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  1. 21,000 miles done since I purchased my '08 £1k 1.8VVT shite, now on (148,000ish) just white goods Vectra C, and apart from suspension stuff, it's passed X2 MOTs and keeps proving very good service, if it poops itself I will just get another! Been totally excellent, and I drive a few cars, that many deem superior on the internet. I even washed it, first time in 10months.
  2. I bought one and don't visit many flat roofed pubs, had it for 9 months now, a 2008 SRI for £999 - one owner from new, dealer part ex to clear!! Needed a cambelt (127k on original one!!) cheap as hell on these 1.8VVT's, gave it a "cheapest oil" I can find service, it's needed a wheel bearing in the 8,000 miles I've done in it since. Used to haul photography equipment for work around the country and as a 2nd family car - it's bloody brilliant, slow but steady and gives me 45-50mpg!! Had many many cars and this is one of the best for not giving a shit and just getting on with the job, not even washed it yet.
  3. Hello, I'm new around here, thought as I have seen the light and bought a £1k 2008 Vectra C SRI, with a dent on every panel - I will fit in around these parts, how fun it is to drive a shite car, so dam liberating!!! Fun forum I have read a few posts already, especially the bangernomic ones.
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