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  1. I’m just back from a holiday in Turkey. Temperature was brain meltingly hot so didn’t often venture away from the swimming pool but I did manage to spot the following: Tofas Sahin - there were a lot of these - based on the Fiat 131 and made in Turkey Renault torus - a turkish built renault 12. Our hotel featured a beach party one night and the mobile stage used was set up on this old truck.
  2. I guess after fabricating half the car’s body shell from scratch the next logical step is to move onto building your own engine components 😉. Seriously though if it can be done it should give you an engine that you have confidence in as you know you’ve sorted all the issues, whereas another replacement engine may have a whole new set of issues waiting to be found.
  3. Interior is a bit grubby but I think it would all clean up ok apart from the carpets. Note that the 1500TC interior is a bit different to later dolomites, for example the shorter door cappings and seats with no headrests are 2 obvious example - there might be more that I'm not aware of. Body has rusty sills, wheel arches and one rusty front wing. I'm sure you would find more rust if you started digging.
  4. I have this it's a 1300 that was a good engine around 15-20 years ago when the car it was in was scrapped. Been sitting in a garage since then. Alternatively I also have this It's a 1500TC, don't know anything about condition but it's from a low mileage automatic. Disadvantage - it comes with the rest of the car attached. I would like £80 for the 1300 engine or £200 for the complete 1500 engine with car attached. Both are in Forfar. I can post more pics if you're interested.
  5. Continuing from the 3-spoke alloys offered on the Nova, Vauxhall produced a selection of 3-spoke designs for some of the earlier Corsas. Personally I prefer the Nova alloys to any of these.
  6. Suzuki Jimny. I like the wheel design but somehow I don't think it suits the Jimny. I think this is a reasonable attempt to fit exposed wheel nuts into a 3-spoke design.
  7. I got my engine crane shifted to my mothers house and then got some ropes attached to the jag engine and moved it away from where it had been sitting next to the wall. Despite being a big engine it was an easy lift due to the cylinders being vertical so sits nicely balanced. The engines I have found awkward to lift in the past are the straight 4s or straight 5’s where the cylinders are banked well over to one side making the whole thing an unstable mess. I couldn’t find any engine number but helpfully jaguar have cast “3 1/2 litre” on the block. I was expecting it to be a smaller capacity as I have a mk2 jag grill with a 2.5 litre badge on it hanging on my garage wall. I also looked out all the ancillaries I could find to go with it and got them photographed in the sunshine. Next week I’ll brave gumtree. Hopefully jag parts should attract a better class of buyer who can communicate in coherent sentences but with gumtree you never know.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115466240407?hash=item1ae2530197:g:LXgAAOSwIrpi0rZ4 Still registered as a mini which apparently is ok because of amount of mini components included. I’m not convinced…. Surely if you don’t keep the monocoque body shell then you can’t keep the same ID. However, I approve of the sellers choice of wheels for the Marina in the background.
  9. Whilst I admire the craftsmanship that goes into creating something like this I can’t help but ask why? A lot of work to end up with something uglier and less practical than the traveller it was based on.
  10. Around 4 years ago I spotted a cheap series III for sale. It was too new to be tax exempt and was really rough but was a cheap way for me to try a long wheelbase which I was curious about at the time. Verdict: I quite like the long wheelbase, manoeuvre-ability is not great particularly when parking, but then you don’t buy a landrover for city commuting and the extra load space could be useful occasionally. I prefer series II to series III, mechanically much the same but the series II has the old fashioned metal dash with more character. The engine in this was a Perkins 4203. I would be happy having a non-standard engine again but this 4203 was particularly difficult to start. Even with a new very large battery it was reluctant to crank over due to the amount of compression in the engine so it’s put me off diesels a bit. Whilst my current landrover has a van body on it, this one was a pickup. For my uses I would much prefer a van as most of the time I like my cargo to be secure and out of the weather. I only used it for a few months one Summer. It sat on my driveway for a while after that but an upcoming house move made me realise it was time to move it on. I think the buyer was from just South of Edinburgh. It hasn’t been taxed since I sold it.
  11. A few months after buying JSY980 I managed to find a ropey series IIA that had spent much of it’s later life as a farm hack and consequently many non-essential things like indicators door tops and seat were missing and the chassis was close to folding in the middle. I just bought this for spares and this has so far donated it’s radiator, two hubs, plus a few small bits, to help keep JSY going. It was stored outside a garage a long way from my house for a long time but last year I got it transported home and broke it up to stop my driveway to save space.
  12. I bought this 9 years ago. At the time I was looking for any petrol land rover that was pre 1972 as that was the threshold for tax-exempt back then so that meant series I, series II or early series III. Series 1s were already crazy money for anything reasonably solid so realistically that meant series II or III. I was attracted to this one because the previous owner had replaced the chassis and although not a galvanised one it had minimal rust. To be pedantic it’s a Series IIA instead of a Series II but there were more significant changes within the series IIA production than there was from Series II to IIA. Because it’s pre 1965 it still has some of the more vintage style features like a metal spoked steering wheel, dip switch on the floor and separate wiper motors for each wiper on the screen. The next job to do that I am aware of is to replace the door tops as they are getting too far gone for even the structural moss to hold them together much longer.
  13. Nice short plate on an 18-year old Merc with borked suspension.
  14. Subtle mismatch with bonus lacquer peel
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265739794717?hash=item3ddf53791d:g:E~gAAOSwDW1iq0q8 I think these were rare, even back when they were new. The load bed was hydraulically lowerable which meant that they were front wheel drive only.
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