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  1. hi, I suppose I'm like a lot of people and just happened on this forum but it attracted me cos of people fixing cars themselves. I've had my share of stuff, Civics, Astras, Golfs - and a few different ones like Rover 800 Vitesse (2 litre turbo, fantastic and shite), Punto Grande (small, quick and flawed) which kept me busy. Currently building a 1500 GT engine for a mate for historic racing - easy to forget the blocks and heads have been around for sixty years now - and interfered with by at least two other goons before me.
  2. hi, I found Chris Hollier on Youtube the other day and searched for images to see whether the Mosquito I helped build appeared (which it didn't) and found my way here. I helped a mate build what was chassis number 005 I think in 1990/1, specifically for trialling - which is why I thought I'd msg you. When it was first complete we took it to a kitcar track day at Castle Combe and once we'd got the tyre pressures right it was a real hoot and such an easy car to drive absolutely flat out. He ran it on the road for a couple of months to make sure it all hung together and then started on the mods for trialling. The biggest headache was always going to be ground clearance so we started with some Vauxhall 13" rims with 155/80 tyres and I fabricated raised mounts for the coilovers, bolted to the top arms much more substantially than the original C bracket. We also fitted a sump guard and redesigned the gearchange to route above the floor and pop out below, just in front of the sump guard - not perfect but loads better than before. Engine was changed to MG Metro 1300 with Mini flywheel and a lower diff, but it was still overgeared for trials tbh. If you're serious about trialling with yours let me know and I'll talk you through what else we did.
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