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  1. Our monthly car meets are back on at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum on the last Sunday of every month. A thoroughly enjoyable day out although pehaps a little bit too much shiny shite this month! Quite an eclectic mix! I had quite a busy morning as the winner of the Maestro picked it up before the meet and had two other people borrow cars as there own cars were currently off the road. The Impreza and Mx5 were loaned out and we also brought the pony and bmw compact. I know the odd person from here attends so please stick your photos up on this thread. Thanks
  2. Renault twingo would be my guess.
  3. Last Sunday of every month from April to September at the Scottish vintage bus museum near Dunfermline. Starts at 11am. Shite in the park!
  4. I believe the thread you're thinking of was along the lines of "most stupid messages when flogging a shiter" or something like that and was created by someone else so is probably around somewhere.
  5. Had a quick look around earlier, wasn't too much stuff of interest.
  6. I was planning on heading up today on the auction managers request. Always better to go the day before to get a good look at stuff.
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