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    M'coli got a reaction from sporty-shite in Ghostly Goings On - *shiny* red decker   
    [Sickboy]It should preshent no sherious difficultiesh... [/Sickboy]*
    The metal's full thickness here, it's just fatigued and not corroded.
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    M'coli reacted to barrett in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Not vague, just unnervingly light. I had a long conversation with the previous owner of that car a while back, as he wanted to buy my 404. He is a Norwegian and that was his wedding car in Norway, he had it for 15 years or something and drove it to the UK when he moved here. I think it might even have been his first car which is pretty cool.
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    M'coli reacted to BorniteIdentity in Absolute horse shit™   
    "Absolute Horse Shit"

    Is this the new spin off radio station from Absolute Radio?  They've already got Absolute 90s, Absolute 80s, Absolute 70s etc.  Bit niche for my liking but meh.
    Dude.  It's really fucking hard to watch someone hit the self destruct button, especially when you know they're fundamentally a GOOD EGG.  I've been shouted at for voicing my concerns about other members before but, on the basis that one of them is no longer here, forgive me for also adding my voice to those who are worried.  
    I saw you on the Zoom the other week and was genuinely worried about your state of mind.  No matter how eccentric some of us may be on this forum, your behaviour was well beyond what I'd expect from someone of sound mind.  Your recent purchasing spree, whilst none of my concern, is uncharacteristic - which is the sort of thing that triggers alarm bells.  
    Now, you can - if you so wish - decide that we're all jealous mouth breathers who can't possibly comprehend that you're just a fanatical zealot when it comes to amphibious vehicles.  You'd be wrong, but that is your prerogative.  What I WOULD do though, is speak to someone independent and say "Hey - I've had a few people say this now - I can't see it but can you?".  My wife is quietly confident she can spot spells of depression in me one to three weeks before I can.  Please do this.
    See you the other side, man.  Dig in.  Keep buggering on.
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    M'coli reacted to MisterH in eBay tat volume 3.   

    Horrifying Marina TC
    ah that's alright then
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    M'coli reacted to 320touring in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Passed out from Exhaustion...12/06/2021   
    I decided to be bold today...
    And actually try to make this a bit nicer to drive.
    2 main issues:
    1. That droning noise
    2. Hunnerts of exhaust rattles.
    First up, the noise.
    The cunning plan was to strip down the rear hubs and check the wheelbearing conditions. If anything looked bad, then replace it.
    I was being pragmatic, and minimising the likelihood of ending up in a situation where the car was made immobile whilst I was 40miles from home.
    Starting with the left rear:
    Marvelling at how that seed got there..

    A check of the overall arch condition - the shell is solid. Damper looks tired and the brake line could do with replacement.

    Split pin removed and the 24mm nut ready for removal

    On these, the nut should be just past finger tight - any more and the bearing will wear prematurely.

    Drum removed. The shoes looked ok, and the wheel cylinder is nice and dry. It got a hosing down and clean with brake cleaner.
    The bearings were checked for roughness, and found to be ok. I cleaned them and repacked them with fresh grease.
    All back together and with the wheel on, it span silently bar a light drag of the brake shoe.
    Happy, I moved to the other side:
    Again, arch is fine, the damper looks tired, and a new brake line could be a plan 

    First impressions suggested that this side was the same..

    There was a brake shoe that had popped it's retainer

    luckily it went back together ok

    The bearings were checked, and the outer one on this side was very tired.
    Time for a new one. 

    All back together and it was silent.. hopeful, I turned to the exhaust.
    First up, there was something hanging down at the rear:

    That'll be the heat shield for protecting the fuel tank then..

    the retaining clips had failed. I engineered* some using the ideal cable ties for the job, and had it sorted quickly.
    The correct clips are cheap, so I have ordered some, and will fix it properly when they arrive.
    They look like this

    Once finished, the back looked ok

    The only thing left to do was to adjust where the centre box sits so it didn't hit anything.
    The end result was a much quieter drive home.
    To thank me, the fuel gauge has now gone intermittent.
    Bloody thing
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    M'coli reacted to Lacquer Peel in Two hundred and five   
    It's a section of the A93 north of Blairgowrie that was bypassed due to landslides. Last time I was here the gate was locked but I seized the opportunity to drive down it this time. 

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    M'coli reacted to Lacquer Peel in Two hundred and five   
    Good Little Car.
    I have been driving this a lot since buying it with @sdkrc 
    It was quite a lot of money for a 205 diesel with bad paint and a short MOT test but it's the perkiest NA XUD I've driven and has had a lot of work done to it in recent years. Also only* 80k miles, not even run in etc.
    It went straight through its test. 
    It is ace to drive, driving it is similar to the feeling a new driver has when they are getting to know their first car. I have been mostly driving big Volvos recently and this is a revelation, you can throw it into corners and all it does is squirm a bit at the rear (tyres aren't amazing). The long travel suspension soaks up bumpy roads but it still handles very well. The ride quality puts some much bigger cars to shame. It has PAS which makes a 205 diesel much more pleasant to drive.
    There's a lot of fun to be had in a basic, light, low power car, I had forgotten that.

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    M'coli reacted to dome in Domes shonky autos-Fleet update:-MR2 Racey, Range Rover leaky. Mantas new engine fitted!*   
    I've been poring over the classifieds and crying at the prices complete sheds of Mantas were going for. Yesterday morning one hove into view which had potential and a more bearable price. Messages were exchanged with more pictures and by yesterday afternoon a deposit was paid and collection booked.
    So, what have I bought?
    Here she is.

    Good points.
    Non sunroof coupe shell
    Tax and MOT exempt soon I think
    Been on the road certainly for the last 10 years or so at least.
    Bad points
    Rust is inevitable on one of these-the mot history shows plenty of welding over the years so it'll be doubt be a patchwork quilt underneath.
    Plans(look away now purists)
    Strip it and get the shell blasted to reveal the state of the shell
    Cry at the state of the shell
    Drink heavily for a while
    Add metal to make shell whole again(may involve professionals)
    Buy a 400 bodykit and fit it(more professionals required)
    Paint it white(again, professionals)
    Find a suitable* running gear-big modern NA 4 cylinder is the plan, to keep in the spirit of the original. Honda S2000/Ford Duratec or the likes is on the list at the minute. By the time it's anywhere near going on the road though petrol might be extinct so I may need to rethink this. 
    Interior wise TBC but comfy and insulated for long distance cruising
    Completion time? Yes
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    M'coli reacted to dome in Domes shonky autos-Fleet update:-MR2 Racey, Range Rover leaky. Mantas new engine fitted!*   
    Well, thanks to @worldofceri and @Inspector Morose the Manta has been transported from Devon to its new home in Fife.
    Here she is as delivered.

    How many owners?
    Wonder how much it cost new?

    Traded in a Manta too. Legend.
    Captains view




    First things first, lose the roof rack. It's spoiling the lines of my 1980s sports coupe.

    That's better
    @Fraz came over for a poke around. The rust, whilst on first glance not insubstantial, looks better than my last Manta. Which I sold in 1998😲
    That's all for tonight. Next up I'll give it a damn good clean and get busy with the plusgas with a view to stripping it down for rust repairs. A rotisserie will be getting ordered up to make poking the undersides easier.
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    M'coli reacted to Barry Cade in Domes shonky autos-Fleet update:-MR2 Racey, Range Rover leaky. Mantas new engine fitted!*   
    GTEs  had L Jetronic. Always used to split the airflowmeter and turn the wheel to richen them up. 110 hp back then equates to 400 modern BHP. 😁
    Loved the way they sat up when you nailed it, followed by a trail of P6000 smoke.... and oil.
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    M'coli reacted to Split_Pin in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Passed out from Exhaustion...12/06/2021   
    Ultimately that,  together with a shite spark was the issue with the Cavalier.
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    M'coli reacted to 320touring in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Passed out from Exhaustion...12/06/2021   
    Nothing much has been happening with this of late ..
    It's managed a heady 28.8mpg on the last tank, but is still running rich.
    As it's the only functional car at the moment I have been reticent to do much to it, lest I be blessed with an FTP.
    It's done Unit duty a few times since we have been allowed out to play
    Here it it at a VAG only breakfast..
    It was also out to play with a 205 owned by a mystery* shiter..

    Said 205 was LOVELY!
    today it was treated to a hoover out, the door shuts cleaning a cursory glance at fluid levels, and the replacement of the spark plugs by some that were found during a unit clear up

    We're about 300 miles into this tank, and still have 1/4 of a tank left ..
    It's still going alright 
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    M'coli reacted to 320touring in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Passed out from Exhaustion...12/06/2021   
    @cms206 alerted me to a post on a Facebook group yesterday...
    Here's a story in 3 pictures...

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    M'coli got a reaction from Jim Bell in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Passed out from Exhaustion...12/06/2021   
    Ok, it looks like you were right!  I'd expect it to be between the battery light and the fuel light (that's where the glow plug light goes on diesels).

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    M'coli reacted to Dirk Diggler in eBay tat volume 3.   
    1979 Renault 12 TL Estate - €800 Original Dublin Registration

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    M'coli reacted to MarvinsMom in eBay tat volume 3.   
    all very shiny, an all, in opaline which is a fab colour......

    BUT what the betting that the floor, under that underseal,  is like a patchwork quilt 

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    M'coli reacted to meggersdog in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    M'coli reacted to hairnet in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    M'coli reacted to garethj in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Shameless self promotion, our family CRV auction ends tomorrow morning.

    My favourite question from a buyer, other than the same bloke messaging me every morning to ask if there was a buy it now price, was “Any evidence of a cambelt change?”
    What, changed it from the chain it had to start with?🙄
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    M'coli got a reaction from Stevebrookman in eBay tat volume 3.   
    6-cylinder E-series South African oddity...
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    M'coli got a reaction from twosmoke300 in Ghostly Goings On - *shiny* red decker   
    Do you have a vacuum cleaner hose or suchlike? I've used one to trace exhaust leaks in the past - hold one end to your ear, and run the other end closely along the exhaust pipe with the engine running, any leaks should be easily located.
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    M'coli reacted to Austat in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    M'coli reacted to mk2_craig in Four bags of sand   
    It continues

    (Today’s local rag 04/05/2021!)
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