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  1. Oi! Not for much longer mind... 🤣
  2. Little update on the gearbox. The noise is more like a rattle, or even the noise when you don't quite select a gear properly. It's quite constant and goes away with speed/ increased revs. And I can kinda get it to quieten by moving the gearstick a bit to one side. I'm thinking it may be something as simple as linkages maybe? I still need to get into my scruffy clothes and crawl under at some point but I just had my bloody nails done... 😂
  3. Some pics of my tat - diecast/Lego/other stuff.
  4. One of my more successful custom jobs.
  5. I have the same one, albeit uncarded.
  6. Updated my for sale thread, go have a look 😁 Also, the scalextric escort estate is now available...
  7. From Asia RC Depot, it's a CXD D12. Sold out here but think you can still get them on AliExpress etc. Same place I got littlun's Pinecone RC car.
  8. Got this radio controlled pickup late last yeah, it's lovely. Very detailed, sprung suspension and 2 speeds. A bit liable to tip if you aren't careful!
  9. Ooh, thank you for the suggestions, I will have a look
  10. It's more of a rattle. Kinda goes away at higher revs/speeds.
  11. Yeah, already took a little off, needs a bit more.
  12. It's the plastic arches that are rubbing as opposed to the metal, so should be good. (I think) 🤔
  13. That's a good idea. Or put some masking tape on the arches and look for black marks on that maybe?
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