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    PicantoJon got a reaction from richardmorris in The grumpy thread   
    Found this whilst changing one of the the injector seals.
  2. Sad
    PicantoJon reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    Just a note to say that my dad passed away this morning. He is at peace now. I will miss him terribly.
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    PicantoJon got a reaction from GeorgeB in Unpopular Motoring Opinion Thread   
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    PicantoJon reacted to fatharris in FatHarris - tales of a motoring moron ***Finally reassembling 13/4***   
    Jesus, brief panic ensued in the work car park - popped out to get something from the Rover, and the fob wasn't working. Totally dead. Unlocked the door with the key and the alarm went off, and wouldn't stop.
    Had to run back into the building, prise the fob open, reseat the batteries and try again. Working now, but poo shot out.
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    PicantoJon reacted to eifion in I'm Too C6-y for My Cars - Eifion's Bad French Motors   
    Everything's been fairly quiet with my cars over the last few months, but the C6 has finally started playing up a little. Unlike earlier hydraulic Citroëns it's not supposed to sink when then engine's turned off but my has decided that it will. Someone on the C6 Owners Forum thinks it's a stuck valve so it may not be too bad a problem. I hope not, I did nearly 400 miles in it last weekend and it's still a joy to drive.
    In other news, I've finally had the driveshaft that @loserone sold me fitted to my Peugeot 205 and today I took it for its first run out. It's much better now, but opening the hatchback makes me think that it might be a little damp at the back.

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    PicantoJon reacted to Talbot in Shitefest Shropshire 12-14th July   
    If you've never set fire to a car while welding, you're just not getting enough heat into the weld.  Try cleaning the metal back further and stepping up to the next power level.  Maybe a bit more wire feed speed too.
    .. and I totally did not* set fire to the Merc C250td on the driveway a couple of days ago.  Nope.  Not me.  Never.
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    PicantoJon reacted to KruJoe in Pleasure Wagon Memories   
    I keep tripping over PW memories I thought I should share. In no particular order...


    ^^ Outside @John F's residence on returning from Shitefest Lincolnshire (2017?), and here featuring @gdhaydock and @Captain Flimble Where are you guys?

    There are stories behind every picture of course. My albums are chaotic, so I'm sure I'll find more.
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    PicantoJon reacted to juular in Unpopular Motoring Opinion Thread   
    Diesel engines of any arrangement sound better than any petrol I6 or V6.
    Bonus opinion.
    An I5 sounds way better than any V8.
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    PicantoJon reacted to scdan4 in 61 Chang Jiang. Perfect for essential journeys.   
    This fucking thing 😂
    Road it around and although it was shit, it worked, looked cool and everyone was happy.
    One day it refused to start. Absolutely nothing, despite having been fine the week before. Chucked a condenser and points at it which achieved fuck all, chucked a new coil on which also did nowt and then life got in the way.. .. .. we sold a business (where it mainly lived),  moved house ( where it also lived) and during that it went to stay with a mate of a mate who was going to 'fix it' but just left it outside to patina more 200 miles away inaccessible from the new house where there wasn't space for it because builders. Bah. Poor thing.
    Some time later.
    It's now had new carbs as the others had no seals left (because ethanol I assume) and the mounting faces were very warped. The old ones put as much fuel into the general atmosphere as the engine, very stinky. An obvious problem so surely that's why it doesn't run. Nope , much kicking later reveled no desire to fire or any sign of life.
    The wiring was suspect with lots of blue crimp terminals and the feed for the absent sidecar having just been sheared through, so a rewire was done with the loom being more appropriately fabric wrapped, and hidden away from sight more and with the nasty hex head stainless bolts replaced with black button heads, so it's looking great. A broken wire was found on the back of the generator as we went so hooray that must be it. New battery, battery clamp and master switch whilst we were there.
    Kick. Kick. Kick. Fiddle with new 'baselined' carbs. Kick kick kick oh fuck off.
    Still no go. Checking over and the spark strength is very poor. The whole distributor unit is wobbly, worn and shit. So more new bits were bought, an electric ignition upgrade unit this time with another new (but matched coil. ) Followed the instructions. Put the tank on, kicked it without much hope and it started 😁. A-mezz-in. Modern tech has it's uses.
    Sat there idling nicely. Generator light firmly and brightly on 😖 so not there yet, but it's closer to done than it has been for some while 
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    PicantoJon got a reaction from eddyramrod in Unpopular Motoring Opinion Thread   
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    PicantoJon reacted to Flat4 in Sunday shenanigans   
    This should be a collection thread but as I haven't seen the car in person yet, watch this space! This will involve multiple modes of transport and quite tight timings to meet my outbound connections. Praying no delays or the whole thing will collapse.
    Obligatory breakfast pic.

    Ham sandwich coz I couldn't be arsed making bacon. Hot cross bun coz why not. Cold brew coffee which I hadn't tried before. Okay but weird after taste. 6/10.
    PC 0
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    PicantoJon reacted to Minimad5 in That V6 406 (D9)   
    So with everything out the way and a  compression test done, I had a niggling in the back of my mind - 'Do we actually have good spark, is the injector getting a pulse??'
    One way to find out

    Apologies for the poor picture, but with a noid lamp -  (Freshly purchased from https://www.sealey.co.uk/product/5637205125/6pc-noid-light-set ) , it was confirmed we had injector pulse.
    And Halfords spark tester  (https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/electrical-diagnostics/laser-ignition-spark-tester-in-line-208694.html ) , it was also confirmed we had spark, but a rather weak looking one. Tried a new coil and things looked much healthier, result.
    Old plugs removed and replaced 

  14. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Metal Guru in Unpopular Motoring Opinion Thread   
    Whoa! I feel like I’m on Pistonheads having my daily transport slagged off.
    I’ve got several pairs of Timberlands. 
  15. Haha
  16. Sad
    PicantoJon reacted to Tommyboy12 in Tommy's A-series Misery - Fleet Tinkering   
    AS I bring sad news. The AS communal bike that is the Rover 25 GTI is dead.
    She let go on me on the motorway on Monday night. I lost a cylinder while driving closely followed by plumes of white smoke.
    I also gained some serious blowby on the dipstick which is never a good sign

    Five hours later I got recovered...

    I had a delve into the cylinders. Did a compression test.
    200. 200. 200. 0.
    Oh dear. Bore scope time

    RIP GTI. Long live the GTI.
    While I can repair this kind of failure I don't have the time or inclination with this car. However all is not lost. @sharley17194 has decided to take ownership and attempt to fix it/add it to his pile of scrap cars.
  17. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to rob88h in Brownnova’s eponymous vehicle... It might be over for my Nova.   
    If you do decide to move on the brown Nova, change your user name to whiteyugo and have no regrets. 
    EDIT: As pointed out, perhaps whiteyugo could come off a bit racist... Best go with redsaab, or  better still probably just keep the Nova. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to Sunny Jim in Shitefest Shropshire 12-14th July   
    For any other introverts out there who don't generally enjoy mixing with large groups and are wondering whether or not to come...
    DO! Whether it's at Shitefest, FoD, FoTU or Rustival I've found meeting other shiters really relaxing and enjoyable. It's that feeling of, "Ah, I can relax, I'm with my people" that makes their company easy.
  19. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to mat_the_cat in Shitefest Shropshire 12-14th July   
    He didn't say no welders...
  20. Haha
  21. Haha
  22. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Rust Collector in Unpopular Motoring Opinion Thread   
    We do it for the relief and elation you get each time you actually make it to your destination, it's like a Russian Roulette of mechanical misery.
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    PicantoJon reacted to DeeJay in Unpopular Motoring Opinion Thread   
    Fines. Parking, speeding, reckless driving etc all if them should be a percentage of income. 
  24. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to rob88h in '96 Galaxy (Shrew) A closer look   
    I Love these things. 
    Here’s a picture of the one I had if you want some… “inspiration”

  25. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to sierraman in '96 Galaxy (Shrew) A closer look   
    Base my friend. As basic as you could get, like having a hot Steak meal placed in front of you then it being whipped away and an out of date motorway service station sandwich moving into its place. 
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