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  1. Crikey, that difference between band K and L.
  2. Get a less jutting splitter and remove that bonnet scoop and that is perfection (For me).
  3. A 1989 G reg Samba with a plate that ends with 3 numbers followed by a Y? Why Lie? Edit: On second look it is a left hooker so it was imported, still doesn't explain the plate.
  4. Love the rust on the bumper!
  5. The poor thing has gone through so many owners over the last 2 years, just needs someone to love it. £1200 is too much though, I got an Alpine in 2021 for the same with an MOT.
  6. Made them till 2012 in China, with numerous facelifts over the years.
  7. I spoke to the Chap that owns that owns an Applause (Probably that one), he said that he knows of only 3 surviving ones. But far better and more forgotten is its predecessor, the Charmant! I would kill for one.
  8. Don't forget the Princess till '78 as well!
  9. Taped up Number plate is always a sign of a well cared for car with an excellent MOT history.
  10. Agreed, especially as it is an auto. If this was nearer me I'd jump on it.
  11. That is impressively shit. Where did they drag it from, the sea?
  12. Why are they always on the other bloody side of the country
  13. I Know Ladas did, I am sure a few more did in the early-mid 90's when it was a buzzword
  14. A Measly 2 1983 Talbot Alpine LS 1980 Austin Maxi 2 L
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