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  1. Top drawer stuff that is. 👍
  2. Not that I could see, shall take another look. I just saw that and thought it didn't look good, or at least above my limited skill level... 😅
  3. Mum: 'it just needs a new belt' Erm yea, nah its toast..
  4. Well, dad's bargain C3 has issues... 30,000 miles and my foot was practically floating over the pedal before the clutch bit. Engine doesn't seem too bad, just feels gutless although the shagged clutch may not be helping matters there. Brakes are squeeeeeeeaky, I sincerely hope it's just the fronts as the rears are drums.
  5. Gonna start with my namesake, as its the first proper car I've had any experience working on/driving. 2007 Kia Picanto GS Solid little car, has put up with it's giffer PO and my dad giving it as little mechanical maintenance as possible for the past 60,000 miles. Driving-wise it is rather plain, pokey up to about 40 but then gets a bit asthmatic. Perfect little town runabout and can be fun on countreh roads once she's up to speed. Only main drawbacks that come to mind are it's hilariously small boot and the lack of legroom for this six-foot tall idiot.
  6. Me want all the food too. Forgot to put that in my first post... 🙈 Will be bringing the mega-bargain C3, that'll teach my dad for letting me sort out the insurance for it... MWUAHAHAHA!
  7. Time to upgrade from a hamster to a gerbil! Was getting bored of talking to myself...
  8. Car park in Settle had a fair bit of deliciousness parked around.
  9. Problems with my motorised contrivance: Dodgy handbrake - got to wrench it to the roof for it to actually hold the car. Clutch is getting long in the tooth* - she's fine pootling around but gets smelly af and starts losing speed after a brief while at m/way speeds. THAT FÂŁ#&ING CLUNK - we've already replaced one drop link, just waiting on getting the urge to flagellate myself fecking around with the crusty bits of the Picanto's undercarriage.
  10. Well the last few days of work have reaffirmed my need to GTFO. Can't go into detail, but it involved me being put in a seriously dodgy situation without any staff to back me up. I have enough mental health issues with anxiety and me Asperger's syndrome without being put in a situation like that. And then my manager had the cheek to ask me to do more overtime, faaaaaaaahk orf!
  11. Olds wasn't feeling too perky after his GP surgery had removed one of the meds from his prescription, spotted this on the car park at the out of hours GP we ended up going to. Turned out it belonged to the Dr my dad ended up seeing... 😂
  12. Dear knobhead I have the misfortune of working with, don't be messaging me on my days off saying "you've messed up" before checking that it wasn't your own fucking laziness that caused the finances to be owt by a particular amount. Arsehole.
  13. This fecking nut. Holding the knackered old drop link in situ with 16 years of rust and what I assume demonic hatred. As you can see it eventually lost, though that's 3 fecking hours of my life I'm not getting back... Dad nearly offed himself in the process, instead of showing me what needs doing he just bloody has to take over. Silly fucker has a pacemaker and a pharmacy of meds!
  14. Figured it was about time I got round to fitting the new rear calipers to the ungrateful silver lump. Disassembly of the old was easy, well apart from liberating the old caliper of its counterweight thingy - that took some swearing and percussive persuasion. Eventually it yielded to the application of lump hammer and we got it swapped across. Putting the new one on was a piece of piss, apart from all the difficult bits... Namely getting the new pads into the carrier whatsit. More swearing, more doubting my life choices but they eventually went in. Yes, that flexi isn't looking too clever but it looks only slightly better in person. Shiny new disc was put on too before bleeding the system (not my knuckles for a change) and putting the spinny rubber part back on. Well all in its gone alright seeing as the work has been done by this idiot, successfully removed one source of squeaking when driving and she seems to roll a bit more freely. Now to fix everything else...
  15. Spooted outside a nearby Land Rover specialist garage...
  16. PicantoJon


    Chodspeed and all that!
  17. http://advanced-steam.org/5at/ These guys tried to gather funds to build a modern steam engine but scrapped the idea, their website is still a good read.
  18. Nice by-the-book* recovery. Did the pickup notice that it was pulling anything? 😂
  19. I'm in. Both days, might bring the old fart along if he's feeling social. Scotinental breakfast if there's owt left
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