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  1. Drive by (from the passenger seat) phot
  2. If it starts pissing down (again) then I'm blaming you!
  3. Don't know what you are talking about, I can't see anything wrong...
  4. I have no idea what this is but I like it...
  5. Personal track safety, though it is being combined with a few other tickets like track induction and a couple of ones to do with electrified lines. It's booked for two weeks in Warrington. Once that's done I'll be working for a Network Rail contractor.
  6. Got the start date for my PTS training yesterday so figured it was about time to hand my notice in at my current place. Shame it was done electronically so I couldn't draw a cock and balls on the thing...
  7. Ah yes, the giffers day out trying to find our way back to the campsite using the 1980s? road atlas @AnnoyingPentium had just acquired... Think I was still a bit dazed at the point I took this picture... 🥴 I will say though that the airbed definitely wasn't worth the damage! Full credit to A.R.S.E. members @Sunny Jim, @Ghosty and of course @KruJoe for their stellar assistance on that godforsaken Welsh hillside.
  8. What a way to spend a weekend! Pissed and piss wet through in a Welsh field. Thanks for arranging it @Sunny Jim and thanks to the SVM for the much needed squared pork product on Saturday morning. Also thanks for putting up with this socially awkward shiter.
  9. Had a sudden death in the family going back some years, awful by all accounts. Condolences to you and your family.
  10. Disappointed that my Picanto won't be able to make the pilgrimage but le dadwagon Citroën will have to do. Not pictured is a rather lovely looking 106 parked just down the street that I'd love to acquire...
  11. It's definitely Shitefestday, I'm up so early even the cat is giving me funny looks.
  12. Hi-tech weight reduction. Just don't mind the breeze when you're driving...
  13. Hope it Getz to yours soon... I'll get my coat.
  14. It'll just be me coming, the old man doesn't fancy sleeping in a tent choking on my farts for two nights. Can bring Chorley cakes in his place.
  15. Got a feeling that the owner of this car might be Scottish, dunno why...
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