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  1. Very true. Watching the video above answered some of the questions I had about banger racing.
  2. Seeing this on Twitter did upset me. The mindlessness of it, too. Why you’d steal something rare and recognisable is stupid, and moreso when you can buy an MOT failure shitbox and run that.
  3. For £13,000. Someone’s been busy with the wob, too. The nearside rear arch just… Stops. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202208058504126
  4. Having attended a wedding at the weekend, and the good lady said it would be nice to take ‘the old bus’, we took that. Wearing a suit, and driving a pale blue K-reg 320i? Shit, I felt like this tosser… Thankfully we weren’t in a Diesel Maestro Clubman. We may have broken down and cried. Otherwise, the car performed excellently.0 water or oil movement, and when in fifth gear with torque converter locked it’s a relaxing cruiser. on some of the rougher Oxfordshire roads, it did jettison a brake caliper clip. It mainly stops the caliper rattling, so the caliper rattled when off the brakes. Spot the missing piece Much better. having bought a paint pen, I now love marking things. I forget the torque setting for wheel bolts and so always have to look it up. Quick test run and back to being excellent.
  5. Like for the MOT pass, not for the health issues. Good car though, hopefully if you do sell it’s to someone who’s all about the bASe, too.
  6. Have a great time everyone. Sadly I have a wedding to attend, so sitting this year out.
  7. You’re more polite than I am. Normally the standard response is ‘You should have worked harder, maybe then you could afford it.’
  8. Think these have a fuel filter you can change underneath. They do. Spotted it, and will probably change that at some point soon. On a Sunday morning I wasn’t fancying going around the houses trying to find one. It doesn’t have a flap at the top of the filler neck, so I think either the nozzle just went in, or she managed to just fire the diesel down the filler. To be fair I don’t blame her. She’s never filled a cat before, and had multiple people with her who have a licence. You’d think someone would have got out and helped out.
  9. This weekend meant I can now add ‘mis fuel repair service’ to my shiter CV. One of my friends youngest sister is learning to drive. She was out with help in the car, and needed to fuel it up. Nobody helped, so she put 40 litres of diesel into a VW Fox… with a petrol engine. Not realising she had done wrong, she proceeded to drive it, until it died. They had it recovered back to their field and left it. Saturday morning I was heading round to help him set up for a small FoD type event we do every year with some friends. Namely camping, fire, and a big BBQ. Lots of drink, too. I said I’d get the diesel out of the fox, since paying someone to do it seems off, and they’ll keep £80 worth of diesel while they’re at it, too. Fortunately being a Brazilian market car with an engine more at home in the 90s, it was easy to find the fuel hose that feeds the injection rail. Using one of those clickety-clack little electric fuel pumps we could draw from the tank nicely, and get it drained. This went swimmingly, with the pump connected to a 12v bench power supply, until we had half a tank. It couldn’t draw from the other side, but the cars own fuel pump could. A painstaking find of the fuel pump relay (strangely there’s NO information on the VW Fox online, and the owners manual didn’t show where the relays were) it was found. A little jumper wire, and the fuel pump happily pumped the rest of the dizzer out. 15 litres of fresh petrol in, and would it go? Well, no. It ran happily on brake cleaner, but would die on its own fuel. After ‘some’ beers, and feeling suitably dusty the next morning we had another go. It would cough, but nothing else. With my thinking* cap on, there was probably some diesel left in it, and diesel has a higher specific gravity than petrol. More pumped out, and would it run? IMG_0100.MOV Of course! Quite a lot of smoke at first from all of the diesel in the exhaust, but it cleared. A run up and down the field with a couple of handbrake turns for good measure and it’s back to being abused by a new driver. The leftover diesel will go in their Ford 330 tractor since it will run on fermented pig swill.
  10. Gosh, that actually made me say ‘Jesus wept’. Recently at the good ladies place of work they were doing an air path test on a 4.4 diesel V8 Range Rover. Engine ran on its own oil and went boom. Fortunately as they’re an accredited Land Rover specialist, and were following the fault finding process, it will go under warranty. For a £30,000 engine…
  11. Bet he’s got a bronze swimming certificate the wanker.
  12. Sorry, that’s what I meant. Hopefully you can get it sorted easily enough. I know a good auto box man, but he’s in Reading.
  13. Looks a bit ‘hunty’ going up the gears there, but I’m not an expert.
  14. Good news! Just to let you know your rear wiper is starting to seize (as they all do). There’s a good guide here in stopping and cleaning it up. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1958098-DIY-Attention-Sportwagon-owners-Rear-wiper-fix!
  15. I used to go out to the van when it came round to my former office just to get a coffee, and to escape the office. £2.20 for a caramel latte was a good way to stop me jumping out of the window at 11:30.
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