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  1. But it has 'coil sprints' on the front.
  2. One for the High Peak Autos channel. Not a bad idea for his 'I bought a cheap ........ for £....' series.
  3. "Alright guys, how's it going, welcome back." Matt the Massive Overspender of U-Choob fame has recently bought a big, black, chrome-accessoried £1000 Disco 3 with a set of 4 'Windforce' tyres. Made in China apparently. Even he said WGPCW.
  4. It would still look a lot better inside the headlamp when refitted. Can you still get these new? Good effort on the improvement though.
  5. I'm just catching up with this thread. Nice pictures. I don't think I've ever seen a black-top bumper with headlight washers, on a GLX without front foglights. But how did these early cars get those trims? I think I've only seen these trims fitted to the end-of-line mk1 LX from 1996. Weren't they supposed to have those amazing 'swirly'-early GLX trims instead? Other than the 1996 LX, what else came with those trims illustrated here?
  6. I wouldn't say so. I could imagine Dougie from Once Driven making a Kollecshun Kaper video on this. Lowered on Vectra C bin-lids, from some angles, this does look a bit like a mk4 Astra caricature come alive. Very rare even when new, these are getting quite cool now. This particular one is very early. Although I've seen mk4 hatches on R-plates, I have not seen R-plates on these.
  7. Many cars back then had the very best allocated registration numbers. Both the MG and Escort don't come up on DVLA so their registration numbers may have been scrapped with the cars in the '70s/early '80s.😢
  8. Very good. My dad had a company Orion 1.6 LX with the same wheel trims as this Sierra.
  9. Gorgeous colour, Premium Blue, code 293 IIRC. The original Vectra's shape still looks fresh, well into this millennium that it was designed for. I highly approve.
  10. Nice find. This looks like late registration madness to me. When did they officially stop making those?
  11. I know it's a 156, but this one has a '159' badge on the rear.
  12. They were a bit selective on the photos. Already needs some sparkly stick action underneath the VIN plate by the looks of the moisture and surrounding rust.
  13. I don't know a great deal about Safranes but the steering wheel doesn't look correct to me. I'm sure they're supposed to have buttons for cruise etc.
  14. Must be the earliest Laguna phase 2 remaining.
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