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  1. In "Matisse" metallic blue, which was as close to Chrysler's "Kingfisher" as to make no difference. Can you guess who had an Imp in Kingfisher blue???
  2. The 1300 FWD engine - IIRC these had the best cylinder heads of the whole lot of 9f them in terms of gas flow and tuning. If the engine won't fit because of the crankshaft tail, surely someone in the classic racing world will pay decent money for one of these heads? Love the photies o' the Heilans - where was the one taken that has the information board in the background?
  3. Tesco in Roundhay Leeds are selling 4 litres of 5w/40 semi-synthetic for £8, and other lube oils are also reduced, but their veg oil is £5/5L. Other branches might be doing similar.
  4. Is there a thread for things like offers on oil and other consumables? Tesco in Roundhay Leeds are selling 4 litres of 5/40 semi-synthetic for £8.
  5. Re: the Acclaim exhaust. Buy a can of zinc weld-through primer and paint the whole exhaust system with it, paying particular attention to the welds. It's much better than hi-temperature paint, IMHO.
  6. Or perhaps an experienced Triumph fondler could tickle the Dolomite back to health? That might be the easier option.
  7. I am sure you were 6 cars ahead of me just north of Sedgemoor services at about 5 past 4 in that torrential downpour - with no lights on - when the Peugeot shat the front joint if the centre box, leading to my FTP. The RAC arrived at half 5, inserted 2 joints into each end of the centre box, and gave me a jump start because the hazards had been on for 2 hours. Many thanks to Kirton for organising SF19 and for letting me use his garage to bodge the exhaust back together, richardthestag for the kind offer of help, and every one else for being great company.
  8. Home 25 minutes ago - oot walkin' the dug!
  9. Yup, needed a pee. Gotta go, miles to cover yet.
  10. I take it the Dolomite's exhaust wasn't trying to stop the car at every pebble?
  11. "It'sfucking fucked mate!" I think it's parted company with the downpipe.
  12. The game's a bogey! Awaiting recovery M5 north of j21
  13. That's an amazing cut'n'shut! So, the Jake's progress: Gloucester services achieved.
  14. Change of plan - all being well, I have an eta of 9-9:30.
  15. Sadly, I'm not going to make this, for a variety of reasons. Have a good one peoples.
  16. As in, I write a post, (I'm in mobile mode on Samsung's Android browser), I click "submit reply", it appears to post but when I look back an hour later, my pithy observation has been lost.
  17. This forum upgrade has really mucked up searching for your own content, even using Google.
  18. Has it been mentioned already that the mobile version isn't that good? The previous mobile version was utterly stripped-out, but this one tries too hard to be the desktop version - if I need to use the desktop version - usually for uploading images etc. - I'll get my 'phone browser to request the desktop version!
  19. Oh, and I may be a possibility for this fine event.
  20. I'll just leave this here... #SF2016
  21. If you read the very first first post on this thread comments aren't appropriate, but no one seems to care about that these days. It's a shite photo, of course it's appropriate.
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