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    PicantoJon reacted to tooSavvy in 😎.. SavvGetzWiththeprogram   
    As an aside.... I keep a plastic tub box in the hatch boot, with some basic tools and oil/washer top up stuff, I took it out to get the old tyres in...
    Having NEVER raised the spare wheel cover board and looked under it 😱.... I reckoned if the spare was a baldy scrapper then one of the 'good' wheels being chucked out could be swapped in 🤔
    No need to worry 😁
    Brand-new/unrun spare, full toolkit [in factory Hessian bag] + NO WATER in well 👍
    ...... we'll forget about that now, then 🤣
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    PicantoJon reacted to meowmeow in Watch me make a stupid mistake - Peugeot 504 Break L   
    update if anyone's interested... (also someone please let me know how to change the thread title as I've had this thing for a month now)
    sketchy times getting it up the drive - duct tape over the plate was for the tax fairies

    everyone in my life who told me it wouldn't fit (including myself) can bugger off haha


    found a free gift wing-mount aerial, but there's no radio, and no wings for that matter either? Came with the car so I'm keeping it, will re-install at some point in the distant future
    Assessment time - removed the pond from under the rear seats, the dessicated rat from under the driver's seat (sorry no piccy) and the mouldly sound-deadening.
    Needs: OS front floor (especially the bit under the rat, probably corroded by death juices), little bit of the OS rear floor, and parts of the boot floor:

    eh, could be a lot worse
    Floppy gearstick was irritating me, so had a look under the cover plate:

    hmm that's not right...

    pin's somehow sheared off the linkage. Probably unlikely to find a replacement, since seems it's base-model specific for some reason, so...

    ended up being welded back together and popped back in the car. Was a right pain trying to get the bolt off the end to slide the pin back into the bushing, breaker bar in one hand and holding the linkage to the kitchen floor with my bare foot (socks give you no grip whatsoever)

    All back together, featuring spare CV boot from the Golf, because again there's no way I'm ever finding an OEM replacement rubber boot. Please also ignore the large amount of daylight coming through the floor.
    Ok so natural progression would be to get the clutch working, so master cylinders and servo out:

    Wondering where all the brake fluid went?

    Straight through the structure of the car of course. Excellent.
    To be fair, looks like it's only the top side that's fucked, though not the easiest place to get to for welding.
    Servo looked fine, so painted it with some weird £5 iron fence paint, just to protect it. Should really be plated but whatever.

    May notice the recurring theme here that my workbench is a wheelie bin
    Next steps, work out how to remove the front seats to get to the floors, and sort the clutch slave cyliner out as it's looking decidedly sad at present.
    Need to get some taller axle stands from Machinemart since the ground clearance is so big nothing I have will lift the wheels off the ground, but gotta find a route that doesn't go through ULEZ cameras - every £12.50 I save will go on penetrant
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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    I haven't got a rattle gun so I bust out my biggest breaker bar and did some early morning Saturday swearing. 
    Looks better with the trims off anyway. 



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    PicantoJon reacted to N Dentressangle in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    The colour mings, it's got nothing pleasant inside and the tyres are shagged.
    Mission accomplished, I'd say.
    And yeah. Why d'you need a 12v sockit when you've got a battree FFS
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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    Two more stops to top up and made it home grand.


    Well done little panda. 
  7. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    Drivers seat analogue Tyre monitoring sytem activated. 

    Hold on you 13inch clownarse. 
  8. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    Me thinking about my new car. 

    Me seeing it for the first time. 


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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    Me creeping back from the toilet on the train trying to look inconspicuous because I made an awful monstrosity and the flush wouldn't work so I just piled all the toilet roll on top of it and left a short note of apologies for the next user. 

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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    And away we go!
    Early start. I missed breakfast so popped to WH SMITHS so I could grab a cheap snack. 
    Now I know why they've installed FUCKING DEFRIBULATORS at Darlington rail station. A bottle of water and a Twix came to a kick in the arse off of five pounds. 
    Thanks Brexit. 

    Thanks Tracey. 
    Felt like a right bell end. 
    So I went and stood at the bell end of the station. 

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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    After a bit of doom scrolling and ruling out anything parked on gravel, parked on grass, parked with a caravan or dog in the background, being sold by someone also selling 9 to 27 other cars, any seller with a flag as their profile pic and any car with a pic of the key in the ignition that clearly still has an auction tag still attached, I found something that raised my spirits. 

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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    I decided that I would buy a nice modern sensible car like a Dacia, or maybe a Nissan Juke or Crashquai. 
    I fired up eBay to see what was going down in boring-town. 

    Sounds delicious but not ethical.

    Cat food. 


    Craig looked like the best bet but seven god damn dollars seemed a lot and there was no service history so I tried Marketplace. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *Bile Hatred* pseudo collection.   
    Not buy car fever is the biggest killer of shrimp and fat northern men after suicide, heart disease and murder. There are ten stages and I was feeling thirsty (stage 8).
    I really must buy something before I go ded. 
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    PicantoJon reacted to fatharris in FatHarris - tales of a motoring moron **Bloody huge update 23/2**   
    18th - 22nd
    Shall we get into it?



    Annoyingly, there is a bracket at the front that I use to lift the car a bit before I can get a jack up in the proper place. This bit me on the arse rather spectacularly, as the spot welds in an adjacent area let go, and the bracket folded in half. That'll need some remedial work.
    First thig I did was check the rear of the engine. Didn't like what I saw, those are coolant crystals, so the head gasket has probably deteriorated to the point where it requires replacement.

    Found no shortage of rotty, grotty bits that require attention.
    Some that can get away with a stiff wire brush and reprotection - 

    And some that can't.

    All in all, there are several repairs needed, but a lot of areas will recover nicely with a good wirebrush and reprotect. Also found a perished LHM strut return line, so one is on order.
    Whilst not bothered with cameras etc, the fuel lines were rigged to a jerry can for a test run of the engine, which highlighted several issues, namely thin, fuel-smelling oil (probably a byproduct of short running times with choke, changing the oil may actually help with the engine smoking issue too) and the temperature gauge not reading a temperature, despite the heaters being toasty.
    The top rad hose was stone cold which is pointing at the thermostat being stuck, which would explain the brief forays into overheating when it was on the road.
    The following morning, I whipped off a very old thermostat. In fact, this may even be the original one.

    Popped it in a pan and set it to boil:

    I ended up taking it to 99c and it didn't open so that's an easy win, it was very stiff and notchy to operate so a Gates thermostat has been ordered to replace it.
    The OSF area seemed like a good place to start, so the LHM sphere was removed, the VIN plate rivets drilled out, and the LHM tank removed. This was due a fresh change of LHM so it make sense to clean the tank out properly.

    First repair up - an almost insignificant panel covering a cavity. 




    Annoyed with myself afterwards because I chose to do a straight edge instead of curving it - doesn't make a real difference in the grand scheme of things though.
    Next bit was chopping out a rotten section of arch and adjoining vertical section - you can see the tiny holes peppering through the metalwork!

    To do a curved panel with a lip was a bit of a challenge, but I think I've cracked it:

    This was then bent into shape and the lines re-welded.
    The vertical section had a curved lip and I wanted to see if it could be recreated with my limited tooling.

    Turns out it could!
    Quick test fit to make sure it all goes together okay:

    And I'll look to weld that in tomorrow.
    And that me all caught up! Cheers if you made it this far
    I've got loads of parts coming via the post so hopefully, I'll be making more significant steps forward in short order.
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    PicantoJon reacted to RoverFolkUs in 'FolkUs' Family-Bike Xsara Picasso...   
    As alluded to in the news thread, this passed its MOT with only 1 minor pesky advisory: 

    I knew about this leak so figured it's time to do something about it. I already ordered a switch to have on hand a little while back anyway. 

    I couldn't see any leaks from anywhere else, so having pulled the connector off and found PAS fluid in it, and the o-ring extremely flat, I decided that I wasn't going too far wrong here. 
    Fingers crossed it all stays dry, and if so then it's effectively an advisory free MOT! 
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    PicantoJon reacted to HillmanImp in Mat777's "Lemon Cruiser" Experience   
    Sorry guys. I heard he ate too many baked potatoes, went to barf out the Toyota's door whilst driving, fell out and it ran him over before he could write out part three.
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    PicantoJon reacted to juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Buggered in both ends.   
    Crank is toast.

    Plastigauged #1 and it was clearly out of round as the mark was tapered quite strongly.
    Thankfully I have a spare crank.
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    PicantoJon reacted to Rocket88 in New kid in town……   
    Collected this yesterday…. 19k miles from new, in really good condition. Auto, so the flat cap and sandals MG “ aficionados naturally despise it…collected from Great Yarmouth, 3 hour drive back in a monsoon, no leaks, no drama….
    With working head gasket…..😁

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    PicantoJon reacted to RoverFolkUs in JJ0063’s current steed - Life of an impulsive car owner [VW T5 & BMW N47 CHAIN GANG]   
    Well that aged like fine wine 🤣🤣
  20. Haha
  21. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to AnnoyingPentium in 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: VXR8 Suspension Overhaul   
    Excellent. Me, being the sad bastard I am, can tell you that appears to be a Comfort trim model.
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    PicantoJon reacted to HMC in HMC- Shad gets its “fine lines” back on the cheap   
    I cant say I enjoyed the process, but the car has been recovered from a vulnerable position on the main road to a garage about 3/4ths of a mile away.

  23. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to HMC in HMC- Shad gets its “fine lines” back on the cheap   
    Tomorrow the p38 is going to recover the shad to a garage with an A frame. Bascially in my mind im lining up a calender shot already 😂
  24. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to Tayne in HMC- Shad gets its “fine lines” back on the cheap   
    Allow me to show you your future.

  25. Haha
    PicantoJon reacted to grogee in HMC- Shad gets its “fine lines” back on the cheap   
    What in SATAN'S HANDBAG has happened there? It looks like the CGI has clipped through the ground. 
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