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  1. MG MOT has been achieved last week, but forgot to update the thread. Had to replace both rear calipers unfortunately, not quite sure what was wrong with them but one didn't work on the handbrake, and the other didn't work on the footbrake! Anyway, with those replaced it passed with no advisories, which isnt bad for a 19 year old mg! Also very satisfying after putting in so mich work to fix all the silly issues over the last few weeks!
  2. Finally got the MG back together and running this week. After a slight mishap getting the timing aligned it now runs smoothly and lovely. Taken it for a run round locally and all the fluids stayed where they should so I'm calling this one a success - finally! Next stop is MOT time. I need to take a look at the handbrake before I put it in though as it feels like it is only working on one wheel. Oddly this issue has come and gone over the 12 months we have had the car, so I suspect something just needs some grease on it or adjustment somewhere.
  3. Check the wiring where it comes through a rubber pipe from the roof to the top of the boot lid. A common problem on Rover 25s/MG ZRs is that the wires get chafed where they come through, and end up earthing on the metal body. I assume it's the same layout on a streetwise! It happened on my 25 where all the rear lights would stop working randomly!
  4. Oh didn't see this thread til now, There's been quite a bit of interest in a meet up on my thread! I'm free next Tuesday if other people are, would be good to put some faces to names on here 😊
  5. RE the power steering, could it be a failing tensioner? I assume its the same as on our MG, and its just an automatic spring loaded one. If the tensioner was failing perhaps at low revs it causes the belt to slip slightly, but at higher revs the belt is moving fast enough to keep everything moving. Just a thought!
  6. Great success! Now onto the rebuilding job 😁
  7. Small update to the stuck bolt saga. After trying various ideas and techniques the bolt was still stuck and the hole was getting rounder and rounder. I realised that it was bolted into the head, so I have now removed the head so I can drill it out properly and get on with the job. Slightly extreme but needs must! And looking at the MGR forums I'm not the first person who's had to do a head gasket just to remove the tensioner on a k series VVC - they are different to a non VVC tensioner. Given it is a k series lets just call it a pre-emptive OMGHGF change 😁 7 Hopefully tonight I will finally drill this thing out. This job was meant to take a weekend, that was 3 weeks ago πŸ˜’
  8. Nice Rovers 😊 I love that 216, reminds me of the one my dad had when I was a kid. I always found the streetwise a bit ahead of its time, It might sell better nowadays with all the fake 4x4s and soft roaders. Also try this first, when I first got my Volvo the power steering kept going heavy and it was the UJs in the steering column that needed some grease on because it hadn't been used much for a couple of years. I just drowned them in oil and then steered full lock to full lock with the front wheels off the ground and it fixed it. Even if it doesn't in your case at least its free to try
  9. It would definitely be good to meet up with some of you, Glossops only down the road or can meet around Stockport 😊
  10. Delivery drivers... Why oh why do they not shut gates??? Spent 2 hours yesterday afternoon looking around the local area for the dog after an amazon delivery driver left the garden gate open. Luckily in the end I found the dog at a neighbours who had taken her in after seeing her wandering along the road. But it could have been a lot worse, especially as we live on a very busy main road! If a gate is shut, its shut for a reason so how hard is it to shut it behind you! Grrrr
  11. I'll definitely notice your rover with that vinyl roof if we pass πŸ˜…WWhat Volvo have you got?
  12. I have tried these already ☹️It's hard to get a lot of heat on it because of the access, I think the pulley soaked up most of the heat to be honest because now it doesn't spin very freely! Another reason I now have to get this bolt out lol!
  13. I had seen those but they only go up to 6mm and this is 8mm πŸ˜• however googleing has led me to a set which goes up to 10mm on ebay, So I think that's my answer! Thank you! πŸ™‚ I don't mind cutting the tensioner as I have a new one already, I just don't have any tools that can fit into the gap at the side of the engine.
  14. Perhaps, I do have a set but the head of the stuck bolt is in between sizes, so its either too loose or there's no way it will hammer on. Maybe I need to buy another socket that's in between...
  15. So the current fleet is the Volvo, MG and mini. The Volvo is the reliable daily driver. Its powerful, but not very quick because of the slushmatic gearbox, but that's ok, it get going and is a comfy cruiser, ideal for the journey to work or long trips down to the south coast where we have family. Nothing much has gone wrong with it since I got it, although I have had to do the head gasket on it, because it started leaking coolant out the side of the engine. No actual OMGHGF so no overheating or anything My plan this year is to do some work on the suspension, because although it doesn't actually need doing, its getting quite tired, with 145k miles on it now. The mini is my "toy" car. I use it a lot in summer but keep it off the road over winter when salt is around to try and preserve it a bit longer. Over 2019-20 it underwent a full rebuild of the body with most of it replaced! It was very close to being reshelled. I didn't do this work myself, I am rubbish at welding and painting! but while it was in the bodyshop I rebuilt the subframes with the brakes and suspension. The original plan was to rebuild the engine and gearbox at the same time, but I ran out of money, so that will have to wait another couple of years while I save up again! The MG is my wife's car, we have only had this one a year and it has been a lot better than I expected in fairness. It runs really well and is quick when you push it. There's a bit of rust starting around wheel arches but the floor and structure are totally solid, so fingers crossed I can keep on top of that! The main issue I have right now is a huge oil leak, which turned out to be the crankshaft seal. Given where it is, and the fact I have very little history I decided to change the timing bet and water pump at the same time. And that is where the fun started... The tensioner bolt is completely seized in the block... and in my cack handed efforts to remove it I have rounded it out. It was an 8mm hex but its now an 8mm round hole πŸ˜• does anyone have any ideas how to get this out? So far I have tried hammering a torx bit in, hammering a 12 point socket over it, lots and lots of penetrating oil and heating it with a blowtorch. Nothing seems to move it, not even a bit Part of the issue is that there's no room to hit it with a hammer of get anything round the outside of it. In the pictures you can see how little room there is. Ideas are welcome!
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