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  1. We have a family spare car and without fail something show stopping fails. Last one holiday booked, clutch pedal drops to floor night before-no problem take the spare and we will fix it later. Spare parked in morning and after work family member gets into it- no clutch pedal- fluid from concentric slave. Two clutch jobs later on same model car in 2 weeks FFS. 60 and 80 k on 2010 vehicles- both broke.
  2. Look at car, pleading poverty after finding 90% of the faults. Wait for price to drop £800 as seller desperate not to pay next month's insurance. Plough as little of discount back into car as possible to rectify faults over several months Drive on
  3. Briefcase wankers, every secondary school had them and they have flourished on AS as a small but- Identifiable group Rigid routines and not using the ignore feature as the process too difficult. Most likely have a library on a txt file of same old shite to post. Maybe they can "release" the tension with a decidedly average singer
  4. You need a new wind up or change the record.
  5. Done £100 @ Michelin restaurant bloody lovely. Driven 30 miles in ghetto spec vw home as over limit. 23.5c here and daughter's friend who is a girl that wants to be a boy staying over so py's unless can convince them to go home ffs
  6. Shame not the V6 as it would have been a steal. 2.2 seemed to slow, thirsty & be unreliable in our family.
  7. My Grandad had a 2.0 6 cylinder cabriolet a triumph vitesse- I thought it was a different model of the herald parents had- Or at least very similar built on a chassis.
  8. K SERIES did a pretty good job. The 1.4 multipoint was 105hp I believe, but the Honda concerto with rover badges nailed on a safer bet. Never understood why the Honda engines ran backwards?
  9. Rover 100 Rover 25 Rover 45 All rehashed elderly shite with new bumpers, paint and seats. Then City Rover was shite with a rover badge nailed to it and wanker tax added.
  10. British Leyland was a spectrum of chaos with strikes every other day, unlike the hillman imp story nailed together
  11. Neighbours rat sized dogs barking all evening 3 hours of it and it appears they have fooked off out and dogs living in garden recently- no point in doing anything about it - as neighbours other side no doubt will call dog warden soon enough. 😏
  12. Saw a new camry, just need a decade of. Depreciation 👍
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185529656260?hash=item2b326de3c4:g:In4AAOSwuT1i5nB0
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