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  1. Early ones were recalled for rust circa-2015-16. Alarmingly, this one is catching it on the boot slam panel, where the ends of the boot seal meet, some serious bubbling. And last MOT has advised against outer sills on this.
  2. I do like the MX-5 steering wheel and column.
  3. Also reminds me of an early Daewoo Tacuma, after squinting at it.
  4. Of course. Fifteen years ago.
  5. These were selling for less than its asking price even in 1992 m8.
  6. That Golf is £597 too expensive. It couldn't be any more shit. Should be in our just scrap it fred.
  7. Ex-Are-Four-Eye pepperpots!!! But seriously, why is it £5295?????
  8. Those are supposed to be very rust-resistant. This is the first time in 23 years I've seen a TT with fucked front wings. And it's not even a particularly early one.
  9. My sister and I once went to Cleckheaton to check over a £2995 11-plate Alfa Romeo Meatus and just left it where it was. Shitloads wrong with it: bumper-screws and arch liners missing, loose lights, peeling steering wheel, that sort of thing. Cleckheaton Motor Sales seem to use 'showroom condition with no faults' and 'as good as the day it left the factory' in almost every car's description, why is that?! In that case then, I bet the original owners of most of those cars have been well-pleased with the finish on their hastily-resprayed-with-aerosol-black alloys when they first drove them home!
  10. Late reg madness. Do/did any '06's exist?
  11. There'll be more rot under that 24 years younger Iveco than the Crystal Green Escort 1.3 L. Its last MOT must have killed it.
  12. Since when did these have BMW engines? I thought they were running cast-off Honda Civic motors.
  13. Mini Cooper's looking a bit sorry for itself. Would be just 3 and a half years old at the very oldest. And Mini bonnets always sat too high on the offside.
  14. How is the ex-DW Primera coping these days? We haven't seen it on here for a while.
  15. I'm just catching up with this thread. It's 'good news' (sorry) that you still have the mighty Dacia. Nice seeing it again even if the photo is dark. I'll never forget the collection videos on HubNut.
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