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  1. ^^edit, the final Matt green pic
  2. I actually thought that was a Skoda rapide at first glance…
  3. I thought traders where supposed to photo stuff for sale with some sort of prep! soaking wet passenger seat, general rubbish everywhere (fag packet on seat etc) bloody rust stains all over it and cupboard doors hanging off! if it was hotel room I’d be asking to have re cleaned/ switch rooms/ hotel
  4. Massive grey area! bottom line seems to be if enough of a nuisance is made the police do confiscate them. if they do have a drivers license points and fine can be applied, but how often will that happen 🤷‍♀️
  5. Can’t stop thinking about the film goodfellas now I’ve read this thread…
  6. I would leave her to sort her own problems out, sounds very ungrateful. basic gratitude goes a long way. However you can’t choose your family etc…
  7. I’m ex Kwik fit, there are some great fitters and some horrific fitters. I left as it was getting not so much tyre fitting but dragging an elastic band over an oil drum on.every.single.job…
  8. For a brief spell before gdpr, car garage MOT centre name and address could be seen. It’s now I knew one I sold years ago was still knocking about…. and what the clown I sold it do had done to it. (Sold car for £500 insurance £1500 scaffolders eh? )
  9. Dear little thing, a fine looking car! like you said soon turns into a weldathon, it lasted longer than Henry Ford wanted (think Ford only expect 10 years or so) A good innings, prob would have had a spotty yoof in trainers worth more than the car turning up wanting to swap broken Xboxes for it with six other hoodies in tow… game set and match!
  10. Most round here are driven like stolen! Thought was the norm, saying that the driver is usually a fat woman with a worn old face and at least one kid in the front seat…
  11. Some people work in odd ways! for me if I was selling first with actual money gets it. if I’m buying I’m going with money or the means to transfer, it’s not fucking window shopping if it checks out ok.
  12. It’s too fussy, no one really wants to know if it’s 23 degrees C, most folk are full bore hot or freezing cold. It’s distracting and takes your eye of the road when setting in my view.
  13. Just fix it then! Puts me off hearing stuff like that, makes me wonder what the rest of it is like… sounds like one of these “yep it’s got oil in it “ when was it last changed? ”why would you it’s got oil in it” kind of cars.
  14. God I’m old I’m remember them, it was like the fashion for the pensioner of that era, made them feel swish…
  15. Very much so. why try to reinvent the wheel?
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