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  1. Other side is definitely the best side, especially the row about a third of the way down 🤣
  2. Nice work, look forwards to seeing the next developments.
  3. Hi All, I am Allanah the wife of @mat_the_cat. I've been along to Chris and Claire's field of dreams a few times now and have met some of the forum members there. I chose my username 'Puglet' because my first, second and third cars were Peugeot 205s, unfortunately I don't have one now but maybe one day I will get one again, they were great cars. I have an interest in cars and engines in general, I worked as a mechanical design engineer for many years in various different industries including clutch designer for Quinton Hazell and a year on the concept engine team at Perkins. This weekend taking apart the SAAB engine at Chris and Claire's brought back great memories of that. Look forwards to meeting new forum members and reading the forum content.
  4. Thanks to Chris and Claire for another enjoyable weekend in the field of dreams. Just thought I'd post a few of my photos up taken when the sky went very moody. PS had good fun taking the SAAB engine apart. Mat and I were pondering what that rattling noise could be on the way up and wondered if its maybe something to do with the valves perhaps not seating correctly in the head. There seemed to be an imprint of a valve in the top of the soot on one of the pistons. Or maybe valve clearances aren't right, might be worth looking into......
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