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    PicantoJon reacted to kevins in The grumpy thread   
    yep my old rangie is the only one of our 8 cars I can drive around in without having to worry about pot holes, the idiot following a foot behind in his Audi/Bmw usually gets a nasty shock when I drive through a bad one with no braking or avoidance!
    The work Transits are also pretty impervious to them.
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    PicantoJon reacted to Supernaut in The grumpy thread   
    It's a pro wrestling move, involving hooking your opponent round the neck with a repair panel (bonus points for anything BL) then pulling them to the floor with it, thus finishing the match.
  3. Sad
    PicantoJon got a reaction from mercedade in The grumpy thread   
    The old man is currently in intensive care after having his knackered atrial valve replaced. Even though I know he's in the absolute best place, I'm still worried shitless. 
    Not sure I'll be sleeping tonight. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to davidfowler2000 in SVM Industries Latest KLECKSHUN Thread   
    Having spent the night at CHEZ_WOMAN_df2k, I have now arrived home so collection officially ends.

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    PicantoJon reacted to ruffgeezer in Oh no, not ANOTHER one! 18/02/24 Topless french totty!   
    Chucked the regulator on, the window now works from all switches. 
    The roof tries in that I can hear the pump running  but it only seems to release one of the catches on the boot lid.
    More investigation soon,  only on code in the diagbox e8b1 which seems to relate to the opening operations timing out.
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    PicantoJon reacted to Dyslexic Viking in The new news 24 thread   
    Got the Vivaro started for the first time since mid October today. The battery was flat but when it had power it started immediately.
    Not quite sure what the future is for this one, I don't get to use this as much as intended and the camper conversion is a failure. It also needs an mot and new tires and timing belt, service etc this spring so it needs money spent on it also. 

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    PicantoJon reacted to Soundwave in Bangerfest (now Rustival Thread)   
    Ah yes, the inevitable royal connection. 
    I had to sell a Fiat Uno with a dented front wing for the same reason. 
  8. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to UltraWomble in Bangerfest (now Rustival Thread)   
    Ive responded to these before with:

    I have a collection of over 40 Henry Hoovers, and they all have distinct personalities, some can be quite nasty...

    I have half a dozen post boxes in the back garden, and the Royal Mail havent caught me yet...
    I once set light to a fart and ended up burning my scrotum as a result I spent a week in burns at Royal Preston
    Generally shuts people up and stops them talking to me again.
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    PicantoJon reacted to eddyramrod in Bangerfest (now Rustival Thread)   
    For any of us within reach, the Lakeland Motor Museum (A590 at Backbarrow) hosts an eclectic meet on the first Saturday of every month, all year round.  Just about any "loved" old car is welcome.  My 20 year old Jag isn't always the youngest there; but just yards away will be a hundred year old Bentley, and everything in between.  Original, patinated, restored, we've got them all, from a motorbike to a lorry.  You can interact with people as much or as little as you want to and there are no prizes most of the time.  Some of our number have visited before. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to Bfg in Hello Pug .. Bye Bye Voyager   
    In resolution to the convenience of of having more estate-boot space today I removed the rear seats. . .
    ^ Three individual seats. any or all can be removed. Simply pull the seat's various straps to fold the back down, to tilt the seat forward, and then release its clamps. They even provide a lifting handle for one's convenience.  These seats are half the weight of those in the Chrysler and also smaller, so undoubtable less comfortable than those in that car, but also a darn sight easier to lift out.  Please.. No comment about the mess of dog's hairs under these seats and in the boot.. I paid good money for it

    The 308SW rear space is pretty good when those seats are cleared out of the way. If the floor was flat rather than stepped in the middle then a night or two glamping would be possible. and of course that step could easily be filled with a piece of foam.  For me thought, I can foresee its usefulness in carrying boat bits and my TR engine when that's reassembled. 

    ^ I'll mostly be using the car like this though. I'll carry the third seat.. just in case, but will find the clearer mid-floor and side door more convenient for everyday carrying of shopping and tools. I'll lay an old carpet offcut over all those seat-fastening holes.
    ^ I wasn't sure if this model of 308 had it, but as you can see it does have the opening back window. It might be useful for loading smaller bags into the back of the car ..when parked close to something behind. 
    That was it for today, aside from much more cleaning of inside corners. 
    I've also swapped the Chrysler's battery, which I bought 18 months ago, with its old one. The old battery was okay for warmer weather, but didn't cope when it's cold.  I see no point in a good battery going to the scrap-man, not least when I need one for my boat's outboard. 
    Scratch marks (claws or bling jewellery) around door handles to touch-in tomorrow, if the weather remains dry and mild. 
    Aside from scratched alloy wheel rims (curbstone parking) It'll look a tidy car then.
    Bidding you a good evening,  Pete 
  11. Haha
  12. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Bfg in Hello Pug .. Bye Bye Voyager   
    Amazing...  I didn't realise these modern fandangle cars also checked for prostate-specific antigens..   There seems to be sensors on & in everything nowadays. ! 
    Does one have to drive around butt naked or does it scan through m' jeans ?  
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    PicantoJon reacted to HMC in HMC- Shad gets its “fine lines” back on the cheap   
    And tyres that are VIGOROUS

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    PicantoJon reacted to HMC in HMC- Shad gets its “fine lines” back on the cheap   
    Ive recently adopted this orphan…

    After a colourful life including three engines, and at least 1 new gearbox, its spent the last few years dragging its older, more glamourous relatives about for spares and restorations. (photos by St Austell Bay classics)





    Anyway, its been replaced by a discovery 3- and there was a possibility the next step would be for it to be sold off in parts through their e bay account.
    I was interested in it as its an unusual colour for a p38 and its a very low spec one. 
    No extra wood, more basic heating system, no sunroof, no leather etc

    Its also has had the rear seats removed and the load bay extended. easy enough to reverse.

    So its the poverty model of the least appealing range rover. But its had everything its needed mechanically as its been in front line use. 

    It wafts along nicely on air, whilst not particulary quick (its the 2.5 bmw 6 diesel) and although the interior needs a clear and a few (cheap) replacement bits, it still feels special to drive.

    I think it looks quite funky in white.
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    PicantoJon reacted to 500tops in Lazy spotters thread   
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    PicantoJon reacted to Marm Toastsmith in Marm's Motors: Good Micra / Bad Audi   
    Had a go at the Audi today. As per @SiC's suggestion I decided just to clean up first before getting carried away with replacing valve cover gaskets. Used my new pela-style oil pump to clean out the old oil then cleaned up with some wd40. Some potato cam pics attached - before and after. Would have been a horrible job without the pump.
    Unfortunately it still won't start - I think the oily leads were likely a red herring - they've probably been soaked for months/years. It's raining now and I CBA but if and when the sun comes out I'll start pulling plugs out and checking for a spark. At least now removing the plug won't fill the bore with dirty oil.

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    PicantoJon reacted to Marm Toastsmith in Marm's Motors: Good Micra / Bad Audi   
    Decided to press the Micra back into service as I haven’t had time to do anything with the Audi. With an ill mother I’ve had lots of local running about to do and it’s the ideal car for that really.
    Got it MOT’d today… clean pass… the tester says it’s one of the cleanest ones about.
    Such a good little car, it’s the best £200 I’ve ever spent and really I mustn’t ever think about selling it again.

  18. Haha
  19. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to grogee in A Zed kollekshun Fred   
    That's lovely, even when it's upside down. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to 95 quid Peugeot in A Zed kollekshun Fred   
    Not only Ken doing pics, Ken doing wollarding

  21. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to quicksilver in SVM Industries Latest KLECKSHUN Thread   
    So after 4 pages of not knowing WTF was going on, it turns out some guinea pigs sent young Mr Fowler all the way to Somerset to buy them a Golf and disguise it as a Volvo B10M.  Those are some very demanding rodents.
  22. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Dave_Q in 2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement 197k miles TFSI Club Member   
    Look forward to XXX cam follower and inlet manifold pics, by DM OK if NSFW
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    PicantoJon reacted to SiC in 2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement 197k miles TFSI Club Member   
    Home. No pez shot as filled from a can. Weather was absolutely filthy so no fannying about. 
    Drove really tight and strong given the mileage.
    Anyway I have a very clean boot badge. #VAGLife

    More later as housework duties to do and keep Mrs SiC sweet.
    A few quick pictures for what £1400 gets you nowadays. CHEAPEST DRIVING GTI IN THE COUNTRY (Maybe)

     Not as filthy as you might think it could be.

    Headlining is dropping

    No stereo but...

    No warning lights!

  24. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Supernaut in 2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement 197k miles TFSI Club Member   
    Wild stab in the dark... Peugeot RCZ?
    You have the Audi TT, now it's time for the Aldi TT.
  25. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to fairkens in 2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement 197k miles TFSI Club Member   
    IME that works OK until one of them has blocked your missus in when she's trying to get to work and she can't move it  because you accidentally left the keys in your coat pocket which you are currently wearing 300 miles away
    GLWC, may your voyage be bon
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