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  1. Both pictures taken at an abandoned farm. Volvo BM and a plastic top, possibly from a Toyota Land Cruiser???
  2. I love this engine! It´s a Calmo EX and it was produced from 1948 onwards. Made specific for sawmills. You started it with a cartridge or with compressed air.
  3. More pictures of the blue Volvo PV. Other car might be a Ford Prefect?
  4. Yeah i´ts sad! I will not give away exact locations.
  5. The moped is a Monark Monarped from the 50s. Blue car is a Volvo PV if i remember correctly.
  6. Most of them are from the South-East. Öland, Gotland, Småland and some from Blekinge and Östergötland.
  7. I understand you! Being a bit antisocial myself. But the beauty of Norway is breathtalking!
  8. Note that the Transit is on English plates!
  9. Yes, that can be one reason. Another reason can be that the farms were sold for the land. So the buildings were left to rot. Also many villages were and in many cases still are dependent on one employer. If the employer closes, then the houses are worth nothing and almost impossible to sell.
  10. The Granada was a 2-litre VIP if i remember correctly.
  11. Would have been powered by a hot bulb engine or a tractor back in the days.
  12. At the outskirts of a small village i stumbled across this Opel Corsa.
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