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    PicantoJon reacted to SEATMad in 1998 Suzuki Swift GLS - The Green Machine   
    I've just realise something.... I've yet to show my other pride and joy to the world of AS, everyone meet little Suki, my 1998 Suzuki Swift GLS. 
    A little background to her. She was bought new in Saltash, Cornwall by my better half's grandmother in 1998 where she used it as a little town runabout until she gave it to my partner upon her passing her driving test to use as her first car in 2021. She ran it for around 18 months with absolutely no issues whatso ever. This little car was golden. We've travelled the length and breadth of the country, she completed a 620 mile round trip from Swindon to Edinburgh and back without a hitch, she even returned us near 40 to the gallon! In total Suki has completed just over 50,000 miles. 
    However unfortunately (for me anyway), while she loved driving it, she didn't feel all to safe driving it around daily, she wanted something more modern and safer. So she went out and bought herself a little twin-air Alfa Romeo MiTo (which she has had nothing but trouble with, oh the irony). This then made little Suki surplus to requirements. However, instead of of getting rid, my mrs felt such a strong emotional attachment with the it, she just couldn't bring herself to sell. Unfortunately with that being said, neither of us had the time/money to really invest into her to keep it on the road, so it has been sat in a car park, round the corner from my house for the past year. Doing nothing. 
    Good news incoming... 
    I despaired at this. I was always on her case about either doing something or getting gone. I couldn't let this car sit for any longer just rotting away. These things are getting rather thin on the ground now and she got a lot of love from people all round the car community. So I stepped in and offered her an ultimatum. I said to her, either crap it or sell it to me (scrapping was defiantly my bluff, I was desperate to save it from the crusher). So we came to an agreement and I bought it off her for the princely sum of £500 on the promise we keep her, love her and ultimately, pour money into keeping her running. 
    When I went to fully inspect the work require to put back on the road, I was absolutely amazed at the condition she was in. Bare in mind she's been living in a car park, with no cover, out in the elements for nearly a year practically abandoned and there was no sign of any rot anywhere, no mould inside, no greening (she was parked near a bush), no nothing. Hell, even the tyres were still inflated. I had bough along a starter pack, obviously expecting the battery to be goosed however there was no need as she fired up pretty much straight away. There's no way she'd be running well right? again baring in mind she's only a little 1L single carb unit? Well I was wrong again, she ran almost perfectly, a little shaky to start with but she settle down very quickly and proceeded to run as sweet as before. I genuinely couldn't believe it. My little Ibiza shits itself if I haven't started her within a week, let alone a year!  
    I had a good mate of mine who runs a small garage in the town about 5 miles away from where I live to give her the once over, like a pre MOT and he couldn't believe how well it stood up. All rubbers are good, no rust anywhere underneath, all breaks good, all electrics good, the lot!  On the drive there she ran perfectly and he said that the only thing to really look at is the exhaust, as its starting to rot away. Other than that he reckons she'll pass with a couple of advisories and advised I book it sooner rather than later.
    So that's exactly what I'm doing, and the big day is tomorrow. I'm obviously hopefully she will indeed pass however we will see. I'm expecting that exhaust might be an issue, plus that front number plate could be seen as "likely to be misread" but after seeing it all, I'm pretty hopeful. Once she's passed, then it's time to restore her to her former glory and I have a list of jobs!
    . Sort out that rough looking interior.
    . Fix the drivers window as I think the regulator is on the way out (she's got electric windows, how posh). 
    . Tart up the steelies she's sitting on
    . Remove all the tacky stickers my mrs added on
    . A good service including filters, plugs etc. 
    . Anything else I find along the way. 
    Once all that's sorted, I'll be happy. There's a lot of sentimentality with this car not only for me but for the mrs as well. so saving her is a no brainer for us. She might not be much but she's honest and we intend to keep it that way. We intend on taking her to some classic and other shite-orientated events this year work schedule permitting, so hopefully some of you guys will get the chance to see it in a better condition than how she is now.
    Anyways, apologies for the waffle, I know that was quite some read so thank you for reading if you've stuck around. Wish Suki luck for tomorrow, I'll keep you all posted on how she gets on .

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    PicantoJon reacted to Ohdearme in Re-light my fire, illumination is my only desire… - Ohdearme’s turn of the century emporium   
    Aside from it being rather cold to be faffing with buckets of water and hose pipes, the wind and extended forecast of dry weather made for an excellent day to try and sort the roof.
    Pressure washer didn’t really do much to clear the grot once it dried after my first go so I shelled out for some proper cleaner and restorer. 

    Here goes…
    Before 🤢

    Rinse the hood

    Pat down and paint on the muck shifter

    Attack it with the scrubbing brush


    Hot water rinse

    Dry it, Paint it, Dye it and see what we get

    It takes up to three hours to go off, hence the dry spell being handy so we’ll see how it evens out.

    It looks a bit patchy in places despite three/four goes over with the dye.

    I think some of the patchiness is the age of the hood itself and streaks on the fold lines, a bit like the silver streaks you get when ironing your trousers like a fanny for the first time and ruining them cos your mum used to do it for you.
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    PicantoJon reacted to davidfowler2000 in Decker Dave's Decluttered Dross Dribblings   
    Movements are afoot.
    Collections may be happening.
    If you know... shoosh.
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    PicantoJon reacted to Ianlea73 in Introducing my 1985 American ford ltd sedan   
    This had been on marketplace for ages & I was slowly watching the price lower to a more affordable price. It turned out to be a 6 minute drive from my house so it was rude not to go take a look. I'd promised myself before I was 50 I'd either build a kit car or buy a yank tank. I turned 50 last October!!
    It was imported, Registered & lived on an American Air force base for over 20 years.
    Previous owner bought it as a father son project but unfortunately, his son became ill so his health became the priority. 
    The car needs all new brakes, wheel cylinders, shock absorbers etc but luckily that's all supplied.
    Biggest stumbling block is the 3.8 V6 engine has single point injection & this seems to be playing up. Apparently it ran perfectly well when parked up but now splutters & dies.
    So I'll definitely be looking for advise on the 308 Windsor engine issue.
    It can't be too much as the car has a genuine 37000 miles in the clock!
    The car is so clean it still has most of its factory decals. No rusty holes just mild surface rust.
    The lower trim has been removed & all holes welded up. I'm going to colour match the lower section then use steel wool & soap to nib off any surface rust on the body, then boiled linseed oil & white spirits as a varnish
    My plans are to sort the brakes, suspension & get it running however I've been advised to rip out all the smog stuff & then look into getting the 14" factory steel wheels banded so I can use the oem P slit hubcaps. 
    Enjoy & any feedback & help with the engine issue would be great & how to remove the smog stuff.

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    PicantoJon reacted to RichardK in The £250 BX resurrection and now MOT RIP   
    *fishes keys out of bowl*
    *ignores partner, drives off in whatever car it was*
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    PicantoJon reacted to RichardK in AnnoyingPentium's Adventures - Once, twice, three times an MOT   
    I hate ferul brake hoses. So vicious compared to domesticated ones
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    PicantoJon reacted to Rocket88 in Don’t need it, can’t afford it but….   
    Just look at it. Going to view Saturday 

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    PicantoJon reacted to ruffgeezer in Oh no, not ANOTHER one! 18/02/24 Topless french totty!   
    A quick battery swap and a natter with Scott, the previous owner and we are away...

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    PicantoJon reacted to ruffgeezer in Oh no, not ANOTHER one! 18/02/24 Topless french totty!   
    It's Friday, it's pissing with rain and I'm going to be working tonight.
    Perfect morning for a collection then?
    Breakfast - 0
    PC -1
    Bemused doggos - 2

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    PicantoJon reacted to alcyonecorporation in The new news 24 thread   
    @dollywobbler has a drone. 

    He inadvertently ended up making something that looked like a late nineties grunge video. 

    I got the filters out. 

    Well, fuck you, I liked it. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to wesacosa in The new news 24 thread   
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    PicantoJon reacted to beko1987 in AnnoyingPentium's Adventures - Once, twice, three times an MOT   
    Hit a pothole not fall off the side of Wales, don't worry 🤞
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    PicantoJon reacted to beko1987 in AnnoyingPentium's Adventures - Once, twice, three times an MOT   
    Could be worse indeed, hopefully he can sort the handbrake properly and that's it sorted for a while. 
    You'll get the ball joint done then 3 weeks later hit the biggest cuntiest pothole you've ever hit with it, I speak from experience 😂
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    PicantoJon reacted to AnnoyingPentium in AnnoyingPentium's Adventures - Once, twice, three times an MOT   
    That'll do.

    Just told them to proceed with the work.
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    PicantoJon got a reaction from Twiggy in Jon's Bodge Log - Dad update and the end of cambelt roulette for the Picanto?   
    We'll be having a serious conversation when I get back to the correct side of the Pennines. Involving pointing at pictures of scrapyards and chopping gestures. 
    So yesterday was a good ol' fashioned adventure*. 
    Step 1: Bus wankerage to the shining metropolis of Selby... 

    Step 2: Brisk 10 minute walk to the motor factors of choice*, YMF, in the rain. 

    Step 3: Acquire said part and reverse step 2. 

    Step 4: Return to car, throw parts in the boot and head back to WORK. 
    Step 5: Finish work and spend 2 and a half hours extracting ded slave cylinder, fitting new one and bleeding 1,002 air bubbles out of the lines. All while cursing the car, the French, my life choices and anyone unfortunate enough to walk by. 
    Just as despair was setting in at the lack of any sensation in the clutch, something* changed and I had a clutch pedal again! Probably more bubbles, the bastards... 
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    PicantoJon reacted to ruffgeezer in You thought the Monza was rusty, enter mums Discovery   
    You can't speak about his mother like that!
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    PicantoJon got a reaction from Dyslexic Viking in Jon's Bodge Log - Dad update and the end of cambelt roulette for the Picanto?   
    Well that didn't take long... 

    Finished work and noticed a distinct chattering noise coming from the land of belts. Occasionally said chatter suddenly stops, the engine bogs and the headlights go bright. Signs point to alternator shenanigans but I'm an idiot and don't trust my own judgement any longer. 
    At least there's a Subway in the petrol station in case I get hungry... 
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    PicantoJon got a reaction from AnnoyingPentium in Jon's Bodge Log - Dad update and the end of cambelt roulette for the Picanto?   
    *driving over potholes* Clonk clonk. 
    As it turns out, the merdemobile wasn't just suffering from shaggered droplinks. Wheel off again and poking and prying revealed the most likely* culprit of my latest auditory discomfort. A ball joint that wasn't jointing very well any more. 
    Of course Peugeot, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to rivet the ball joint to the control arm. Googlage revealed that the best course of action was to simply replace the entire assembly, I was inclined to prefer this anyway as less hassle...
    Fast forward to Saturday, tools out and it's not raining so time to get cracking. 
    Sensibly I'd penetrating oil'd all the bolts and the pinch bolt holding the ball joint to the hub came out no issues. 

    The fun began in earnest. Would the joint come away from the hub? Hah. Yea nah. A solid hour of fun and games trying to dislodge 14 years of grime and rust and eventually the bastid thing popped out. 
    Subframe bolts were surprisingly un-French and popped out with minimal protest, apart from having to wrestle the driveshaft as far forward and up a bit to get one of the bolts out.

    Good riddance and that ball joint was properly cooked, so was I to be honest! 
    New arm in, subframe bolts point blank refused to go home. Sod this, I was cooked so went inside to warm up and get meowed at for the rest of the evening. 
    This morning I go back out, spent three miserable hours getting drizzled on and only getting one of the two bolts back in. At this point, the car also decided to steal my torx bit and adapter. I'm not getting that back, am I? 
    In an act of sheer desperation, monkey brain engaged and I hit the top of the bolt with a lump hammer. Fuck me it started moving! Few more thwacks and it was home. 
    All that stress sorted with a few taps of a sodding hammer. A short test drive later and I can happily report the clonk is banished. 
    Let's see what breaks next! 
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    PicantoJon reacted to Ronkey in Any interest in another Amazonian rescue?   
    Time to cut out the rust above the rear shock. Hope my skills with a grinder match those with a welder: that is a lot of missing metal. Getting a bit worried here. What a crap detail Volvo - talk about a rust trap.
    Well pleased with my metal fab skills here - made the new inner wing in one piece . Didn't take one with the welding complete but you get the idea. 

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    PicantoJon reacted to Ronkey in Any interest in another Amazonian rescue?   
    I am always a bit suspicious of barn finds. They seem to be everywhere and usually have been left to rot outside then dragged inside for a few months before being offered for sale. Add to that that it was on Ebay and I was doubly suspicious. But curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a look.

    On arrival I was met by a 1965 122s which hadn't moved from a dry garage in 30 years. Yes, there was rust and a poor respray but this car had been loved so much that the previous owner couldn't bring himself to part with it. Unfortunately the car has outlasted him and his widow reluctantly decided to sell it.

    This appealed to me and a bid was placed. And I won. Oh heck. That was back in September. 

    Now that @juular has succeeded to get his 122s on the road, is there any interest in the story?

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    PicantoJon reacted to ruffgeezer in Oh no, not ANOTHER one! 18/02/24 Topless french totty!   
    So it started, as it often does, with a perusal of all the cheapish, localish, broken shit that was on ebay.
    This one wasn't listed cheaply and I'd left my gambling pants at home, so I settled for a different approach.  A conversation with the seller via messages and a promise to view promptly if it didn't sell via the auction.
    You forget these little asides, dont you?  You have these conversations fairly secure in the knowledge that most of the people on eBay are fine, upstanding, folk who wouldn't dream of pulling a seller's pisser when it comes to something like selling a car?
    Well now, imagine my surprise* when less than an hour after the auction finished, the only bidder pulled out of the purchase.   The car's owner, Scott, was good enough to get back in touch and offer me a viewing of the car.

    There are one or two marks on the paintwork,  but it looks very well on it's miles.  The interior is very clean and a testament to the owner's late brother who has kept the car neat and tidy, but there is of course to be done or it probably wouldn't interest me at all!

    To do:
    Replace the battery and collect the car. MOT - last years advisories for rear discs & pads and both front arm bushes. Service - unused for at least a year. Roof inoperative - the biggun - but I like a challenge. There will doubtless be more as I work through the car, but it's a rare hen in that it's a 2.0 diesel with 6 speed box, full heated leather and auto lights/ wipers.  Definately the right time of year to be getting into something like this I reckon.

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