealing diesel from forecourts. 

    The lacquer peel (member nothwithstanding) is disgusting. It isn't Diablo Red - it's Marquise Red, instead. 
    I'm currently chewing my desk getting a page off to press, so here's a short one take video I did between collecting someone from hospital and walking up and down for my hour of exercise. 
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