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  1. My wife has the 116d. It "tells" you when it needs a service apparently. So I said fuck that to that and have it done annually whatever the mileage is which is normally about every 5k because I'm not changing any timing chain belts on it.
  2. Low screen wash sensor. Sounds like a good idea but in my skoda it’s triggered at half left. And then it goes off and on again when you turn the corner. Just another unnecessary dash light, like the one that goes off at 4 degrees temperature, usually accompanied by me shouting “what the fucks wrong with you now!!!!”
  3. Not funny per se but a glance at an MOT of my Mrs old car is like the War and Peace edition of advisories and for no discernable reason, possibly to try and scare her into additional work. Next MOT at a different garage and none were listed. The reg is SJ03 UTP if anyone wants a laugh.
  4. Magnificent. I once considered importing a Police interceptor Crown Vic when they were about £10k. Now....
  5. That's actually decent. Nice and plain and the fuel and temp are nicely done.
  6. fancyplates.com For pre 2001 font you'll need to use the show plates section. They're £29 for the pair. Unfortunately you can't get Ford logos etc on them but there's a chap on facebook who can recreate original dealer plates for you. He's called Retro Plates. https://www.facebook.com/retroplates
  7. GregZX


    Only ever passed through Glengarnock Station on the way to the Costa Del Largs.
  8. I used fancy plates online for period correct font plates for my ‘97 ZX. Results were very good.
  9. Got one to pick up at the East Kilbride branch. For other Glasgow based shiters Bishopbriggs has some in stock too.
  10. What's the point in owning that if no one sees you driving it? If I had one I'd want everyone seeing it, everyone wanting to talk to me about it and admiring it at the petrol station or in Morrisons car park.
  11. Yeah. £20. All parts seem to be easily interchangeable anyway.
  12. Paid £8k for a completely new bathroom including a £400 Mira Azora waterfall shower back in September. They did a great job and the shower was fantastic. Until this morning when it shat itself. Had power to the unit as the switch lit up but when depressed no water would appear. Took the front off and checked the solenoid for continuity. Nothing. So no showers until the Mira engineer comes out on Tuesday. Six fecking months it lasted. Anyway, I'm going to get him to show me how to replace the solenoid on this unit as no doubt it will go again as soon as the warranty expires.
  13. That's very much like my 2020 Skoda Octavia. Try to drive slowly and conservatively and it's an absolutely shite experience. Boot the hole out of it and it's quite pleasant. Not ideal when it's a taxi and you have passengers though.
  14. GregZX

    Bus Shite

    You’ll find many such examples in the Bridgeton Bus Garage owned by the GVVT. https://gvvt.org/ Their open days are fantastic if you haven’t already been. A sand beige Marina sometimes makes an appearance as well as a bonus.
  15. It’s brill isn’t it? I’ve done 3 oil changes so far with mine. I reckon I’ve saved about £150 in garage labour costs so far.
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