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  1. 1957 Citroën DS 19 and 1958 Peugeot 403 in the 1959 film Vous n'avez rien à déclarer?
  2. Flooding at Spon End, Coventry. 21st August 1970
  3. Flooding at Spon End, Coventry. 21st August 1970
  4. Flooding at Spon End, Coventry. 21st August 1970
  5. A sign of Christmas, as early as 10 o'clock the Coventry Corporation car park attendant put a 'Car Park Full' notice at the Bull Yard car park. Coventry, circa 1965.
  6. Sir William Lyons - Jaguar Cars founder, chairman and chief executive. 12th July 1966
  7. 1990 Mercedes Benz 190 2.0 petrol £4,000 "Great condition for its age, fully undersealed with new brakes all round"
  8. 1958 VW Beetle "factory standard model" "Please note that no engine comes with the car" "Key points: LHD 4in narrowed beam CB Front disc brakes Pro comp gearbox 60% Berg shifter Race axles 12 volt conversion (note the semaphores have never worked) Beard seats Rear seat trimmed by Bernard Newbury in fat biscuit style AutoMeter Sport-Comp Monster Shift-Lite Tachometer Not shown or fitted but I have the matching grey tunnel rubber (new)." "Standard models are very rare in the UK and this is a great example" 🤔
  9. Thanks barrett, I guess the site I saw which gave extracts from the press release for the Autonova GT saying that Autonova was a tuning company had translation skills on the same par as mine! Another site, which correctly refers to Autonova as a design consultancy gives the other founders as Fritz B. Busch (1910 -2010, a German motor journalist, former assistant detective, used car salesman and advertising manager) and Michael Conrad (whom I haven't found out anything more). Per Wikipeadia: Pio Manzù around 1964 working on the Autonova GT Also Wikipedia: Fritz B Busch - date unknown
  10. Stoke Junior School - Briton Road, Coventry. 12th July 1989
  11. Cars parked outside Keresley Hospital, Coventry, 10th October 1968
  12. Somewhere in Coventry 'ello, 'ello, 'ello!
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