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  1. Rust under the trunk gasket In addition to the leak The edges of the trunk opening on the bottom have been apparently standing in water trapped in the gasket, and have rusted significantly I would like advice on how to stop the damage and repair this properly
  2. Leak in the trunk I have a leak through old and dried up caulking in the seam between the wing and the other part that the trunk gasket is on (not the gasket itself) I'd like to replace the caulking there, however there are few issues : I'm concerned that taking out the old caulking would do more damage The left wing had been damaged by a crash in the past and repaired, but the repair is not great, in particular, it fits badly with the light, making the trunk door hit or nearly hit the light. I might consider to take the wing off at some point in the future to try to reseat it So my current plan is to put new caulk right over the old, making the band wide enough to cover plain surface on both sides (to seal it) Would like advice Full story After the first significant rain i checked out whether the car is dry inside. Found that the trunk lining is soaked (all 3 of them, the one that covers the spare tire and the sides) Under them i found quite pools of water In the latter corner i found a plastic plug in the corner, apparently for laying in wiring for fog lights or something like that. Removing the plug enabled draining the water, the rest i wiped dry Took the liners to dry at home There is some rust under the gasket, but not near the top (where i suspect standing water might be present), but on the sides. Overall it looks like the main leak is not from the gasket, allthough there is a rust issue under the gasket as well, mostly at the bottom The latter bend is indeed a place where the gasket doesn't close tightly, but it still isnt what filled the trunk After some more heavy rain i got into the trunk from inside the car, trying to pinpoint where the leak is Top is dry Sides - and it looks like at the wing seam (not at the gasket) are leaking and dripping. Right is dripping massively, left is not dripping much but there is water flow on the wall I put some pans for the night, to prevent pools again (as much as possible....) By tomorrow night the right side was full like this, left allmost dry, and wet floor on the left side only (from the leak that flows on the wall) To dry the interior for now i rigged a fan, that will blow into the breath hole under the left wing. Hopefully it can dissipate most of the moisture away
  3. Unfortunately nope. It's a bunch of parking spots along the road, common to a few houses, where any specific spot is taken one day by you and another day by your neighbor
  4. I plan to run my Tempra approx once a week depending on weather. I am considering to get the hoodie to reduce the quantity of moisture that gets to get in (into the seams around doors, engine hood etc), before i take it off to drive anyway
  5. Over here we have sometimes winter days (series of a few days at a time) with heavy rains and no wind, then sometimes something else Would a hoodie still help preserve the car better (consodering both rust and paintwork) if put on for those few days, then taken off if the weather changes ?
  6. What do the exterior covers do which is bad ?
  7. While i'm still looking for a Qubo daily driver, in the back of mind i have had a wish to get an 80's car. Not for work, but to drive into the sunset on the weekend, between 2 rows of palm trees You gotta be careful with what you wish for - because you might just get it Spotted while looking for a Qubo online. It was somewhere in the center of the country (and very far from here), so i went on a single trip to check out both it and other 2 Qubo's (that's in another thread) The moment i got in, i was impressed. Figured here is my 80's, well 1995 Fiat Tempra 1.6 i.e. Driving started with a second of grinding the gear - I came to put it in reverse to get out of the parking, and haven't expected that the clutch goes THAT far down - It's definitely more down than in the instruction car or any Qubo's The rest of the test drive was great. The car goes well and really does give the feel of "a real car", which is kinda missing in everything modern Mechanically the car appears to be in great condition The chassis is in great shape and completely rust free. The previous owner have kept it in an enclosed garage. I don't have one, but plan to put a hoodie on it when not in use during winter Body work does have bends, former repairs and fill-ins. Some panels aren't aligned too well, in particular the engine hood door does have significant gap on one side as the wing is a bit out of place. The front turn signal lenses are smashed. The headlights are intact, but a bit misaligned due to the wing. In short, the car did have some impacts over its life, but none of them impacted the chassis in any way (and i looked very throughly on the underside to check this) That day took me a few rides by train to get through all the cars to check out. After the test drive, some vague check up on the mechanical condition, and inspection of the underside - chassis, I bought it on the spot (With the Qubos, which are more modern and i'm looking into using one as daily driver, i am much more picky tho) Taking the car home was a problem. The car had been insured by the seller, but the insurance doesn't cover me driving (being a new driver) The seller, who (as i got to know him on this day) is into vintage cars. He noticed that i showed unusual passion for the car, and agreed to drive it all the way from the center to my house, a journey over 120 km. He arranged with some friend of his, who came with a 2nd car following us, and the two set off for their way back once the Tempra was at the destination The night ride in the Tempra was exactly as i could imagine a night ride in an 80s car. Everything was incredible, all the way to the awesome purr of the engine (the seller was driving) (The lighting was bad, as the headlights are not aligned, but that's it) I'm very happy to have caught the Tempra. I have the impression that the car is great - It definitely is in rarely good condition for its age It needs some things, which i will address one at a time. For a start, i'd like a checklist of possible required maintenance (as i dont know when exactly it had been last serviced) Things currently i think of : Oil replacement Coolant replacement (does it need some flushing or just drain the old & fill new ?) Any belts ? Any filters ? Spark plugs ? HV (spark) wiring condition ? Brake wear level ? Tire wear level ? Anything else that might be required if the car have been standing unmoved for a few months straight ?
  8. I have almost arranged with a local owner of a petrol Qubo (which is not for sale) for a test drive on our roads (to assess the power), but right now the car got a blown tire... In any case, i'll be going to check out Cars 6 and 7, as they are, and try to find an inclined enough road in that area to see how they behave
  9. I can accept having to get under the car sometimes, but not "car blew engine out of the blue and needs replacement" sort of trouble. Which cars 1...5 all seemed to be at risk of heading to, in one way or another, based on specific things i found in the test (ongoing overheating history, oil burning up in exhaust smoke, oil pressure issues, ...), a test facility found (Car 2), or lack of cooperation from seller to even let me check it (Car 4) With the diesel, i figured (from this thread, as well as elsewhere) that i have to take extra precaution. Checking 5 cars to pick a better one is part of the precaution With the petrol, things look simpler, so i have currently one to check out, and if i will decide i want the petrol but not that specific one, i will search for yet another one So cars 6 and 7 are the petrol and diesel respectively which i will check out in the next few days
  10. I am now in communications to arrange to check out Car 6 (the Petrol one), which i will hopefully do over the next few days The owner had recently did the 10K service, so i am concerned that some things i usually check (such as for oil leaks around the engine) could be cleaned up and not be visible I would like your advice on evaluating the health condition of petrol engine in general, as i haven't had as much opportunity to evaluate those as the diesel versions (of which i have recently seen enough, so have a grasp at some specific things)
  11. What if i find out that while it's fully functional, it's just breathless on my local roads, and post "this is garbage" ... ? If anything, that's something i will find out in the first week, vs. an engine that will fail someday in the future, and might give me years of great driving before that So to me the answer is not this simple. I want to dive in and weight in detail what i might get, against what i might have to pay for it in maintenance. I am willing to accept SOME types of trouble, but not others Largely it comes down to : If there is difference in driving as i preceive (which i am still testing and evaluating), then : I'm ok with having to put more work & money in preventative maintenance and occasional replacement of parts (injectors, pumps, ....), which i acknowledge are more different parts to look after than in a petrol I'm not ok with "engine blew up out of the blue and needs replacement, despite i haven't let it down myself in any way" (I have read about the timing chain issues with those - I view it as required preventative maintenance, and not as random failure when the chain is let to wear out) The examples you provide are of the latter "engine blew up", but i am missing the back story - Have any of the cars you mention had neglect in maintenance ? Have they done so many miles that they reached normal end of life by wear out ? Have some freak incident happened ? I have readily available examples from my surrounding area, of all sorts of trouble in all sorts of cars, and others that lasted well despite all odds See Car 3 above. That one is an 1.3 Multijet which had done 270K km and still works, even though it is worn now. I know about it that it's first owner (which had done the most of the mileage of that car) had maintained it well back in the day I have a customer (a building contractor) who have got a few Berlingo's, which do have some turnaround all the time (some go, some new ones appear every now and then). He offered me to buy one of them as well. He tells how they are great cars in great shape, while topping water from the hose into the coolant tank as he talks. (Make your own conclusions) ... It seems that at least part of the trouble (or prevention thereof) may be in my hands, and not "force majeure". Some things i see around confirm it, and some disprove it With this in mind, i have, since the beginning of search for car, greatly changed the year & mileage i'm looking for - It's been 2010 & 270K km in the first cars i checked, and is all the way to 2015 & 90K now (with the respective price difference - A month ago i couldn't imagine i'll go this high, but here we are) I do think this changes the equation, in the sense that there is much more life left in the car to begin with, and much of it will depend on how i treat it from now on - vs. existing wear & damage from previous owners, to whom the high mileage ones might have been in banger area already
  12. Over the last few days i have checked out a Berlingo too, 2011 1.6 diesel. It is in fairly good condition overall, however not the car type i am looking for. So i stay with the Fiorino/Qubo target Right now i am looking at 2 newer Qubo's at much higher price (more than double that of the very first cars i came to check out with the big problems, and significantly more than the last ones as well) I am willing to check them out, provided that they are much less worn, and so i have a car and esepecially an engine in better condition to begin with Car 6 : Qubo 2015, Petrol 1368cc, 120K km Car 7 : Qubo 2015, Diesel, 90K km The engines in the petrol cars are specced some as 1360 and others 1368cc, which i assume are TU and FIRE respectively, unless whoever put up the sale posts messed it up What sorts of mechanical trouble i might face eventually with either of the 3 engines, and how much it depends on how i treat it, vs random fault out of the blue ?
  13. Found another candidate, which according to descriptions seems to be "okay", however there is a problem with it right now Car 5 Qubo Diesel Multijet 1.3 At present still in use by the seller, from here on his description over the phone of the problem : - The oil pressure light came on - The guy went to the mechanic and he replaced the pressure sensor - Next time when he was driving, after an hour or so of driving, when he was on low rpm the oil light came on again. It goes out if he presses the throttle, and comes back on if he releases the throttle etc. After a couple times the light stays off, until next time (which may be next day) - I warned him this may be the pump - He says he already called his mechanic, and the mechanic said there is no imminent danger (which would require stop use of the car), but come check - Oil gauge is full, and had been full since last 10K servicing In any case, he is heading back to the mechanic now What does this mean to me in terms of : Parts which might be failed (and how complicated are they to replace, if they miss something there and i will get hit with them later - e.g. oil pump etc), and possibility of damage to engine due to oil supply failure according to the description ?
  14. Sh'Eds your story looks like there have been other factors affecting the car reliability - 40K miles is really not much for any car, and the fact trouble started when the car changed hands is probably not a coincidence. Could be the new guy was filling in crap fuel (matches well with the injector trouble), or many other things The Nemo is in fact a Fiorino, it's the same car - not just the same engine Berlingos are common here (more so than Fiats), however it seems like their resilience to abuse actually attracts the abusive and careless owners to them (who then put them up on the 2nd hand market). I am under impression that 2nd hand Berlingos tend to be more beaten up than Fiats of the same listing price, so at the moment i am not putting effort into searching through them The promised 120K km Qubo turned out to be a fraud. The seller (who presented himself as a private owner in the listing) turned out to be a mass car resaler, refused to let the car be tested at a test facility when i mentioned that that's the next thing i am going to do - and instead tried to push to get the car inspected at a specific mechanic's shop. I turned away right at the place where we met, without even getting to see the car Keep searching....
  15. Interesting shots, What does the add on 7 segment in the Peugeot show ?
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