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  1. Is there a reason why the forum seems to auto-resize images I upload? Just posted some where someone was asking about polshing the car, but due to the "auto-shrink" on image size you can't really see the detail. Not sure if there is a setting I need to adjust? (Files are well within the mb limit)
  2. I know people used to really modify their capri in a very 80s way, but this one seems a bit much😅
  3. The exhaust gas leak may also be causinhg the fueling error. If its leaking out somwhere near the o2 sensor it'll be pulling in air and showing lean even if the mix in the engine is fine. So your MOT might fix the issue😆
  4. I see Southend hasn't changed much in 40 years🤣
  5. robt100

    End of shite?

    Well if its the MX5, let me know where I should head to mouthbreathe physically near the car🤣 But I agree, it does seem to be getting harder to find good buys, especially the last 12 months. Sold my Skoda Octavia at the start of 2020 for £700, since then have went through: Mk2 MX5 £700 (Bought with 12months MOT and Sold for £700 with 2 weeks MOT) Jaguar S-type V6 (Bought with 12months MOT for £1150 and a heater fault, fixed the fault and sold 4 months later for £1500) So prices were creeping up as time went by just using the cars. Then early-mid 2021 hit and it dried up a bit; 2006 Toyota Avensis D4D - Lasted 4 months then failed the MOT, scrap man took it away for £450. Went to find a replacement with the scrap money plus a little more if needed and there was nothing! Everything was in the £1k plus bracket. Thankfully managed to find a bargain on Gumtree, 1998 E110 1.3 corolla 3dr. The ad was a day or two old, but the owner had recently had a potential buyer pull out, as I was down the road I told her I'd be there in 30mins, bought the car for a little under the price. Checked when I got home and if I scrapped it the same day I'd have made a profit! So I think the WBAC and scrap values are pretty much getting rid of the old cars, because society now sees cars as white goods, so if its old, just throw it away in the most convenient way possible and get another. Rather than taking time to write an Ad and sell somthing that they have been told nobody will want. I do agree with what has been said about early-mid 00's being peak shed buying time. Got my first car that way, a 1986 Ford Capri, 65k on the clock.......£750.......It's now back up for sale again as I need money for a house move/renovations, breaks my heart to sell it, but at least the current market value means it doesn't hurt toooo much. Insurance has it down at £22k, so yeah, old cars have gone crazy prices. (On a side note, will put up a for sale ad for the Capri on here at some point, even though its not really the right category of car for the site, someone might be interested).
  6. Did you get the running rich issue sorted in the end? (I know I should just check briskoda, but hey, im here so I will ask here...and probably forget to check for an answer 🤣)
  7. Well, would you believe it. I went and had dinner, feel totally stuffed, came back to the forum and can see the for sale section. So you must be right!🤣
  8. Not so much technical help, but some clarification would be handy.... Saw this is the "how we do things thread" "Updated 1/12/22 - Following feedback from members, access to, and obviously the ability to post on, the ‘for sale/wanted’ section is now restricted to full members only." Just wanted to know, what defines a "full member"??
  9. Always wanted a BA or FG model Falcon.........just maybe not in funeral limo configuration😆
  10. Well that gives me hope I can sell my 1998 version for a bit more than the £450 I bought it for🤣
  11. When I finally get access to the for sale section on here and get to show here the other options available, it might help move her in the right direction🤣
  12. Really wanting an LPG converted XJ to replace the corolla when I move it on. But have been given a very strong telling off by the Mrs in advance that she will NOT be allowing it (she is the main one to drive the car as I have a work van).....anyone got any tips on how I can get this one past her? (Also interested in seeing if they will do a deal to include the workshop and inspection lamps!)
  13. Aye, he is the pandemic of car forums😆 (Just kidding @AnnoyingPentium!!)
  14. There's a name I recognise, hello fellow briskodian😉
  15. Looks like I may have forgotten to introduce myself on here! Well, according to my profile history I haven't made any posts (though pretty sure I made a few?). So here goes, I'm Rob, currently an avid beliver in the theory of bangernomics. Since selling my mk2 Skoda Octavia at the start of lockdown for £700, I've progressed through a mk2 MX-5 (wife's choice), bought for £750 with 12months MOT, sold for £750 with weeks MOT and sold the hardtop seperate 😅, got a Jaguar S-type that needed some work for £1100 and made a profit on that too, then had my first wrong move and picked up a 2.2D Avensis in a hurry which promptly failed the MOT on too much to list 4 months later. So with the scrap money from that got a 1998 Corolla 1.3GS, 3 owners from new, 98k and most of the service history. Looking forward to seeing other peoples projects/sheds and seeing what my next buy will be!
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